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Irregular Preterite Verbs: Ir, Ser

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1 Irregular Preterite Verbs: Ir, Ser
Page 140 Realidades 2

2 Preterite of IR Ever heard someone use fui or fuiste?
They are preterite-tense (past) forms of IR.

3 Preterite of IR Unlike regular preterite verbs, forms of IR have no accents. This is an irregular verb and its forms must be memorized.

4 TO GO (past) I went You went He She went it We went They went

5 IR (preterite) Yo fui Tú fuiste Él Ella fue Ud. Nos. fuimos
Vos. fuisteis Ellos Ellas fueron Uds.

6 Preterite of IR The preterite of IR is the same as the preterite of SER. The context makes the meaning clear.

7 Preterite of IR José fue a Barcelona. Jose went to Barcelona.
El viaje fue un desastre. The trip was a disaster.

8 Preterite of IR Here’s a memory tip to help you remember the subjects of fui and fue:

9 Preterite of IR The “I” form ends in -i (fui).
The “he” and “she” form ends in -e (fue).

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