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One-stop dyspepsia clinic

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1 One-stop dyspepsia clinic

2 Dyspepsia Epigastric pain / discomfort
Upper abdominal bloating / fullness Excessive flatulence Nausea Fatty food intolerance

3 Red flags 2WW NICE Inadequate response consider referral

4 Currently available pathways
2 WW - only for suspected cancer Straight to test endoscopy Ultrasound Gastroenterology OPA (+/- OGD and US) ONE STOP CLINIC Provide definitive testing and consultation in single Royal London visit

5 2WW Dyspepsia OGD USS red flag symptoms Back to GP
Standard approaches to management Back to GP Referral to one-stop clinic OGD USS Consultation Referral form vetted + / - + Ongoing 2o care investigations






11 One-stop dyspepsia clinic
Benefits for GPs Defined pathway for patients with dyspepsia Timely completion of package of investigations and management plan Earlier diagnosis and management Prompt return back to primary care Longer term savings? Benefits for patients One visit to hospital Rapid comprehensive investigation and management plan (diagnosis + reassurance)

12 Thank you

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