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Headline GME Engineering.

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1 Headline GME Engineering

2 Driver Assistance Systems
Inform the driver in order to avoid dangerous situations Driver always maintains responsibility and control

3 Driver Assistance Systems
Aim: Make traffic safer, reduce rate of accidents DIAMANT and SIM-TD: Communication between individual vehicles, as well as between vehicles and traffic centers Avoid accidents and prevent traffic jams through direct transmission of information

4 GM V2V Technology Based on proven technology
Affordability a pre-requisite for market penetration GPS receiver for pin-pointing location WLAN for communication between vehicles Exchange of data regarding position, speed, external temperature and road condition

5 Scenario 1: Stationary Vehicle Ahead

6 Szenario 1: Stehendes Fahrzeug voraus

7 Scenario 2: Emergency Braking

8 Szenario 2: Notbremsung

9 Scenario 3: Potential Forward Collision

10 Szenario 3: Drohender Auffahrunfall

11 Scenario 4: Blind Spot/Lane Change

12 Szenario 4: Toter Winkel/Spurwechsel

13 Scenario 5: Emergency Vehicle

14 Szenario 5: Einsatzfahrzeug

15 Scenario 6: Work Zone

16 Szenario 6: Baustelle

17 Scenario 7: Potential Intersection Collision

18 Szenario 7: Drohende Kollision an Kreuzungen

19 Headline GME Engineering

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