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Knowledge Services: A Mission Critical Function for IT and the Library IT Summit at Harvard June 23, 2011.

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1 Knowledge Services: A Mission Critical Function for IT and the Library IT Summit at Harvard June 23, 2011

2 Agenda Introductions Definition of Knowledge Services Panel Presentations Q & A

3 Definition of Knowledge Services There are many definitions, but here are some of my favorites: Leveraging the collective experience and expertise (know-how or intellectual capital) across and between organizations A collection of methods, practices, and tools with the aim of allowing organizations to better understand, manage, use and share their own knowledge The management function and set of services responsible for harnessing and leveraging intellectual capital resources The processes, technology, and organization to support the development and sharing of knowledge

4 Definition of Knowledge Services Knowledge Services can also be defined as managing the lifecycle of knowledge. Knowledge Lifecycle Develop/Collect Disseminate/ Share Codify/Organize Access/Use

5 Organizational Changes at HKS Expand role of the Library (renamed Library and Knowledge Services (LKS) to reflect the new services) Integrate Course Materials Office into the Library Build solutions with internal collaborative teams from LKS, IT, Research Office, Research Centers and Academic Affairs Create collaborative efforts across the University

6 Organizational Changes: The New Library (LKS) TraditionalNew Content Form Print OnlyDigital and Print Content Source External OnlyInternal and External Audience Internal OnlyExternal and Internal Customer Students PrimarilyFaculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, and Practitioners Method ReactiveProactive

7 New and Expanded Role for the Library Develop/CollectCodify/OrganizeDisseminate/ShareAccess/Use Support Faculty Research Collect Faculty Publications and Other Output Pull Content from External Electronic Sources Build and Support Collaboration Tools Teach Research Skills Support and Apply Taxonomy Organize and Combine Content Across Sources Filter and Package External Content Build Current Awareness Package Course Materials Organize Content in Context Support Publishing Function Support Open Access Build and Support Internal Sharing Tools Build and Support Extranets and Public Websites Build and Support Search Tools Push and Personalize Content for Easier Access Simplify the Method for User Access Build Archival Capabilities for Future Access

8 IT Requirement: An Online Knowledge Network at HKS (KNet) Single Portal Single Sign-On Easy and Intuitive to Learn and Use Enterprise-Wide and Personalized Advanced Key-Word and Parametric Search Single Taxonomy Distributed Content Management and Publishing Single Content Management System Collaboration and Social Networking Tools Multi-media Content Internal and External Content Audience Targeting Mobile Secure

9 IT Strategy: Using SharePoint as the Common Platform Applications: Intranet Extranet HKS Public Website Phase I Phase II Phase III Features/ Functionality: New SharePoint Platform Search Collaboration Site Templates New Organizational Structure Calendar Security Content Taxonomy Personalization External Publishing and Authentication Document Management Management Reporting Social Networking Enhanced Collaboration Mobility

10 Other New Technology Supporting Knowledge Services Enterprise Search Tools Research Information and Publishing System Faculty Information System and Profiles Video Platform Learning Management System Identity Management Social Networking and Media Tools Videoconferencing and Broadcasting Capabilities Collaboration Sites and Tools

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