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Unit 4 Where’s my schoolbag?

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1 Unit 4 Where’s my schoolbag?
Section A Period 1 (1a-2d)

2 What’s in the house? Guess
Let's go into the house. Guess

3 Furniture(家具) in the house
1. Living room table sofa sofas

4 bookcase /u/ /ei/ bookcases /iz/ n. 书架;书柜 keys books schoolbag

5 2. Dining room chair chairs

6 3. bedroom bed /e/

7 table bed bookcase sofa chair

8 Read the words after our student teacher!
table bed sofa chair desk tape tape player bookcase radio model plane clock hat

9 1a Match the words with the things in the picture.
b table______ bed_______ bookcase____ sofa____ chair______ schoolbag___ books_____ keys_____ e h g d a f c

10 1b Listen and number the things in the picture [1-4].
6 4 table______ bed_______ sofa____ schoolbag___ books_____ keys_____ 3 2 1 5

11 Where’s the cat? It’s … the case. under the case in the case on the case

12 in on under

13 on the book in the box under the chair

14 Put the right prep. Where’s the girl? She’s on / in / under the box.

15 Where’s the clock? It’s on the chair. Where’s = Where is It’s = It is

16 在……里面 表示方位的介词 Where’s the mouse? where’s = where is
The mouse is in the box. 在……里面 表示方位的介词

17 Where’s the baseball? 在……下面 The baseball is under the table.

18 Where’s the baseball? It’s _____ the table. on

19 Where’s the baseball? It’s _______ the table. under

20 Where’s the baseball? It’s ____ the table. in

21 Where are the baseballs?
They’re ____ the table. on

22 Where are the baseballs?
They’re _____ the table. under


24 Where’s the fox? It’s under the box.

25 Where’s the backpack? It’s on the bed.

26 Where are the books? They’re in the bookcase.

27 Where are the keys? They’re on the sofa.

28 1c Practice the conversation in 1a with
your partner. Then make your own conversations using the words in the box. on in under A: Where’s the schoolbag? B: It’s under the table.

29 + = + = Nimble Tongues 伶牙俐齿 Sentence – making Competition 造句大比拼
The dog is in the cup. + = The flowers are under the nose.

30 Rules规则: 1. 任选两种物品用in/ on/ under造句; 2. 比比哪组在一分钟内造的句子又多又好。


32 New Words come v. come on desk n. think v. room n. their det. hat n.
head n. yeah interj. 来;来到 快点 书桌 认为;想;思考 房间 他(她、它)的 帽子 是的;对

33 schoolbag books keys ruler computer game pencil box

34 2a Listen and number the things [1-6].
5 4 3

35 2b Listen again. Find the things from 2a
and number them in the picture [1-6].

36 2c Ask and answer questions about the things in the picture in 2b.
Are the keys in / on / under the …? Are the books in / on / under the … ?

37 Is the school bag in / on / under the …?
Is the ruler in / on / under the …?

38 Are the books on the sofa?
No, __________________. They’re ______________. they aren’t on the chair

39 Is the computer game on the table?
No, ______________. It’s ______________. it isn’t on the bookcase

40 the pencil box Is _____________ under the sofa? Yes, __________. it is

41 Is the schoolbag ______________?
Yes, it is. under the table

42 Are the keys ____________?
No, ____________________. They’re ________________. on the floor they aren’t on the table

43 2d Role-play the conversation.

44 Remember 1. Where is (= Where’s) …? It’s on / in / under …
2. Where are (= Where’re) ...? They’re on / in / under …

45 Copy the new words 3 times.
Do the other exercises in this part.

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