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Cobol Files to SQL Databases

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1 Cobol Files to SQL Databases
Project Files2Sql Cobol Files to SQL Databases

2 About Files2Sql Files2sql is a unique software program that can migrate Cobol Files (Index, Relative, Sequential) and record to Databases (SQL-Server, MS-Access, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySql, Informix) in minutes.. Connect and test databases Fast real-time migration in 5 easy steps Minimal performance impact the system Windows GUI interface All developed under Microfocus Cobol (nothing other languajes) Files2sql.exe are Builded under Microfocos Cobol 5.x (Static Build) You can generate source, compile and run, for your Cobol Instaled SKIP and CONTINUE Insert (COMMIT records OK) Log with Records with Errors, Key Error, Alternate-Key Error Change Datatype (Cobol type X DataBase DataType) Run Option Migrate by Batch/Lote, to reduce time operation.

3 About Files2Sql ... Convert  Cobol Files to SQL Database
Read native Cobol files and import to database, currently available: Microfocus Cobol to: ·         MS-Access ·         Sql-Server ·         Oracle ·         MySql ·         DB2 ·         Sybase ·         Informix ·         Acucobol to: ·         MS-Access ·         Sql-Server In the future, more Cobol dialects and more databases are available for conversion of data.

4 Tutorial Files2Sql In this Tutorial you know: To Download
To Install and Run How to Use Login Data Base Tables Import To Migrate Setup Verify DB to DB User Manual | F1 Adicional Informations

5 Files2Sql = To Download Download the tool, the latest release from the page * Trial / Beta / Commercial – versions, depending on register

6 Files2Sql = To Install and Run
- Execute the downloaded file, - Descompress in the path if you want, example C:\FILES2SQL\ … Warning: - If you a have old version of Files2Sql, you need to do backup of the folder \DIC. Yf you don’t do this backup, you will lost informations about tab “To Migrate” field “Select table”. - * Run Files2Sql.exe in the folder descompressed. * You need NetExpress, 5.1 or other version installed.

7 Files2Sql = How to Use | Login
If you dont´t have a Licence Key, click ‘Get (From Internet)’.

8 Files2Sql = How to Use | Data Base - Select
Use this screen to select data base, connect (many options) and disconnect.

9 Files2Sql = How to Use | Data Base - Connection
Use this screen to select data base, connect (many options) and disconnect.

10 Files2Sql = How to Use | Tables
Use this screen to view informations about tables and columns of the data base.

11 Files2Sql = How to Use | Import
Use this screen to information about yours Files Cobol, select, fds, rec structures and tests. Change Datatype (Cobol type X DB DataType)

12 Files2Sql = How to Use | Import = “Compile and Run”
After you “Compile and Run”, Files2Sql show details about your Cobol File.

13 Files2Sql = How to Use | Import DATATYPE
In this Windows, change Datatype imported and default by Cobol Types.

14 Files2Sql = How to Use | To Migrate
In this screen you select the imported structurs of file Cobol (Step Before), and generate source, compile and run convertion of Cobol files to data base.

15 Files2Sql = How to Use | To Migrate - Results
In this screen you view results about your migrate cobol files to database.

16 Files2Sql = How to Use | To Migrate By Batch/Lote
In This Window, select many options cobol files to migrate in automatic sequence.

17 Files2Sql = How to Use | Setup
In this screen do you know to configure and test your Cobol instaled in PC (Cobol Files Origim Base).

18 Files2Sql = How to Use | Verify
In this screen you can verify and set values of the Cobol environments

19 Files2Sql = How to Use | DB to DB
In this screen, you want convert migrate databases to databases.

20 Files2Sql = How to Use | User Manual | F1
Files2Sql F1 In Screens, press F1 to view HELP informations. Files2Sql User Manual User Manual Document, is a easy Help content informations about all field of the Screens. Informations Of Options Disables This software will are a many functions, so existing options disables that will be created and enabled.

21 Files2Sql = How to Use | Adicional Informations
Contact: Arq. Agustin Zabala Buenos Aires - Argentina Telefono: Celular (movil) From other countries:

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