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Spring 2014 New features School Gateway & Online Reporting.

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2 Spring 2014

3 New features

4 School Gateway & Online Reporting

5 …is a website for parents, designed to inform and engage them in their childs education…

6 Parents can…Just a click away from your school website, parents can keep up-to-date… Monitor attendance View 2-week timetables Make online payments Review behaviour Celebrate achievements Check and update school View medical conditions Check Pupil Premium eligibility

7 Grow your parental engagement at a pace to suit your school.

8 School Gateway only shows what you want it to show.

9 Going cashless?... just show Payments New timetabling?... just show timetables

10 Want to encourage Pupil Premium applications before the Jan deadline?... …1 additional application could cover your licence cost and help drive improved parental engagement school-wide.

11 Use Schoolcomms to control what your parents see in School Gateway…

12 Automatic notification sends to parents phone or app. How it works

13 Schoolcomms extracts the data seamlessly from SIMS… Behaviour Management: Incident type Points Action Comments

14 Schoolcomms enables you to schedule SIMS data exports at a time and frequency to suit you…

15 …you retain control over what you share and when you share it. Simply turn information on and off in an instant – just tick-and-save the relevant boxes in Schoolcomms.

16 And then theres the smartphone app to keep parents informed on the move…

17 …free to download for parents, students & staff

18 School Gateway is free for staff, students and parents and comes as part of your Schoolcomms licence.

19 Choose what you use

20 Schoolcomms offer Messaging Payments Online Reporting (NEW!) Choose one or more of the above. Introduce them at a time to suit your school. All are available to trial… for free, for 30 days. Here are a few of the highlights…

21 MESSAGING SIMS integrated Just Text, Standard or Premium licence options Free or half price app messaging – save money on texting Single or multi user options Bulk email exam and curriculum timetables from SIMS Bulk email Profile and Assessment Manager reports from SIMS Manage attendance Optional write back to SIMS communication log Monitor messaging send and delivery

22 PAYMENTS Collect parent payments by card, cash or cheques Parents can pay via School Gateway web or app Integrates with SIMS Dinner Money & cashless caterers Full range of management reporting options Flexible payment options including one-offs and instalments Gain parental consent at the time of payment Integrates with financial management systems

23 ONLINE REPORTING Publish student timetables Display parent and student contact details – request updates Provide daily behaviour and achievement reports online Auto send a text or instant message when new info is published Actively drive Pupil Premium applications Show attendance information and unexplained absences Help parents engage in their childs time at school

24 Seamless SIMS integration A key reason why were the first choice for a growing number of SIMS schools.

25 Our approach to Service and value?

26 Free training Free ongoing support Constantly evolving 2,000 happy schools Innovative technology Cost efficiency Why Schoolcomms?

27 Installation fees Complicated paper/online parent registration Data transfer/update challenges And no…

28 Schoolcomms is priced based on your number on roll We take a transparent approach to licences, there are no hidden costs and we publish our rates online As part of your free trial well include free text credits – our free trials truly are free We offer an attractive transition package for schools who are tied into a contract with an existing supplier Online Reporting starts at just £249 Costs?

29 For more information or to find out the cost for your school call our advisors or visit us online 0844 445 7147


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