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Oregon Opportunity Network Resident Services Opportunity Project.

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1 Oregon Opportunity Network Resident Services Opportunity Project

2 Agenda 1.Introduction 2.Defining Resident Services 3.Value of Resident Services 4.Resident Services in Oregon 5.Creating a sustainable funding system 6.Oregon ONs recommendations 7.Q&A (20 minutes)


4 Our Vision All Oregonians should have the opportunity to succeed in life.

5 Why We Do This Work Housing gives people the stability to meet their basic needs and the opportunity to build better lives.

6 The Role of Resident Services Resident Services plays a key role in creating successful residents sustainable properties healthy communities

7 The Challenge of Resident Services Funding streams are Unstable Inadequate Uncoordinated

8 The Challenge of Resident Services The industry lacks agreement about Definitions Best practices Outcomes Costs

9 A Crossroads for Our Industry Inadequate and unstable funding for RS undermines our industrys sustainability Oregon is part of a national movement to address these challenges

10 Resident Services Opportunity Project Goal: To develop a framework for a sustainable Resident Services delivery system. Project Leadership RSOP Steering Committee RSOP Advisory Committee Resident Services Working Group (RSWG) Oregon ON Policy Councils Neighborhood Partnerships

11 The RSOP Research Resident Services Workgroups Logic Model Neighborhood Partnerships Demonstration Project Portland State University Cost Study Housing Development Center financial modeling Oregon ON member survey Funder & stakeholder interviews Local success stories & case studies National data


13 Defining Resident Services Resident Services connects residents of affordable housing to services and programs that support housing stability, household opportunity and advancement.

14 Goals of Resident Services Housing Stability Household Opportunity and Advancement

15 Services & Programs Services: Provided to all residents Move-in orientations Eviction prevention Information & referral Resident council support Community building Move-in orientations Eviction prevention Information & referral Resident council support Community building Programs: Based on population Youth programs IDAs & financial education Education & employment Homebuyer training Adult education Youth programs IDAs & financial education Education & employment Homebuyer training Adult education


17 Key Outcomes Successful Residents Sustainable Properties Healthy Communities

18 Successful Residents – National Examples >90% of children in after-school programs maintain or improve their grades >70% of adults who participate in job training programs get jobs 51% of families who participate in financial education coaching reduce their debt Data compiled from NeighborWorks sites across the country.

19 Successful Residents - Local Examples Resident Services staff prevented an average of 70 evictions per organization last year Over 80% of afterschool program participants improved their academic performance 67% of job program participants got jobs or increased their incomes

20 Sustainable Properties Vacancy Losses Bad Debt Legal Fees Turnover Rates

21 Sustainable Properties - Local Examples Eviction prevention resulted in $3,736 saved Eviction prevention resulted in $1,320 saved Justin, IHI residentJuanita, NHA resident These are actual costs avoided to the property by preventing an eviction through Resident Services (non payment of rent and turnover costs)

22 Healthy Communities Building a sense of community Creating a strong social support system Supporting the work of partners Linking residents and the community

23 Healthy Communities - Local Examples Resident Services participants feel more connected, know their neighbors and feel safe in their community Because we work where people live, we connect them to public benefits, the mental health system, social services, and the school system Oregon ON members leverage $1.6 million a year through volunteers, partnerships and community support


25 Oregon ON Members 96% of Oregon ON owners provide Resident Services 11,500 resident households receive Resident Services from Oregon ON members 115 FTE Resident Services staff work in Oregon ON member organizations

26 Services for Housing Stability

27 Programs that Support Household Opportunity and Advancement

28 Who is Being Served? 75% of the households served by Resident Services have incomes at or below 60% of median. About three-quarters have incomes that are below the income guidelines for their properties.

29 Resident Services Costs Average cost of Resident Services is $400-$700 per unit per year

30 Funding is a Complex Patchwork Private foundations 54% Public funding 29% Individual donors 42% Project operations 83% Fee for service 21%

31 Funding Practices Vary Widely Oregon Housing and Community Services allows Resident Services in the operating budget if the operating budget can support it Portland Housing Bureau funds up to $300 per unit per year above the line for Resident Services Washington County will provide grant funding for core staffing costs for Resident Services starting in 2011

32 Funding Levels are Inadequate 87% of owners who pay for RS out of project operations said it did not cover the full costs 91% of owners said inadequate funding is a primary challenge to offering sustainable RS 75% who do not provide RS to all properties said it was because of inadequate resources


34 Where Could the Additional Resources Come From to Support Resident Services? Oregon Housing and Community Services? Private Foundations? Owners? Other State Agencies? Cities? Federal Government? Counties? Local Participating Jurisdictions?

35 What Mechanisms Could Be Used to Fund Resident Services? Project operating budgets Up front capitalized reserves Renewable grants

36 Is the Operating Budget the Answer? Operating ExpensesPer Unit Per Year Property Management$XXX Maintenance$XXX Asset Management$XXX Resident Services$400-$700 Utilities$XXX Taxes$XXX Insurance$XXX Administration$XXX Marketing$XXX

37 Are Capitalized Reserves the Answer? Life of Loan – 20 years Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5.....Year 20 Project Budget Capitalized Reserve covers full 20-year cost

38 Are Renewable Grants the Answer? Renewable Operating Grant Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5.....Year 20 Project Budget

39 There Is No Simple Answer Diverse funding sources Multi-pronged funding mechanisms Options vary by location Every project is unique

40 Balancing Competing Goals for Owners and Populations Unit production Long-term sustainability More households at higher rents Fewer households with greater need Flexible and population- specific services Standardized industry-wide outcomes and expectations


42 Key Challenges Industry lacks agreement on standards and best practices Current funding levels are inadequate Project operations cannot cover the full cost of Resident Services Funding system is a confusing patchwork with unclear expectations

43 Oregon ONs Recommendations Industry standards and best practices New resources to support above-the-line funding New resources outside the underwriting processFunder transparency and clarity



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