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Leveraging on our network to promote development in the ECOWAS region By Philip Sowah.

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1 Leveraging on our network to promote development in the ECOWAS region By Philip Sowah

2 Who we are 3 rd largest telecom provider in the world 246 Million customers across 21 countries (South Asia, Africa and the Channel Islands) at the end of February 2012 Operations in 17 African countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Madagascar, Seychelles and Rwanda Subscriber base of over 2.8 million active customers Fastest growing network with 90% nationwide coverage Winner of numerous telecom mobile money awards

3 Outline One Network Airtel Money Conclusion


5 Background The reasoning behind the introduction of the Airtel One Network was to deploy a borderless mobile phone network across the Airtel Group, where Airtel customers could move freely between the countries in which Airtel operates and be treated as virtual local customers of the visited network in terms of pricing, while retaining their home network service functionality. In Africa, One Network is available in the all 17 countries Airtel operates in, including Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Niger and Chad in West Africa

6 Benefits of One Network Customers roaming on One Network pay cheaper rates Customers can recharge airtime using the visited Airtel networks local top- up vouchers. Customers still stays in touch with business partners, family and friends on the same number no matter where they are on the continent It facilitates seamless trade and business across the West Africa sub region and beyond

7 Recommendations EU is introducing new legislation on roaming to limit the excessive charges to customers. – We need to do this also. Airtels One Network gives Ecowas a framework for developing a tarrifing regime which will promote telecommunication services to intra-Ecowas business community Give networks more flexibility in determining in-bound termination rates for countries within the sub-region.


9 Introduction Electronic commerce looms large worldwide, and has transformed trade and industry in an unprecedented manner. Its potential is huge and its impact is expected to go far beyond commerce to affect the lives of millions of consumers. Airtel Money is Airtels innovative and award winning service that allows customers to use their mobile phone as a mobile wallet. It also offers the most comprehensive package of e- commerce and payment features currently available on the Ghanaian market. g The enhanced Airtel Money service will provide millions of people with access to banking services for the first time and has the potential to transform banking in Africa and dramatically increase access to financial services. About Airtel Money

10 Areas of Facilitation Airtel Money as an e-commerce platform can facilitate Cross- Border trade transaction as: Money transfer service Vehicle for direct payment to suppliers Transmission medium to bridge /facilitate bank international remittance process

11 Benefit for Cross Border Transaction Airtel Money, when used across the sub region can: Reduce transactions costs Ease difficulty of road blocks Reduce delivery time Eliminate the risk involved in carrying cash across borders Assist in Cash tracking / Anti Money laundering Aid deposit of remittance into financial institutions

12 Challenges Inter-border currency (transactional volume) settlement Inter-border mobile money policy ECOWAS policy on cross-border currency exchange

13 Way Forward In order to encourage e-Commerce development as a support to regional integration and development in West Africa, ECOWAS must encourage West African governments to work on a policy that will address all the challenges stated earlier thereby facilitating a financial and banking framework that allows for electronic payments and transfers within the sub-region

14 Thank you for your time

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