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Respiratory Protection Program

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1 Respiratory Protection Program
City of Los Angeles Personnel Department Presented by: Zuhdy Youssef, MS, CIH, CSP Senior Industrial Hygienist

2 Introduction Cal/OSHA Regulations Written Program & Documentation
Program Administrator

3 Respirators Approval:
NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Regulations: Federal CFR State Cal/OSHA Title 8, Sec. 5144 Website

4 Program Elements Exposure Assessment Hazard Control
Selection, Fitting, & Training Sanitization & Care Storage Medical Evaluation Control Assess- ment Fitting Care Storage Medical evaluation

5 Exposure Assessment MSDS Review Employees Awareness
Monitoring Personal Sampling Area Sampling Type of Contamination Duration of Exposure Consult Industrial Hygiene Unit (213) Dru Ross

6 Hazard Control Engineering Control Administrative Control
Local Exhaust System General Dilution Ventilation Administrative Control Substitution Reduce Exposure Time Isolation of Hazard Minimize Number of Employees Exposed Change of Process Personal Protective Equipment Respirators, Face Shield, Gloves, …etc.

7 Selection, Fitting, & Training
Air Purifying Respirators Mechanical Filters Chemical Cartridges Powered Air Purifying Respirator Atmosphere Supplying Respirator Supply Air-Line Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

8 Selection, Fitting, & Training Air Purifying Respirator Types:
Mechanical Filter Chemical Cartridges Powered Air Purifying Respirator

9 Selection, Fitting, & Training Atmosphere Supplying Respirator Types:
Supply Air-Line Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

10 Selection, Fitting, & Training
Criteria for Selection Nature of Hazard Characteristic of The Hazardous Operation Location of Hazardous Area Time Respirator Protection May Be Required Activity of Workers Limitation of Respirator Types Respirator Fit Factors Color Code of Cartridges & Gas Masks

11 Selection, Fitting, & Training
Cartridges Color Code & Gas Masks Some Common Cartridge Color Coded Color Cartridge Use Guide Acid - AG Organic Vapor - OV Acid, Gas and Organic Vapor - AG / OV Ammonia and Methylamine Formaldehyde and certain OV Radioactive material - P100 Multi-Gas and certain OV Mercury Vapor or Certain Chlorine Gas

12 Selection, Fitting, & Training
Protection factor Air Purifying Respirator P. F. Single Use Dust Mask 5 Half-Mask Dust Respirator 10 Full-Face “HEPA” Mask 50 Powered High Efficiency 1,000 Gas & Vapor Half-Mask 10 Gas & Vapor Full-Face Piece 50 Atmosphere Supplying Supplied Air-Line ,000 SCBA ,000 P. F. = Contamin. Conc. In Ambient Air Contamin. Conc. Inside the Mask

13 Selection, Fitting, & Training
Respirator Fit Test Positive/Negative Pressure Check Qualitative Fit Tests Quantitative Fit Tests Training Respiratory Hazard Respiratory Selection Functions, Capabilities, & Limitations Proper Wearing of Respirators Respirator Maintenance, Cleaning, & Storage Emergency Situations

14 Sanitization & Care All Respirators Emergency Respirators & SCBA
Before And After Each Use Emergency Respirators & SCBA At Least Monthly Cleaning Procedures

15 Storage Store Respirator Properly
Storage Cabinets Should Be Clearly Marked

16 Medical Evaluation Questionnaire or Initial Evaluation
Follow-Up Evaluation

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