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Probation Celebration Day – Hungary Title From Prison to Community Presenter Steve Pitts.

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1 Probation Celebration Day – Hungary Title From Prison to Community Presenter Steve Pitts

2 PS plus 250 million Euro programme 42 prisons 15 probation Areas 60,000 offenders 44,204 outcomes Range of ETE services

3 Case Management/CATS Allocation Structured Assessment Motivation Prioritisation Community Integration Plan Case Assessment Tracking System

4 OASys 2004 – Offender individual needs ETE: Education, Training, Employment


6 Interventions Information Advice Guidance Employment education training Accommodation Beneficiary Access Fund Education ECDL Training Tools

7 Remands/Short Term Prisoners Minimum 21 days to serve Remand prisoners have resettlement needs Hard to help groups, women, young offenders, BME, sex offenders, high risk offenders Soft outcomes & employability

8 Women Women holistic centred 6 Prisons Women have different priorities Accommodation emphasised Developing practice Successful ETE outcomes

9 Through the Gate Continuity Outreach and outside Case management Sustaining employment, education gained Furthering outcomes Mentoring Tracking through the gate on CATs

10 Standards Partnerships approach/management Operational Standards Occupational Standards Contestability

11 Distance Travelled Showing the progress of one beneficiary on the project. The black central line indicates the starting position The grey line indicates the current status of the beneficiary. The movement is due to the interventions of PS Plus staff

12 Achievement & Innovation Outcomes: 36,000 Development of effective Case Management Working through the prison gate Integrating motivational interview techniques and accredited motivational training in an employability programme Working with the challenge of remand and short term prisoners Developing an effective standards framework Integration, and reduced re-offending

13 Contractual Relationships Share risk and ensure delivery of outcomes Contract Management model Contract or partnership – happy medium Performance/project management

14 Lessons from EQUAL - 2007 Offenders specific –Individuation/responsivity –Addressing multiple needs –Case management –Work retention/progression –Joined-up partnerships –Mainstreaming Organisational/International –Poor awareness, coordination, evaluation, sharing –Opportunity to identify and share best practice –Opportunity to work strategically on practice & policy

15 Community of Practice Aim A European learning network to standardise, exchange and transfer expertise between Member States Target Group Community Sentence offenders & Prisoners Focus Assessment, training & employment, after- care/transition management

16 CoP - Themes Diagnosis Profiling, assessment Education & employment competences Social competences Qualifications for employment E-learning Collaboration with employers Support of mentors and families Good practice development/organisation development Diversity

17 Effective reintegration….. Targeted assessment of risk & need ETE in custody to improve work-related skills and qualifications Information, guidance and employer links Access to employment, training or qualifications on release Holistic/release transition support Signposting to agencies to remove barriers

18 Thank you Steve Pitts International & Business Development Manager National Offender Management Service (NOMS) Ministry of Justice UK +44 (0) 753 02 64 211

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