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UI Parking & Transportation Sustainability Efforts.

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1 UI Parking & Transportation Sustainability Efforts

2 UI Parking & Transportation Units Parking Commuter Programs CAMBUS Fleet Services

3 Sustainability Programs Focus Commuter Travel – TDM Transportation Demand Management UI Fleet Vehicles Other Efforts

4 2020 Goal Reduce the Carbon Impact of Transportation The UI will seek ways to reduce the vehicle miles traveled by single occupant vehicles, employ increasingly efficient fuels and technologies, improve the greenhouse gas efficiency of vehicles operated by employees and students, and seek net reductions and/or offsets in University-related air travel with the goal of achieving, by 2020, a 10% reduction in per capita emissions of fossil fuel-produced CO2 from University-related transportation and travel.

5 TDM for Commuters Strategies –Appropriately Price and Regulate Employee and Student Parking: manage demand –Provide alternatives to driving, or driving alone –Create incentives to reduce CO 2 output

6 The University of Iowa Employment Profile Headcount – November 2013

7 7 Employee Van Pool Program 68 current vans/708 Participants 85 vans/881 participants at peak FY09

8 Van Pool Parking

9 U-PASS Program

10 Bicycles

11 Bicycle Fixit Station

12 Commuter Program Participation

13 Reduction in Employee Commute Miles 2013 Total Estimated Employee Commute Miles91,982,000 2013 Reductions Van Pool Program6,722,000 Employee Bus Pass Program2,066,000 Car Pool Programs1,430,000 Walking ? Biking ? Estimated Total Reductions10,218,000

14 UI Fleet Initiatives Focus on reducing CO2 emissions MPG Improvement Alternative Fuels - Corn state Efforts to Reduce Idling Vehicle types/sizing Fleet CAMBUS

15 Fuels

16 UI Fleet Managed Vehicles by Fuel Type

17 Electric Vehicles Experimentation

18 Charging Station

19 New CAMBUS storage facility Eliminates warm-up/air-up idling Allows use of bio-diesel Solar Roof panels

20 Mini-Hybrid Technology in Transit Buses Improved MPG

21 Monitoring Idle Times



24 Other P & T Efforts LED Lighting in parking lots and ramps Water run-off/Best practices technology New Office Paints/Striping Recycled oils, cleaners etc. Campus Sustainability Committee

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