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Le titre de votre section. Lessor du modèle scandinave.

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1 Le titre de votre section


3 Lessor du modèle scandinave









12 Pillars of Scandinavian social democracy: 1: Strong trade union and other popular representative organizations with structured input into relevant social and economic policy decisions. UI created and managed by unions, big membership incentive… 2. A strong social democratic party linked to the above, committed to low disparities in income, wealth and power 3. Political institutions are administratively decentralized and based on the principle of proportional representation, so that the strength of partisan representation reflects support in the population, and necessitating some degree of structured cooperation in policy making and administration at every level. 4. Productive industries capable of maintaining good, internationally competitive salaries and working conditions, (driving out low-paying jobs, thus resulting in wage solidarity – the Rehn-Meidner model), necessitating a high level of structured cooperation between employers and trade unions in the labour market. 5: An education and training system that provides and upgrades the skills needed for employment in such rapidly changing industries. 6: Social and labour market policies based on the principle of universal services, in health, pensions, unemployment insurance, child care, – along with education and training, to complement retraining and mobility. It is when you tax all in order to give to all that you will achieve the largest redistribution. 7: Emphasis on non-material redistribution, via adult education, subsidies for study circles, public service media, newspaper subsidies popular libraries.

13 Lessor du modèle scandinave

14 Figure 6.1. Gini coefficients of inequality of market and disposable incomes, persons of working age, late 2000s

15 Lessor du modèle scandinave

16 Figure X Poverty Rates among elderly and single parents in the OECD, 2000

17 Lessor du modèle scandinave




21 Willing to pay more taxes if they are used for… (%)199720022010 Medical and health care676575 Support for elderly (pensions, care for the elderly)626073 Support for families with children (child allowances, child care) 423951 Social assistance292540 Comprehensive and secondary schooling626171 Employment policies403154 (n-minimum)(1290)(1075)(3800) Source: the Swedish Welfare State Surveys

22 Le titre de votre présentation Prochaine conférence: Les politiques publiques et lÉtat scandinave dans le contexte économique mondialisé 8 Juillet 13h15 à 16h15

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