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Steven Barron Electric Circuits.

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1 Steven Barron Electric Circuits

2 Are all of the electrons flowing in a circuit provided by the battery?
No because  the wires and the filament already consist of conduction electrons, the battery is just the power supply.

3 Why must there be no gaps in an electric circuit for it to carry current?
Current is the measure of the flow of electrons. Electrons are particles that cannot flow if there is a gap

4 Distinguish between a series circuit and a parallel circuit.
In series circuits, the resistance adds up. In parallel circuits the resistance is reduced by the formula R1 X R2 / R1+R2. So two 4 ohm resistors in parallel would be equal to (1) 2 ohm resistor in place of the (2) 4 ohm resistors

5 If one of 3 lamps blows out when connected in series, what happens to the current in the other two? What if it happened in a parallel circuit? If three lamps are connected in parallel and one blows out, the current in the other two does not change. This assumes that the net change in total current does not cause the power source to change voltage.

6 In which case will there be more current in each of 3 lamps - if they are connected to the same battery in series or in parallel? more current will be in case of parallel because in series combination resistance is greater with respect to parallel combination

7 What is meant by resistance in a circuit?
Resistance of circuit is opposition offered to flow of current by that circuit.  Causes:  1. it opposes the flow of current  2. it ipposes the voltage  3. it protect the electrical component.  4. it protect from any electrical hazards 

8 What happens to the total circuit resistance when more devices are added to a series circuit? To a parallel circuit? Adding more resistors in series to a particular parallel branch will increase the total resistance, but adding another branch will decrease it.  1/R_total = 1/R_1 + 1/R_ /R_N

9 What is the function of a fuse or circuit breaker in a circuit?
a fuse is a device which contains very thing conductor inside. its function: if the current exceeds more than needed, the fuse breaks ,and avoids the damage.

10 Why will too many electric devices operating at one time often blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker? the combined currents of the "electrical devices" exceeds the rating of the fuse

11 What is meant by a "short circuit"?
A short circuit is a type of failure in an electrical circuit caused when the wire touches another hot wire or touches a neutral wire. It can also be caused if there is a break in a wire or connection.

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