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Project Title: Feasibility study of representing sea freight in India

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1 Project Title: Feasibility study of representing sea freight in India
Name: Aakash Jain Q Analysis Sheet As – is state Vast and complex Ocean Freight Industry. Top shipping lines prefer their own establishments. Agency business opportunity depends upon the business model adopted by the line. Major ports being owned by Govt. of India. Ports development and terminal operations is outsourced at some ports. Analysis New shipping lines entering the market prefer the Liner Agent route. Choice of Agents is done on the basis of specific parameters. For India’s 12 major ports, total traffic increased 10.3% during FY2006. Commodities at Major Ports: Root Cause Huge volumes of trade in shipping. Liner Agent business in shipping requires specialized work force, proven track record. Port development and handling is highly capital intensive. Recommendations IGAT can look forward to the Agency business for Liners, leveraging upon its position as an airline GSA. Port Operation and Port Development emerge as a different business opportunity.

2 Project Title : Statutory compliances applicable to IGE
Project Title : Statutory compliances applicable to IGE Name: Alok Kumar 4Q Analysis Sheet As – is state Prima facie it seemed that all the statutory compliances were there. Analysis No registration under Contract Labour (Regulation & abolition) Act. Non filing of returns, No display of notices, Registers & Records were not properly maintained in labour related laws. Leave Policy of the company differs from the Act. Non filing of Softex forms & returns under STPI. Late filing of Forms under the Companies Act. Root cause Communication gaps Non fixation of responsibility [contract labour (regulation & abolition) Act]. Non availability of checklist. Recommendations Fixing of specific job responsibilities. Preparation of checklists to streamline the internal process. Steps should be taken to make MIS reporting mandatory for all the departments of the company.

3 Project Title : Business Case For Contact Center
Name : Amit Bharti 4Q Analysis Sheet As – is state Traditional decentralized Reservation & Ticketing system for IGAT Airlines. Analysis Productivity/utilization of reservation & ticketing staff is around 66%. Cost of underutilized staff is 20 million rupees per annum. About 85% of callers are travel agents. Root Cause Traditional decentralized system’s shortcomings. No defined method to measure productivity and performance of reservation & ticketing department. Travel agents are still the main channel to sell air tickets in India. Sales team probably need better coordination with travel agents to pass on basic key information on time . Recommendations A contact center is required to improve operating efficiencies and create value for our customers.

4 Project Title : Scope & Avenues of Increasing Revenue in IndiGo
Name : Ashima Arora 4Q Analysis Sheet As – is state Avenues of revenue for Indigo Competitive fares. Marketing strategies. Customer relationship management. Convincing customers by call center & group desk people. Analysis Tough Competition Demand for discounts & benefits Customer negotiates by making comparisons Biggest competitor is spice jet- they give discounts/benefits, No commission to agents. Fare comparison with other airlines Marketing strategies- IndiGo is still in process of starting ancillary services IndiGo’s website needs to be made more interactive and user friendly. Root Cause No discounts/benefits are given No benefits for cancellation. Response time (in case group is more than 50 pax) is very high Full service carriers are also offering competitive fares with respect to LCCs IndiGo is right now 1 year old only, that’s why not much of advertisements or ancillary services. Recommendations Should come up with discount-offers & schemes like scratch cards, reward points, free tickets etc. Should go for ancillary services like hotels, car rentals, in flight ads etc. Response time in case of bookings should be reduced. Should focus on Customer Value/Delight, quality of service Regular interactions & follow up with customers regarding their journey, their experiences, expectations, suggestions etc.

5 Project Title : Market & Competitive Analysis in Australia
Name : Jagjit Singh Makar 4Q Analysis Sheet As – is state Prior to this project :- Lack of adequate research on Aviation Industry in Australia Lack of data on Travel Management Companies in Australia No research about Travel BPO companies Initial research done on Indian Travel Technology Companies in Australia Analysis 71% of the total airlines in Australia provide schedule services & 73% of the total airlines provide Charter Services 92% of Travel Management Companies have Internet Booking Engine 82% of the Travel BPO Companies are Indian and rest 18% belong to Australian and Rest Of the World category. Root Cause Huge potential lies in providing Frequent Flyer Program Services to Airlines Travel Management Companies are Technologically equipped Travel Management Companies are the most sought after target service segment for Travel Technology Companies GDS & other Travel Technology Companies are the least targeted service segment for Travel Technology Companies. Recommendations Venture into Partnership Cargo Management System to Jetstar Solutions around Navitaire System for Airlines in Australia Frequent Flyer Program & IBE Solutions Solutions for Travel Technology & GDS Companies

6 Project Title : Enhancing Interdepartmental Coordination
Name : Nihar Parida 4Q Analysis Sheet As – is state Presently, in terms of business, Galileo is doing wonders. As far as communication levels go; intra-departmental is excellent. Same is the case with coordination levels. Interdepartmental issue is a bit worrying; but wasn’t given due importance in spite of being apparent. Analysis Questionnaires and unstructured interviews paved way for a better insight. Most feel, sales walk away with all credits at the end of the day. Especially, services feel the pinch But, being the professionals they are, they don’t let the pinch hamper the work processes. The scene isn't good with inter-services too. Although, no complaints but the “actual” coordination level is missing. Root Cause Scope of work pretty accurately defined. As a result working schedule becomes too tight. This results in limited inter-department interaction. Hence, excellent intra department coordination and not so good inter department coordination levels Inherent mindsets that doesn’t push people work beyond their scope of work. Recommendations Role swapping for employees to help them learn intricacies involved in each job.(Once in a month) Active Galileo clubs to enhance level of bonding. Peer- peer appraisal. Each function appraises the other. Just like appreciation board, a private log book to record the comfort levels of employees in terms of conducive working environment.( To be kept at the disposal of the concerned authority)

7 Project Title :Industry analysis of the M&As in the IT Industry
Name: Soumya Prakash 4Q Analysis Sheet As – is state New Dimension for IGT Analyzing the trend in the IT Industry No Data available on the Travel Technology Market sizing (Global and India) Analysis ITES accounts for 20% of the total IT industry, and the segment is estimated to have grown by 38.5% y-o-y to reach US$ 7.2 Bn in FY06. Global spending by the Travel industry on Technology ranges from US$ 13 Bn to US$ 16 Bn IT & ITeS Sector garnered US $ 1.3 Bn worth of M&A deals in 2006. Root Cause IGT is poised for a high performance Top line Growth. Organic Growth post a specific point will get difficult. To steam the growth and achievement of the vision of the company, there are two possibilities: - Inorganic growth - New verticals Recommendations For Inorganic Growth – 3-4 companies with complementary offerings to be short listed as potential targets for future alliances For New Verticals - Automated Visa Application System Portable Communication Devices Airport Management system CRM Management Revenue Management

8 Revenue recognition & reporting practice Process
Project Title : Revenue Recognition & Reporting Practices in IGT Name : Vikas Kataria 4Q Analysis Sheet As – is state Revenue recognition & reporting practice Process Billing Cycle Invoicing Receivable Operating Cycle Reporting Practices Analysis Root Cause Entire manual process No Revenue Assurance Team Absence of contracts Productivity not defined Absence of real time information Large operating cycle Recommendations On line tracking mechanism Central data base for analysis of billing data Raising of invoices as & when due Real time information should be made available. Receivable Report instead of fortnightly should be weekly Process Revenue Leakage Remarks Billing Information Yes No standardization Invoicing Long Processing time Receivable No Disorganized Operating Cycle NA Variations in Operating cycle Reporting practices No Standardization

9 Project Title: Best HR practices across aviation in India
Name : Navneet Kumar 4Q Analysis Sheet As – is state Basic Policies (Transfer & Relocation, Travel, Leisure Travel, Leave, Mediclaim, Mobile, General office guidelines) in place. Target was to benchmark policies within the domestic aviation industry. IndiGo has initiated such a project for the 1st time. Analysis OTHER AIRLINES IN COMPARISON TO INDIGO AIRLINE/POICIES KINGFISHER SPICEJET GO AIR JET LITE AIR DECCAN GENERAL OFFICE Nearly same Nearly same Nearly same Differs Differs LEAVE POLICY Differs Differs Nearly same Differs Nearly same TRAVEL POLICY Differs Not available Nearly same Nearly same Nearly same TRANSFER POLICY Nearly same Not Available Not Available Nearly same Nearly same MOBILE POLICY Nearly same Nearly same Not Available Not Available Not Available RECRUITMENT AND REMUNERATION POLICY Own Policy Not Available Not available Not available Own policy MEDICLAIM POLICY Nearly same Not Available Not Available Nearly same Not Available TRANSFER POLICY Nearly same Not available Not available Nearly same Nearly same Root Cause IndiGo does not have any formal structured recruitment policy There is a link up between two or more departments, for example revenue in finance and commercial. Authorized access should be allowed only. Recommendations Should come up with formal structured recruitment policy. Access Control Policy could be introduced. Multi tasking / Job rotation could be introduced. Periodical survey and analysis of the organizational culture could be done. More employee centered strategy could be adopted. Emphasis could be given on employee retention.

10 Highly competitive market Informal Mechanism
Project Title: Customer Satisfaction Survey Name : Shruti Wadehra 4Q Analysis Sheet As – is state Highly competitive market No formal mechanism in place for recording the feedback from the customers Analysis Informal Mechanism Root Cause Time Constraint No formal deep dive on this aspect Recommendations Questionnaire to measure C Sat levels with Timelines Timely Analysis, Implementation and Monitoring Sales Representative (1) visits Client (2) Follow up records Respective Departments(4) reports Complaints/ Feedback (3)

11 Agents favorite airlines
Project Title : Assessing Sales Effectiveness Name : Simpi Singh 4Q Analysis Sheet As -is state Tremendously increasing competition. More demanding customer base Sales effectiveness initiatives necessary to adapt to continuous change happening in market. Analysis Competitors more equipped with latest sales tools and technology (CRM, sales force automation) Sales structure of some other organizations more focused towards increasing market penetration. Presence of IGAT airlines amongst agents favorite airlines is less. Root Cause No standard sales process for IGAT products. less equipped with latest sales tools and technology. Lack of value added selling to the customers Recommendations Implementation of CRM would increase revenue, increase customer retention and reduce sales cost. Implementation of formal process of sales training and sales coaching (by sales managers) that would drive the effectiveness of the entire sales team Facilitate key account management in order to influence clients lifetime value. Educating Travel agents them through training and seminars on client satisfaction. More focus to be given on the corporate by segmentation of corporate on basis of industry every year. Revenue targets for reservation team to generate indoor sales. AIRLINES ACTUAL PRODUCTIVITY PER SALES PERSON DL VS 932.56 MU 893.15 SA 775.10 TK 485.00 UA 980.34 NZ 821.23 RG 276.39 SK 413.22 DATA FOR , figures in lacks Agents favorite airlines

12 Project Title : Study of IndiGo’s sales and distribution system
Name : Abhishek Shashwat 4Q Analysis Sheet As – is state Observations for process of Credit upload and agents reconciliation. Credit card fraud control process - parameters set for fraud control a) same card used twice in a single day, b) single transaction>7500 Group booking process - group=10 or more Pax. If no. of Pax.>50 request comes to the office for fare quote by Revenue mgt. team. Analysis Upload process done manually. Checking of online bank statement to be done every half an hour - it is done every hour. The fraud control process deals with the PNRs that are filtered after applying the parameters. This has resulted in controlling the fraud by credit card. Root Cause The process for credit upload and agents reconciliation -manually done, if automated may result in faster response from TAs, less manpower and more control and transparency. The fraud control process is not done on a 24/7 basis which then may not be able to contain fraud committed at odd hours. Recommendations The Credit upload and agents reconciliation process should be automated. The parameters for fraud control, at present three, should be increased and it should be made a 24/7 process. If possible, the process should be automated which will result in more control over such fraud.

13 Project Title : Evaluating GSA Value Proposition
Name : Chiranjib Biswas 4Q Analysis Sheet As – is state Changing aviation industry No quantification of benefit No clear Value Proposition defined Online operation from Delhi & Mumbai only Analysis Currently lacking in terms of global expertise Have limited online city operation & also we don’t have enough capacity to markets like South-East Asia, China & Gulf Not able to quantify our offering to the principals Do not offer value added services like PRA or call center Our service offering is not very flexible We do not use enough technology to optimize & measure our business activities Root Cause No formal method of analyzing & defining cost-benefit to the customers Less focus on understanding customers’ expectation Less focus on other regions like south & east Recommendations Strategic partnership with global players like APG or Aviareps can help us to enhance our expertise & global market reach Using software solutions to collect, mange & access right information at right time, will help us to take right effective decisions. (CRM) Using software technology we can measure & manage our resources, also the outcome of business processes. (ERP) A 24/7 centralized call center & value added service like PRA , virtual N/W can help us to increase our competitive differentiation & service quality Catering to different geographies with more online operations fro different cities will increase our revenue & market presence Charging flexible commission based on service package will offer flexibility to the principals

14 Project Title : Exploring areas of opportunity for IGT in Hotel Systems
Name : Natasha Prasad Q Analysis Sheet As –is The project concept is new and has not been worked upon previously Critical information and data relating to the project is to be searched Based on the data analysis recommendations has to put forward. Analysis Travel and Hospitality is expected to be among the industries with highest growth in the IT spend with a growth rate of 5.1 % Hospitality companies are investing significant time and money in the areas of distribution, PMS/CRS projects and Web site re-engineering(e.g., over 70% of companies surveyed are investing in distribution) CRM, yield management and wireless projects represent the second tier, while approximately 20% of companies studied are investing in POS, Sales&Catering and self-service kiosks Root Cause  The direct distribution model in the form of hotels branded websites is growing rapidly as compared to hotel intermediaries.  Investment in areas like CRM and Yield Management and PMS represents opportunity for IGT. Recommendations Can provide solutions for CRM to the Hotels as our data analysis has showed CRM software Industry is growing and showing an optimistic trend for future IGT can also develop internet booking engines for hotels. Can act as a consolidator of the loyalty points for a specific set of Hotels ·Need to partner with existing solution providers for the followings systems: Property Management Systems Yield Management System IGT can choose solution providers with whom it can collaborate on following parameters Highly Experienced And Skilled Organization Solutions/Extended Services Clientele +

15 Project Title : New Competency areas in Travel industry for IGT
Name : Prajakta A. Kale 4Q Analysis Sheet As –is state No research was available on emerging trends in travel industry with support to Technology No research on E-CRM No research on Medical Tourism . No research on Travelers Tools Features Analysis Travel and Tourism represents approx.11% of world wide GDP Online Travel booking will continue to increase 36% as against 23% Technology plays crucial role in Online and offline travel firms in areas of E-commerce, Online Marketing, Distribution strategies, Customer service, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and emerging technologies. India has attracted 1,50,000 medical tourists Medical Tourism is expected to bring an additional $ billion in annual revenue. Root Cause Huge potential lies in E-CRM with features like Content Targeting, E- Catalogue, Feedback Mechanism More opportunities in Direct Distribution, Direct connectors, One Interface Booking Customer Driven Packaging ( Eg. Studio Apartments) Recommendations Search Engine Features Traveler Tools Features Medical Tourism E- CRM Features Travel preferences based search Rich Media Content Integration of more Payment Gateways

16 Project Title: Study the credit upload & agents’ reconciliation process at IndiGo
Name : Kabir Daru 4Q Analysis Sheet As –is Agency sales done on a prepaid basis. Agency deposits amount into IndiGo bank account after which it is given credit to book tickets worth that amount. Agents’ upload reconciliation is done regularly on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This reconciliation involves reconciling the revenue received with the uploads processed. Analysis Agency deposits amount into IndiGo bank account in the form of cash/cheque/ICICI bank transfer. In case of cheques and bank transfers agency has to send a copy of the deposit slip as proof of deposit. Once deposit slip is received, amount is uploaded to the agency on the basis of which the agency can make bookings. In case of any issues or clarifications, Finance refers to Commercial for clarifications. Root Cause On the basis of the study conducted, an understanding was obtained of the process sales through agents. An understanding was also obtained of the process of reconciliation and revenue realization from agents. Recommendations Since the scope of the project was restricted to a study of the process followed, it did not involve any recommendations to be made. It was felt however that though the process was exhaustive enough, an automation of the agents’ reconciliation process would be advisable as this would enable the executives to devote more time to other activities.

17 Project Title : Study of GDS products in the market
Name: Chandrakant Singh 4Q Analysis Sheet As – is state Presentations related to product are available on company’s website. Product wise information is available as initial database. No comparative study material related to products are available as initial database on our website. Analysis Online booking making it easier for travelers to book and travel. Galileo has rich content & Follows all IATA regulations. One of the new trend:- Single point for travel content. More & more internet & web technology usage. Galileo has many exclusive products for greater competitive edge like Galileo Leisure, booking spice jet using GFI, I{tq} Financials, Dynamic e-ticketing, Galileo 360° Fares, Galileo desktop internet access, G.U.I. APF IV etc. Root Cause We are lagging in the field of online business. Don’t have online booking engine. Recommendations Opportunity in the form of online space. Can take service of third party to develop online booking engine. Content has moved beyond images & should include audio and live video. Leverage out newer & latest technologies like internet, web 4.0 & mobile for better & enhanced product.

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