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Building Community Representative and Partner Capacity and Capability to Support New CPP Structures Kirsty Duerden.

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1 Building Community Representative and Partner Capacity and Capability to Support New CPP Structures Kirsty Duerden

2 Project Outline 12 week internship project Examine the development of members capacity and organisational capability to contribute effectively to CPPs and Area Partnerships Development of consistent approach, increased levels and appreciation of community engagement, and service delivery reflective of locally expressed needs

3 Actions AP member interviews Follow up surveys Partner approaches Review of existing arrangements

4 Initial Findings Need for induction training Need for group training on how to develop a collective and cohesive approach Practical skill training requested Individual capacity development on optional basis Training for all levels within CPP

5 CCLG Findings General agreement with initial findings Support for a training/capacity building programme Back to basics, simple bitesize chunks Community Councillor responsibilities Practical skills - website development, meeting skills Training in planning/licensing, acronyms Extend scope of project to CC level

6 Further Survey Findings Question% of Respondents Replying YES Community CouncillorArea Partnership Member Do you understand the new CPP structures? 5360 Do you understand your role on the structure? 9772 Do you possess the necessary skills and competencies to effectively perform your role? 8471 Have you received any form of induction training in your role? 612 Have you received any form of individual capacity development in your role? 97

7 Induction Training Explanation of new CPP structures Developing clarity and understanding of role and expectations Understanding the role of other members for effective working Knowledge of support available Flexible approach needed

8 Induction Training Whilst I consider I have an understanding of what I can bring to the partnership, I think it would be helpful to understand fully what others can, and also what they expect of me in my role Training/information for members on how to explain the structures of CPP and role of Area Partnerships would be useful There has been no input in terms of training towards these positions, and/or guidance on how they should be approached. Unless there is formal training of some sort, most people would find it difficult to fulfil the task asked particularly if the arena is not familiar to them Induction training is in my view essential! I could really have done with that. The new structures have been communicated to us, but I feel that unless you engage with them directly the emails and documentation and websites are fairly meaningless. So some group development with a presentation on the new structures would be very welcome

9 Group Development Guiding group through group development stages Forming, storming, norming, performing Developing an effective team with shared goals and interests Links to induction – understanding of other roles

10 Group Development I agree it would be very worthwhile if the CPP Partnership Forum members received joint inductions training as a group, particularly if the Forum has to take a more strategic role in their locality. I think this would make the Forum more effective and would also enable members to build good working relationships, help members to gain a better picture of the area the Forum covers, learn about the needs of their local area and also gain a better understanding of each Group training would assist with the formation of a cohesive and effective area partnership team I think there would be value in collective group training so all parties could hear the same message in terms of their and other partners input in the process

11 Practical Skill Training Meeting skills – Chairing, taking Minutes, etc. Use of IT and communication tools

12 Practical Skill Training I think some of the training suggestions such as minute taking and chairing meetings are very important and I would be happy to participate in these Theres a need for additional training – particularly in IT skills, computer literacy and Social Media for most of our Community Councils in Glasgow. There is a huge variety of skills levels in these areas across the various CCs – some high accomplished, others barely at Square One! We all need to have these important communication skills. People need a sense that such skills are not an option, but an absolute necessity. The argument I just dont get all this computer stuff… is not an answer

13 Individual Capacity Building Key skills required reflect core skills relevant to effective community engagement practice Individual voluntary basis Training modules

14 Individual Capacity Building I do think that individual practical training would be a godsend for some people – I was lucky to know all about that because of my working background If the underlying game is to raise the level of participation, then some of these appointments/posts, training or the ability to demonstrate the required level of competence should be considered mandatory I know our council would definitely benefit from training on the necessary skills required to better perform our roles

15 Additional Findings - Community Councillor Increased support from CCRC Request for professional administrator Simplified documentation

16 Additional Findings - Area Partnership Member Achieving consistent partnership working Inclusion of substitute members All members offered the same training programme

17 Further Issues Arising Barriers to training Reluctance of members Time constraints People learn in different ways Variety of training approaches

18 Partner Approaches Interviews with: Glasgow Life Glasgow Housing Association NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Voluntary Sector

19 Conclusions Findings consistent with previous reports Training required and supported at all levels of CPP The main issue is a lack of understanding of structures and roles Induction training is a priority All training should be voluntary, flexible and offered to all members

20 Recommendations Definite need for induction training at all CPP levels Formalised group induction and development session Piloted in new CCs Evaluation Adapted to Area/Sector Partnerships Further formal explanation of structures at AP/CC meetings at discretion of Chair Option of an induction/refresher session open to all

21 Recommendations Practical skill development through peer learning and refresher courses Individual capacity training modules based on existing GCC employee development Use of personal development plans Exploration of online platform for training and development

22 Any Questions? Thank you for listening

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