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+ QR Codes in the Classroom Carol Mayer Wayne RESA.

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1 + QR Codes in the Classroom Carol Mayer Wayne RESA

2 + What are QR Codes? Square bar codes Used first in Japan to help inventory auto parts in 1994 QR = Quick Response QR codes can be read in two directions = store more data than traditional bar code They are free Background

3 + Youve Seen Them

4 + Marketing Examples

5 + One School Using QR Codes Black & White and Scanned All Over

6 + How to Use a QR Code DANSL QReader – Windows only DANSL QReader iCandy – Mac or Windows iCandy Desktop Readers Apple App Store for i-Devices - Qrafter - Quickmark - i-Nigma Android Market - Quickmark - Zxing Barcode Scanner Blackberry - NeoReader - QR Reader Mobile Device Readers Install a QR code reader app on your mobile device. Scan the QR Code with your mobile device camera. Your QR code reader will display the information linked to the code!

7 + How to Create a QR Code qrStuff – Kaywa - Google URL Shortener - QR Code Generators

8 + What Can a QR Code Link To? Website Video Plain text Audio file Contact information Link to Google map

9 + Ideas for Using QR Codes in the ELA Classroom Worksheet or study guide with QR Code answers and/or video tutorials Book summary glued inside back cover Audio link to poetry readings Link to text version of story from poster illustration Include on flyers for more information Have QR codes around classroom for open house Add to newsletters Enhance textbooks or pieces of literature Create a calendar of homework assignments

10 + Where to Go for Ideas Kathy Schrocks QR Codes in the Classroom Tony Vincents Learning in Hand – QR Codes

11 + Pros, Cons & Issues Speed of getting to steered content Peak an interest in technology Students are creating content Access to networks and hardware-potential cost to students Not for those timid with technology use - know your students skill levels Size and density of the codes Overuse Pros Cons/Potential Issues

12 + Additional Resources

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