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October 24, Wednesday. Aécio Solano Rodrigues Santos Brazil Master Student in Computer Science Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) Computer Science.

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1 October 24, Wednesday

2 Aécio Solano Rodrigues Santos Brazil Master Student in Computer Science Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) Computer Science Department Laboratory for Treating Information (LATIN) Recommender Systems Information Retrieval

3 Web Search Engine: Web Crawling, Indexing, Query Processing... Web Crawler is a software that automatically discovers Web pages and downloads those into a local repository Given resources are limited, it is not possible to download all pages Web Crawl Scheduling: What pages should be downloaded first? When a page should be updated?

4 Aline Duarte Bessa (Brazilian) MSc candidate at Federal University of Minas Gerais

5 I am currently involved with the generation of useful movie recommendations for users. In my research, I investigate a bayesian probabilistical framework that takes into account: l The fact that, in a recommended movie list, the utility of movies interfere with one another; l the fact that a recommended movie list should maximize the probability of having at least one item that is actually selected by an user; l the fact that the recommended movie list should cover, as much as possible, all different hues present in a particular user tastes. I am currently mining ratings patterns at the MovieLens datasets (

6 Name: Anderson Chaves Carniel Nationality: Brazilian Academic Institution: Federal University of São Carlos

7 Databases Data Warehousing and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Geographic Data Warehousing My current research in the masters program: Incorporating vague spatial data in geographic data warehouses

8 Arimatéa de Carvalho XIMENES PhD candidate in Science (Biology) Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) joint PhD at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) Granteed by: Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique (FNRS) M.Sc. Remote Sensing (National Institute for Space Research - INPE) Specialization of Enviromnent and Analysis Assessment (PUC-RJ B.Sc. Biological Science (University of Santa Úrsula - USU) Brazilian Carioca

9 Macroecology of mangroves Determine global analysis of threats of mangrove plant species using socio-environmental indicators. Crisci et al., 2006 Biogeographical and ecoregions regions of mangroves using species distribution and environmental variables. Mangroves Self-Organizing Maps

10 Brazilian Research Student Soil Biotechnology Lab – Embrapa Soja Biotechnology Masters Degree at Universidade Estudual de Londrina (State University of Londrina)

11 Roth, E. and G. Stacey (1989) Sctructural and functional genomics of diazotrophs allowed for commercial inoculants production in Brazil Mariangela Hungria (Supervisor) Embrapa Soja LNCC Embrapa Cerrados Embrapa Agropecuária Oeste FEPAGRO Embrapa Roraima UEL IPA UFPR Campus Palotina Structural and functional genomics of Bradyrhizobium japonicum (CPAC 7 and CPAC 15 strains) Genome annotation Membrane transport Main Project 9 research groups in association Sub-Project 9 reasearchers My work! Bioinformat ics

12 Asher Watts, Canadian MSc. in Sof tware Engineering and Intelligent Systems Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Alberta

13 General Interests: Computation Intelligence Energy and the Environment Research Areas: Energy Harvesting Systems Power Management Remote Monitoring

14 Name: Avatharam Ganivada Nation: India Academic Institution: Indian Statistical Institute

15 Title: Granular Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition and Granular Mining Classification and clustering of real life data sets, including microarray gene expression data, based on the proposed granular neural networks. A new fuzzy rough entropy measure for validating the clustering solutions is proposed by comparing the existing measures, Beta –index and DB-index. Future Work: - Proposing a new granular neural network for selecting salient features of real-life data sets.

16 Student Presentation My name: Bernardo Gonçalves My institution : LNCC, in Petrópolis/RJ, Brazil – National Laboratory for Scientific Computing DEXL LAB – Extreme Data Lab Prof. Fabio Porto My nationality : Brazilian

17 PhD Project, supervised by Prof. Fabio Porto (LNCC) A Database Model for Scientific Hypotheses Introduction of hypotheses, models and phenomena data representations into the eScience framework; Investigation of the conceptual structure (db-model) of scientific research life-cycles from the perspective of the scientist; Development of a db-model (both DDL and DML) for the effective representation and management of those entities all together with data.

18 Home: Malaysia; Similar to Brazil in many aspects… Second home: Edmonton, Canada

19 Surface mining of oil sands Oil sands tailings pondNext-generation sequencing Using system biology approaches in understanding degradation of hydrocarbon pollutants In the lab, I do: A)Bioinformatics --Metagenomics and genomics --Metatranscriptomics B) Bench work

20 Bruno Brandoli, Brazilian Ph.D. Student Department of Computational Physics USP - University of São Paulo, Brazil

21 -Swarm Intelligence -Fractal Geometry -Complex Network -Plant Pathology Identification -Nanomaterial Quality Assessment

22 Caillet Dornelles Marinho Brazilian Degree in agronomy (University of Viçosa - Brazil) Specialist in Biotechnology (University of Maringá - Brazil) M.Sc. in Genetics and Plant Breeding (University of North Fluminense - Brazil) D. Sc. in Genetics and Breeding (in progress) (University of Viçosa - Brazil)

23 Breeding Program of Sugarcane – University of Viçosa Rede Interuniversitária para o Desenvolvimento do Setor Sucroalcooleiro - RIDESA (Interuniversity network for the development of the sugar-energy Sector) Project: Early identification of potential clones of sugarcane under different selection strategies Focus: Genome Wide Selection (GWS)

24 Brazilian nationality PhD student Program of Genetics and Molecular Biology Institute of Biology - University of Campinas (UNICAMP) Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Marcelo Menossi Teixeira Scholarship: CNPq (140767/2012-6) and FAPESP (2012/13920-8) Project title: Transcriptomic analysis of the effect of the hormone ethylene in sugarcane ripening

25 Assembly Normalization Differential gene expression RT-qPCR validation Chemical genetics Ethylene inhibitor Ethylene indutor Control Developmental stages 8-10 months (ripening) Main analysis work flow RNA-Seq de novo reference gene onthology HPAEC-PAD GC-MS Collaborations and co-workers: UNESP (Dr. Marcelo Silva) IAC (Dra. Ana Lagôa and Ms. Guilherme Roberto) USP (Dra. Glaucia Souza, Dr. Marcos Buckeridge, and Dr. Igor Polikarpov). Technological parameters Hormone profiles Photosynthesis Lignin and cellulose Enzymology The hormone ethylene in sugarcane ripening

26 Cristiane Pontes de Oliveira Brazilian PostDoc at Chemistry Institute of São Carlos, IQSC University of São Paulo, USP

27 Glycerol electrocatalysis under oscillatory regime

28 Name: Cristiano Premebida Nationality: Brazilian Affiliation: Institute of Systems and Robotics (ISR), University of Coimbra

29 Research work summary: In general, I have developed research work on the field of mobile robotics, autonomous vehicles, object tracking, and machine learning. In particular, my recent research topics of interest are: 1) perception systems for robots and autonomous vehicles 2) Sensor fusion, e.g. LIDAR, GPS and cameras 3) pattern recognition

30 Silicon Processing Photolithographic masks Micro fluidics

31 Use the Silicon processing potentialities for ethanol fermentation monitoring

32 Information and Communication Technologies Research Institute ITIC, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo Mendoza, Argentina Candidate for the degree of Ph.D. In Computer Science, Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina Ph.D. Fellowship granted by the Argentine National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET)

33 Scheduling of Workflow applications on Distributed Computing environments Performance prediction methods Applications in the areas of Computational Mechanics and Bioinformatics Parameter Sweeping of Necking Problems (Engineering Faculty, UNCuyo) Predictive Classification of Gene Expression Samples (CTU, IDA, Czech Republic) Cross-gene cross-organism microarray analysis (CTU, IDA, Czech Republic)

34 Current Position Ph.D. student in Electronic Engineering. Member of Digital Image Processing Group. Institutions School of Engineering, Mar del Plata National University, Argentina. National Council of Scientific and Technical Research, CONICET, Argentina. Email:

35 Current Work Type-2 Fuzzy Logic models applied to medical image segmentation Extension of predicates logic to Type-2 Fuzzy Sets; Knowledge extraction from data for automatic design of fuzzy classification systems. Fuzzy Predicates

36 Edgar Andrés Ochoa Cruz Bogotá – Colombia PhD in Biotechnology Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

37 Sugarcane Genomics Synthetic Biology Energy and biofuel applications Molecular tools (Plug&Play plasmid) Reverse bioinformatics (Computation in biological organisms)

38 Eduardo Cotrin Teixeira, Brazilian Ph.D. Student (since 2011) in Computer Science at Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IME) - University of São Paulo (USP) Supervisors: João Eduardo Ferreira / Kelly Rosa Braghetto – Database Group Assistant Professor (since 2007) at Federal University of Technology – Paraná (UTFPR)

39 My Current Work Models and tools for Workflow management Scientific Workflows Databases (and Cloud Computing)

40 Eduardo de Paula Miranda (Brazilian) State University of Campinas

41 Problem Wide variety of information systems aimed at cataloging phenotypic descriptions of living beings, which adopt heterogeneous models, hampering data integration. Goal To Integrate phenotype-related heterogeneous models via alignment of their metamodels. Contributions Semi-automatic approach to connect free text phenotypic descriptions to equivalent ontology-based descriptions; Automated integration of the large volume of existing phenotypic descriptions.

42 Eliana Bohórquez Physicist and Computer Science MSc student

43 Multidisciplinary projects: HPC and Scientific Research Computational support: Adaptation and use of infrastructure – Parallel Apps. CagA Project Docking and MD A: A CagA(1-876) dimer in the crystal - Hayashi et al, 2012

44 Nacionality: Brazilian Institution: Univ. Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho Bioscience Institute – Physics Department Botucatu – São Paulo – Brazil

45 Keywords: Decision trees, essential genes, synthetic lethality, FBA centralities predictor algorithm MODEL experimental data + +

46 Graduate Degree in Biology Preparation of broth for the production of sugar Production of Ethanol Great Expectations Development Sector in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul

47 Post-Graduate: Mestrado em Recursos Naturais Universidade Estadual de Mato Grosso do Sul Programa Interdisciplinar: Physics: FTIR, NMR, GC, RI Chemistry: Physical chemistry Biology: Botanical Aspects Search: Production of biodiesel by oil sources. The horse-peanut (Arachis hypogaea var. Virginia L.) Evaluation of yield esters by base catalysis and heterogeneous

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