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MANAGING COMPLEX PROJECTS Simon Henley AIPM Conference Hobart, October 2007.

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1 MANAGING COMPLEX PROJECTS Simon Henley AIPM Conference Hobart, October 2007


3 MANAGING COMPLEX PROJECTS Why Complex PM? Dealing with complexity The PM Continuum Organisational Dynamics Impact of Complex on PM profession and the role of the College of Complex project Managers

4 WHY COMPLEX? Body of Knowledge Definition of Project – Defined Product – Hard Interfaces – Closed System – Variations accounted for in Risk Management Increasing degrees of uncertainty – Outside Influence on critical project factors – Pace of technology change – Increasing interdependence – Dynamic Interfaces – Too many moving parts to use traditional risk management techniques

5 CHARACTERISTICS OF COMPLEX PROJECTS Characterised by uncertainty, dynamic interfaces, and significant political or external influences Usually run over a period which exceeds the technology cycle time of the technologies involved Can be defined by effect, but not by solution

6 DEALING WITH COMPLEXITY Start with a strategy, aligned with the business – Right to left vs left to right thinking – The key elements are a long term strategy in the capability space, and a shorter term view in the solution space. – A successful project requires both elements of velocity – speed and direction IF YOU DONT KNOW WHERE YOURE GOING – THERES A FAIR CHANCE YOU MIGHT NOT GET THERE IF YOU DONT KNOW WHERE YOURE GOING – THERES A FAIR CHANCE YOU MIGHT NOT GET THERE IF YOU DONT KNOW WHERE YOURE GOING – THERES A FAIR CHANCE YOU MIGHT NOT GET THERE

7 CONVERT CAPABILITY ROADMAP TO SOLUTION SPACE Rigorous application of System Engineering methodology Sweat the big stuff – capacity, cooling, throughput, open systems architecture Dont do the detail beyond the technology horizon Understand the difference in certainty between the defined solution space, and the less well defined capability space – manage them appropriately

8 THE PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONTINUUM Complex Project Management is an addition to current techniques, not a replacement Traditional tools such as Risk Management, EVM, Critical Path etc are absolutely vital, but not sufficient New skills required to deal in the areas of uncertainty and dynamic change Not everybody can be comfortable in complex space

9 ORGANISATIONAL DYNAMICS - COMPLEX MUST-HAVES A well researched requirement supported by underpinning analysis – Long-term strategy in the capability space Comprehensive systems engineering analysis Long term commitment to budgets Appropriate PM strategies – Uncertainty is not an excuse for lax project controls Appropriate Approvals processes/Rapid decision loops – Delays kill spirals

10 IMPACT OF COMPLEX PROJECTS ON THE PM PROFESSION Complex is not new – our most successful PMs practice it already Most of us have learned it the hard way, and are therefore 45+ As more projects have features of complexity, we need larger numbers of PMs at a younger age capable of operating in this space.

11 Business Plan Model VISION The College will improve the successful delivery of complex projects with social, environmental and economic benefit. MISSION The college will provide international leadership to drive excellence in complex project management, developing the necessary competencies and attributes. BUSINESS PLAN STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES 1: ESTABLISH AND MAINTAIN STANDARDS Develop, set and apply internationally accepted complex project management competency standards and conduct applied research to lead and manage complex projects 2: DEVELOP COMPLEX PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILLS Accredit post-graduate Complex Project Management courses 3: GROW MEMBERSHIP Develop college membership through the accreditation of individuals at all levels within the College 4: PROMOTE COMPLEX PROJECT MANAGEMENT Promote the profession of Complex Project Managers internationally 5: OPERATE THE COLLEGE EFFECTIVELY Manage the College efficiently and effectively as a non-profit organisation Service & Professionalism Integrity Respect Commitment & Diligence Collaboration & Teamwork VALUES

12 Membership Fellows/Officers/Members/Associate Members Corporate and Public Sector membership Start Certifying Individuals over next 12 months Fully operational by Nov 08 – Formal launch in Rome Complements PMI, IPMA and other national bodies – not in competition Currently negotiating alliances with other bodies such as IPMA

13 SUMMARY Complex Projects require additional tools and techniques to deliver time, cost and quality goals There are Complex projects being successfully managed today, but we need to find ways of better equipping more people to work in the Complex space The College of Complex Project Managers, in conjunction with the wider PM profession offers a way to co-ordinate effort in this important area

14 Stephen Hayes - CEO – +61 (0)2 62652680 Simon Henley - Chair – +44 (0)7824814156

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