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Être et les verbes en “ER”

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1 Être et les verbes en “ER”

2 ÊTRE = TO BE This is one of the most important and most used verbs in the French language. It has an irregular conjugation (meaning, it doesn’t follow any specific pattern) and therefore must be memorized in all of its forms.

3 Remember this chant: Je suis Encore ! ÊTRE, to be Tu es Il est
Elle est On est Nous sommes Vous êtes Ils sont Elles sont Encore !

4 So what do they mean? Je suis = I am Encore ! = Again! ÊTRE, to be
Tu es = You are Il est = He is Elle est = She is On est = We are Nous sommes = We are Vous êtes = You guys are / You (the authority figure) are Ils sont = they (boys, mixed group) are Elles sont = They (girls only) are Encore ! = Again!

5 Activités Orales avec: être

Introduce yourself using the verb être: Je suis (name). Then roll ball to another person and state his / her name. Il/elle est (name). That person thanks the one who rolled the ball to them and introduces themselves and then the next person. Merci (ball roller’s name). Je suis (name). Il/ elle est (name).

7 Conjugating verbs that end in “ER”
If the infinitive (the basic form of a verb, without binding it to a particular subject or tense (to eat, to sleep,…) of a regular French verb ends in -er, -ir, or -re, you can follow a fixed pattern in conjugating the verb. If you learn to conjugate one verb in each of the groups, you will know how to conjugate hundreds of others!

8 Steps for conjugating an “ER” verb
Remove the “ER” ending. What’s left is called the root, stem or radical. Add the ending that corresponds to the desired subject to the root. The endings of ER verbs are as follow: Subject Pronoun Ending Je - e Nous - ons Tu - es Vous - ez Il / Elle / On Ils / Elles - ent

9 ER verbs are the easiest to conjugate because only 1 of them (aller) is irregular and does not follow this pattern. These are called “les verbes du premier groupe”.

10 You can remember them easily by learning this tune.
Sing to the tune of “Frère Jacques” e es x2 ons, ons ez, ez, ez x2 ent, ent x2

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