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Working with young people with HIV

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1 Working with young people with HIV
David Cox Health Adviser Courtyard Clinic St Georges London

2 Outline of presentation
Adolescent Transition Clinic Young Adult Clinic Discloser Working in GU setting with few young people with HIV/AIDS Way forward

3 Adolescent Transition Clinic
Service user consultation Questionnaire & 1:1 After school clinic Not in paediatric setting Access to sexual health advice and screening Food, magazines and music

4 Adolescent Transition Clinic
Started June 2005 Adult HIV/GUM Department First Wednesday of every month Clinic time 4–7pm

5 Team Paediatrician Adult HIV/GUM Physician Paediatric HIV Nurse
Adult HIV/GUM Nurse Health Adviser Specialist HIV Pharmacist

6 Service Users Cohort - 33 young people Age range 15yrs – 18yrs
All vertical transmission Requirement - must know diagnosis

7 Issues Relationships Sexual health needs
Disclosure to friends and partners Adherence School, College and University Careers advice

8 Future Plans Additional Nurse Led Clinic 1/12
Young Adult Clinic 18yrs to 24yrs Support Worker – careers,housing,benefits Age appropriate information booklets Increase patient involvement PPE Explore text service More funding

9 Transition 10 young people transitioned Choice of centre
Summary of care Medical Psycho-social

10 Young Adult Clinic Started March 2009 Adult HIV/GUM Department
Second Wednesday of every month Clinic Time 4–7pm Vertical and Sexual transmission

11 Team Adult HIV/GUM Physician Adult HIV/GUM Nurse Health Adviser
Specialist HIV Pharmacist Advice and support worker

12 Service Users 15 young adults Age range 18yrs – 25yrs
Vertical and sexual transmission

13 Disclosure ?

14 Issues for disclosure Accepted own HIV diagnosis
Support network established Relationship has developed to a point of trust Aware of possible negative responses

15 Issues for disclosure Time / Space / Place
Information on where and who to get support from Clear and direct Language Access to immediate support if necessary

16 Issues for disclosure Develop closer friendships/relationships
Before/during sexual relationship Own need Unsafe sex/split condom/PEPSE

17 Issues of disclosure Impact on self Impact on others
Loss of confidentiality Others who know diagnosis Stigmatisation / Isolation Loss of control

18 Working with young people with HIV……
Develop links with Paediatric Services Address sexual transmission/safer sex Check support services in your area and see if young adult friendly See regularly and review Ask for support from other centres

19 National Support Agencies
CHIVA Body and Soul National Children’s Bureau Blue Sky Trust - Booklet

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