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GoArmyEd Workshop WELCOME TO. What is Tuition assistance? What is GoArmyEd? Tuition assistance provides financial assistance for off-duty programs in.

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1 GoArmyEd Workshop WELCOME TO

2 What is Tuition assistance? What is GoArmyEd? Tuition assistance provides financial assistance for off-duty programs in Support of a soldiers professional and personal self-development goals. GoArmyEd is the online portal that soldiers use to request their tuition Assistance funds. You request these funds by registering for your classes In the GoArmyEd portal each semester. Who is eligible for Tuition Assistance? Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve Soldiers


4 ARMY CSU You have responsibilities on the CSU side and the Army side, to ensure that Your courses are paid with your TA funds! As a Soldier and a College Student…

5 CougarNet is where you will check your CSU e-mail, register for classes, check Your grades, check to see if you are on any holds, etc. The GoArmyEd Coordinator for CSU often sends out mass e-mails with Important information about GoArmyEd or Tuition Assistance. It is highly Recommended that you check CougarNet often and read these e-mails to Stay informed about changes in TA policies. On the CSU side…. You are also responsible to inform the GoArmyEd Coordinator EVERY SEMESTER after you have registered for classes in GoArmyEd. CSU has No way of knowing that you want to use your TA funding unless you tell us.

6 If you choose to use Tuition Assistance (TA) to fund your education, you must Manage your GoArmyEd account: 1. Monitor your available balance in your GAE account. 2. Submit your Statement of Understanding EVERY YEAR! 3. Register for your classes in GoArmyEd during your course registration period EACH SEMESTER! Do not wait until the last minute! 4. Immediately take care of any holds that may be put on your GAE account. On the Army side…


8 Step-by-Step Instructions THIS MUST BE DONE EVERY SEMESTER For your convenience, step-by-step instructions are posted on the CSU Military & Veterans Students webpage for you to reference each semester: The instructions are in PowerPoint form. One set of instructions demonstrates how to register in Courgarnet. The other instructions demonstrates how to register in GoArmyEd.

9 To Find These Instructions… click on Registering for Courses Go to the CSU Homepage at: Click on Military and ROTC

10 IF You cannot find your class in GoArmyEd Or You get an Error message Call or e-mail KATHLEEN HARR GOARMYED COORDINATOR (before you put in a GoArmyEd helpdesk case, I can usually take care of an issue faster) 706-507-8805

11 As the registration instructions state: AFTER REGISTERING In both CougarNet & GoArmyEd send KATHLEEN HARR AN E-MAIL Stating that you are registered in Both systems.

12 Why do I have to send this email? CSU has no way of knowing that you are registered in GoArmyEd and that You intend to use TA funds to pay for your classes, unless you report it to the school. When you notify the school, we then know to bill the Army for your classes. If you do not complete the E-MAIL Portion of the registration process YOU RUN THE RISK OF BEING DROPPED FROM YOUR CLASSES FOR NON-PAYMENT!

13 GoArmyEd Registration GoArmyEd does not allow anyone to go back to a previous semester to sign up for a class. YOU WILL GET A BILL FROM CSU You must register for your classes in GoArmyEd before the Close Registration Date in GoArmyEd If you do not register during the GoArmyEd registration period: If you do not register within the GoArmyEd registration period: YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY OUT OF POCKET!

14 TA FUNDING AMOUNT You will received $4500 per fiscal year in TA funds (The Armys fiscal year is Oct. 1 st – Sept 30 th of each year) When you use your TA funds at CSU, you are charged $250 per credit hour. TA will cover 18 credit hours per fiscal year! IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU CAREFULLY MONITOR YOUR BALANCE IN GOARMYED! IF YOU RUN OUT OF FUNDS TOWARDS THE END OF THE FISCAL YEAR, IT IS UP TO YOU FIND A SECOND FUNDING SOURCE OR PAY OUT OF POCKET.

15 HOLDS Check both CougarNet and GoArmyEd often for any holds that may be placed On your accounts. These holds can delay your registration, or payment of classes in either system. The sooner you can remove these holds, the faster your registration process can be completed.

16 TYPES OF ACCOUNT HOLDS CougarNet Advisor Hold: Every semester, all students are placed on an Advisor hold. You are required to see your advisor to remove the hold. This is to ensure that you are taking the courses required for your degree. Departmental Hold: If you owe money to a department at CSU, such as a library fine or an outstanding tuition balance. You will be placed on hold.

17 GoArmyEd SOU – Statement of Understanding Hold. Each year, every soldier must turn in a new statement of understanding to the Army Education Center on Fort Benning. A commanders signature is required for all SSGs and below. If you do not turn in the SOU on time, your account is placed on hold. Student Agreement Hold – once you complete 6 semester hours at a new school, the school must upload a degree plan into your GAE account. Contact the CSU GAE Coordinator for this degree plan. GPA Hold – GPA must be 2.0 or better to be able to use Tuition Assistance. If your GPA falls below 2.0, you are placed on hold and cannot request TA for any classes until your GPA is back to 2.0 or above.

18 WITHDRAWING FROM CLASS If for any reason you think you may have to Withdraw from a class : 1. Speak with your instructor. Sometimes instructors will work with you so that you do not have to withdraw. 2. Speak with the Army Education Center. Per Your Statement of Understanding, I will advise the education center of any intent to withdraw from a class for which I am receiving TA and will follow the established GoArmyEd Withdrawal procedures. Contact the Army Education Center FIRST before you withdraw in GoArmyEd ! It is up to the Army Education Center to determine if a withdrawal is military or personal. 3. Speak with the CSU GoArmyEd Coordinator.

19 MILITARY WITHDRAW AT CSU You must provide a copy of orders/memo Showing that the events preventing you From completing your course were Unexpected. CSU does not determine whether your TA will be recouped from you, The Army does. We will assist you in determining the type of withdrawal grade you will receive for the courses you are withdrawing from.

20 WELCOME TO COLUMBUS STATE UNIVERSITY CONTACT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS: Kathleen Harr Building 2613, Soldiers Plaza Fort Benning 706-507-8805

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