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Educating Men The Culture of Masculinity and Violence Against Women.

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1 Educating Men The Culture of Masculinity and Violence Against Women

2 The Need for Educating Men With half the worlds population being women, the disproportion of the violence perpetrated by men against women is a historical constant. Of the many proposed solutions to the problem, the education of men has proved to be significant in ending violence imposed on women.

3 Society: Posed Problems Men are by far the primary perpetrators of violence against women, with rape and domestic abuse being very common. This is, in part, because the patriarchal system of almost all major world societies educates and even promotes that this is acceptable behavior. The most obvious reflection of these messages encouraging male violence (other than male violence itself) can be found in the media.

4 The Medias Role As stated in Tough Guise, the media dont name violence as a gender issue. For example, a news station wouldnt report how many men raped girls, but rather how many girls were raped. It is important, however, to reveal contradicting truths that the media does not present.

5 Statistics supporting the idea that violence, in particular violence against women, is a a gender issue*: 85% of murderers are men (and many female killers act in self defense) 95% of domestic violence is male- perpetrated 1 in 4 men will use violence on a partner (concequence: 1 in 4 women will be a victim) 85-95% of child sexual abuse is male- perpetrated * Statistics presented in the film Tough Guise

6 How does the media reinforce patriarchal ideas promoting violence against women?

7 The media provides images of manhood that are defined by power, violence, and control. Sports culture such as wrestling: the celebration of violence connects being a man with abusive acts.

8 In the media, men are almost always shown as the perpetrators of violence. Images of men dominating women in ads imply that women want to be forced to have sex, and that it is an accepted social norm for a male to be violent towards women.

9 Violent Masculinity: What does it mean for men?

10 From childhood on, males receive a constant message concerning their gender identity: Manhood is connected with power, control, and violence.

11 Invulnerability With these ideals for manhood comes another expectation for males: the idea that a real man is not only strong physically (proved through violence), but emotionally as well.

12 And violence? If a real man must maintain an appearance of emotional invulnerability, he does not have societys permission to express himself emotionally or receive help. Many males use violence (against women as well as against other men) as a way to express their frustrations, while also living up to the powerful male expectation that society idealizes.

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