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Natural Business Services for Construct Users Mark Barnard R&D Manager – Natural Business Services.

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1 Natural Business Services for Construct Users Mark Barnard R&D Manager – Natural Business Services

2 Author / 6/12/2014 / 2 Software AG Agenda What is NBS? Overview Architecture Using the Natural SPoD plug-in Developing Testing Administration Deployment Using Construct Existing models New Models Future transformation of old models Using client tools Eclipse plug-in (Java) Visual Studio.NET crossvision Application Composer Questions

3 Author / 6/12/2014 / 3 Software AG What is NBS? Combination of Existing Products Construct Spectrum Natural Studio Provide Development tools and Run-Time infrastructure Supports Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Ability to develop a Business Service using Natural Services are composed of existing or new subprogram and Natural data area definitions Services have business methods and belong to business domains NBS has a repository to contain service meta-data.

4 Author / 6/12/2014 / 4 Software AG Terminology Business Service – a logical definition that comprises repository entries and Natural objects Service Repository – Natural/Adabas based repository that stores the definition of a Business Service. Also groups services and defines/stores security definitions Service Runtime – facilitates access to services, service repository and server code generation. Consists of both a client and server (Natural) component Client Proxy – A Java or.NET class that can invoke a Business Service Server Proxy – Natural subprogram that connects service subprograms to the Service Runtime Plug-in – An additional tool included in development IDEs that allow developers to create Business Services and Proxy's Proxy Wizard – A Wizard accessible from a plug-in that generates proxy source code. Service Wizard – Generates Natural code and repository entries to enable a business service

5 Author / 6/12/2014 / 5 Software AG NBS Architecture Service Runtime (Server) Natural Service Runtime (Client) SPoD-PAL EXX-ACI Service Repository Natural Services Code Generation Refactoring Natural Objects Databases Adabas DB2 Oracle IMS VSAM SQL SecurityMonitoringTestingAuditing & Logging VS.NET Eclipse Tools / IDEs XML.NET Java Generated Code and Applications Natural – Mainframe, Linux, UNIX RUNTIME Windows, Linux, UNIX DEVELOPMENT Windows, Linux Windows, Linux, UNIX Core Infrastructure / Management ClientServer

6 Author / 6/12/2014 / 6 Software AG Service Types Repository Domain Any Subprogram CST OBJECT-MAINT CST OBJECT-BROWSE Service CST OBJECT-MAINT CST OBJECT-BROWSE CST OBJECT-BROWSE- SELECT-SUBP Service Browse Method Maint. Methods Custom Methods Service Search Methods Multi- Methods Maint Methods Any Subprogram(s) Service Custom Methods CST OBJECT-GENERIC

7 Author / 6/12/2014 / 7 Software AG Creating New Services Use the Business Service wizard to create a new service

8 Author / 6/12/2014 / 8 Software AG Testing services Browse the repository to locate a service Use the test feature to supply data and invoke a method

9 Author / 6/12/2014 / 9 Software AG Business Service Administration Editing services Security

10 Author / 6/12/2014 / 10 Software AG Business Service Administration (cont) Audit trail Configuration

11 Author / 6/12/2014 / 11 Software AG Searching for Services Search the repository

12 Author / 6/12/2014 / 12 Software AG Using Services on the Client Can generate code in.NET or Java to access business services Plug-ins for Visual Studio.NET and Eclipse Can create web services

13 Author / 6/12/2014 / 13 Software AG Creating Rich GUI Interfaces Using Application Composer / Designer

14 Author / 6/12/2014 / 14 Software AG New Transform Model – BROWSE to OBJECT- BROWSE Transforms BROWSE model generated program into: Object-browse-subp Object-browse-dialog Object-browse-dialog-driver Separation of presentation and business/data logic. Transformation highlights Field and File names need to be replaced with PDA names General search and replace of common converted code Customers can add their own conversion rules

15 Author / 6/12/2014 / 15 Software AG Questions Questions?

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