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Cambrian Union School District GATE Update January 2011.

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1 Cambrian Union School District GATE Update January 2011


3 Background Information 10% or less of K-8 population 421 GATE students in Cambrian Not state mandated Districts choose to be involved Application process Categorical funding Categorical Block Grant

4 2001AB 2313 Updated and strengthened criteria and process for GATE applications GATE programs must be Planned and organized as an integrated differentiated learning experience within the regular school day May be augmented with other differentiated activities related to the core curriculum. Application must demonstrate clear commitment to staff development Parent involvement is important part of local program State Regulations

5 Qualities of Excellent Program Differentiated curriculum Flexible grouping Clustering students within classes Multiple identification criteria Strong staff development programs for teachers Parent education

6 What is not recommended (not supported by research) Pull-out instruction that is unrelated to state standards or content being covered in the classroom After school/lunchtime programs which could exclude some students One-time presentations/field trips.

7 GATE Vision in Cambrian Differentiation of instruction as an integral part of each school day, along with challenging opportunities for GATE students to work together to extend their learning Services designed to meet student needs and encourage intellectual, social and emotional development GATE services shared responsibility of a partnership of teachers, administrators, parents, and students

8 Overview Cambrian GATE Services Include eligible 3rd-8th grade students Differentiate standards based core curriculum as well as on students needs and abilities Emphasize critical thinking and problem- solving skills Foster independent, life-long learners

9 GATE in Cambrian History –Services primarily focused on after school enrichment programs –Site GATE coordinators organize programs and help with ID process –GATE Advisory Committee (GAC) grew out of District Advisory Committee (DAC) –Some teachers trained in differentiation –A few teachers GATE certified

10 GATE in Cambrian Changes: Moving from only after school programs to in class differentiation RtI/ExCel cluster grouping Junior Great Books Revision of ID process and timeline GATE Advisory Committee becomes District GATE Council Parent and Teacher representatives GATE parent information meeting

11 Next Steps Professional Development –Teacher Characteristics of gifted Social and emotional needs of gifted High quality differentiation Curriculum materials –Principals High quality differentiation GATE plan Observation tools ID process

12 Next Steps District GATE Council –Teacher and parent representative for each site –Principal representative Parent Involvement/Education –Council –Parent Education Nights Three this year In conjunction with Union, Campbell, and Moreland School Districts

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