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Technical Services Report March 6th, 1999 Singapore.

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1 Technical Services Report March 6th, 1999 Singapore

2 Overview Staffing External Services Internal Services Activities Year 2000

3 Staffing End 1998 (2) Manager - Paul Gampe project coordination programming and administration System administrator - Bruce Campbell network engineering database management

4 Staffing End 1999 (5) Database Administrator Q2 whois and membership database Developer - External Services Q3/Q4 whois database (with other registries) RPSL and CA projects Developer - Internal Services Q2 tools for the Membership Services core services

5 External Services Summary Whois Database IN-ADDR.ARPA Name Server Web Site FTP Repository Mailing Lists

6 Whois Database

7 Whois Database (contd) Server Load approaching 20 hits/minute four fold increase over last year Server Software upgraded to RIPE 2.2.1 support for PGP planned split update and query server for performance

8 Web Site

9 Other Services secondary servers in Tokyo & Brisbane transferred from Telstra in November Web Site / FTP Repository demand increasing steadily search engine available Mailing Lists web interface available

10 Internal Services Summary of major changes ticketing system web site allocation and analysis toolset framework auditing of system and network activity

11 Activities Time Line deployed production network and established core services in Australia April - August 1998 decommisioned servers in Tokyo Nov 1998 installed redundant server network at Tokyo NSPIXP-II in Nov 1998

12 Activities Sponsors remote Access network - Ascend backbone network - Cisco primary server farm - Compaq/SCO finalising sponsorship dual node 'Single Server Image cluster

13 Activities Whois Database working with the RIPE NCC on re-implementation joint registry project in the future committing one full time programmer by Q3/1999

14 Activities Member Information Management continuing development of internal tool set and information systems support for IPv6 address allocation committing one full time programmer internal development by Q3/1999

15 Activities Developing systems for automated management and delegation of domains via whois database Expect project to be completed in Q2/1999 RPSL Deployed test RPSL server

16 Activities Redundancy Vendor and platform evaluation report Unix on Intel Investigating 2nd Internet connection plan to have operational by Q4/1999 Two node 'High Availability' cluster redundant power, storage and processors as primary server March 1999 Continue to maintain off-site secondary server in Tokyo

17 Year 2000 APNIC will take all reasonable steps to ensure that systems and services provided by APNIC shall be Year 2000 Compliant. APNIC will take all reasonable steps to ensure that products or systems used to provide systems or services are, or shall be prior to July 1, 1999, Year 2000 Compliant.

18 Year 2000 - Project Plan Phase 1 (Completed) identify all areas within APNIC that should be included in the Year 2000 Project. Form project team and prepare workplan Phase 2 (Completed) identify critical functions within APNIC so that project team activities may be prioritised to rectify problems that would threaten continued operation Phase 3 (Completed) identify all resources that are required for APNIC to perform the critical functions

19 Year 2000 (contd) Phase 4 (Completed) determine risks that may impact APNIC's ability to reach Year 2000 compliance Phase 5 (15 March 1999) assess the resources to provide an indication of the nature, size, and cost of Year 2000 problems Phase 6 (1 April 1999) prepare a plan for a Year 2000 Compliance Project and develop contingency plans Phase 7 (April - June 1999) implement the approved Year 2000 Compliance Project Plan

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