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What is sculpture?.

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1 What is sculpture?

2 Sculpture is three-dimensional artwork .

3 shaping solid materials such as....
Sculpture can be made by shaping solid materials such as.... wood clay metal ice stone

4 to make these sculptures?
...or by putting materials together. What has the artist used to make these sculptures?

5 Sculpture is often about the human body.

6 ...but it can be about anything.
Even in these sculptures by Claes Oldenburg

7 Sculpture is usually large...
Wow, That’s huge! Angel of the North-by Antony Gormley

8 ...but it can be tiny.

9 Do you have to be good at painting
and drawing to make a sculpture?

10 brilliant castle...or maybe....
...not really! All you need is your imagination. I think this will make a brilliant castle...or maybe....

11 materials like wood and stone?
Is sculpture always made of hard materials like wood and stone?

12 No...sculpture can be made out of anything...

13 They don’t have to be solid

14 Melting man by Nele Azevedo Why do you think the artist chose this material?

15 Guillaume Raymond's ‘transformers’
Why do you think this sculpture is called transformers?

16 What would you think if you saw this in the street? Doris Sacedo’s ‘chairs’ to be precise!

17 ‘The Great Swallow’ By Benjamin Verdoucks. What does this sculpture mean to you?

18 What do you think this is?
How does it make you feel? What do you think it is made from? Do you think it is big or small?

19 Christo and Jeanne-Claude wrapped
Islands and buildings in silk Why do you think they have done this?

20 Remember ...

21 ...all it takes...


23 ...your...

24 ...imagination! What has Romuald Hazoume made these masks from?

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