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Curriculum for Excellence Senior Phase Information Evening Madras College 6 November 2012.

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1 Curriculum for Excellence Senior Phase Information Evening Madras College 6 November 2012

2 Agenda Review our progress Discuss the Senior Phase Model Next steps

3 Implementation Timetable SessionLevelStage 2010-113 rd S1 2011-123 rd /4 th S2 2012-133 rd /4 th S3 2013-14Senior S4 2014-15Senior S5 2015-16Senior S6 Broad general education Senior phase

4 Qualifications ExistingSCQFNew Foundation 3 National 3 Access 3 3 National 3 General 4 National 4 Int 1 4 National 4 Credit 5 National 5 Int 2 5 National 5 Higher 6 Higher (National 6) AH 7 AH (National 7)

5 Building the Curriculum 3 a broad general education, well planned experiences and outcomes across all curriculum areas through to S3 a senior phase after S3 which provides the opportunity to obtain qualifications Up to the end of S3, assessment by teachers will be the main means of assessing each young persons achievements. As young people move into S4….they will start building their lifelong portfolio of qualifications.

6 The illiterate of the 21 st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn Future Learners

7 Jobs of the future? Mechatronical engineer Avatar design-security consultant Digital architect Traceability manager Simplicity consultant Bioinformationist Geomicrobiologist Online education broker

8 Purpose of the Senior Phase Building on learning in S1-3 Preparation for adult life Extend abilities and interests Study at an advanced level A range of personal achievements Recognition of achievements Literacy, numeracy, health & wellbeing

9 Principles of the Senior Phase Personalisation and choice Coherence Relevance

10 Senior Curriculum Rationale What principles should we adopt in looking at the structure of the senior phase? Inclusion… Discussion with parents, employers, HE, FE November 2011

11 Destination-led Curriculum Flora, high flier Lewis, dyslexic Bert, young carer Anna, career orientated Grant, middle ability What provision do we need to make to meet the needs and aspirations of each of these learners?

12 Senior Curriculum Design Influences Staying-on rate currently 85% & 72% 1-year or 2-year planning Courses to suit all levels of ability Courses to suit all aspirations Destination-led curriculum

13 Madras Senior Phase Next steps Complete our curriculum rationale Consider timetable structures Model a curriculum Test the model April 2012

14 Madras Senior Phase Model Column AB 6 periods 1-year courses Advanced Higher, Higher 2-year courses Higher, National 5, NVQ, NPA Column AColumn B 2-year coursesNat 4, Acc 3, NPA, NVQ 1-year coursesUnits only

15 Testing the Model Does this model meet all the statements in our curriculum rationale? Consider each of our learners – will the model deliver for each pupil?

16 Madras College Senior Phase 35 period week Opportunity to follow 6 courses Health & Wellbeing Literacy, Numeracy, Skills for learning, life & work

17 Senior Phase Model Col 1Col 2Col 3Col 4Col 5Col 6H&W S4 & S5 N4 N5 H NVQ NPA English 1 year and 2 year courses Maths 1 year and 2 year courses Choice of subjects to run over 2 years Choice of 1 year and 2 year courses Games Soc Ed RME Study Skills College Literacy, Numeracy, Health & Wellbeing, Skills for Learning, Life and Work 5 periods S6, H, AH Minimum of 4 courses

18 Senior Phase Implementation Theme work Course choice process Keeping people informed Developing NNQ course work Consultation Restructured timetable

19 Senior Phase Implementation Plan Curriculum working group (over 30 staff involved) which also consults with pupils and parents

20 Implementation Plan Set up Senior Phase working group Consultation re new timetable structure Declare what courses each faculty will offer next session Presented plans for the Senior Phase at the Parent Forum Mock course choice process S3 Pupils Assembly

21 Consultation Parent Engagement Session Parent Council Pupil Assemblies Pupil Focus Groups Staff Meetings Timetable restructure consultation with staff Consultation

22 Course Information & Structure Course choice directory –Subject / course information –Career pathways –Entry requirements –Subject groupings Prognostications Course choice process

23 Course Choice Directory subject specific information Course Description The Work of the Course Assessment Progression

24 World of Work Theme Theme work S3 Themed Fortnight 26 th November – 7 th December 2012

25 Theme work Why a Themed Fortnight? Exploration of the interaction / connection between subjects The process of learning Increased competence in using knowledge and skills in transferable ways

26 Theme work What it entails Begins 26th November for two weeks What departments are doing Skills Tree of Knowledge Subject Fair

27 Informing Pupils, Parents & Staff S3 Extended Assemblies (Oct, Nov, Dec) Pupil FAQs Input to S3 Theme Week Parent FAQs Parent Information Sessions (tonight and 3 rd Dec) Staff meeting input Keeping people informed

28 7 Period Day / 35 Period Week Period 1, 2 & 3 Interval Period 4 & 5 Lunch Period 6 & 7 Restructured timetable

29 Offering suitable, high quality courses for all InSET time dedicated to course development CPD for staff –SQA Update events –In-house CPD Developing NNQ course work

30 Timeline 26 th November 2 week World of Work theme begins 28 th NovemberPupil Subject Fair 3 rd December Parental Information Session 2 and launch of Course Directory JanuaryCourse Choice Interviews begin 21 st JanuaryS3 Reports Issued 31 st JanuaryS3 Parents Night

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