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Cross-Media Marketing Solutions. Todays Presentation Objectives Provide an Overview of New Direct Marketing Dynamics and Trends The Power of Personalization.

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1 Cross-Media Marketing Solutions

2 Todays Presentation Objectives Provide an Overview of New Direct Marketing Dynamics and Trends The Power of Personalization and Cross Media Introduction to Cross Media Marketing Methodologies Actual Use Case Review & Case Studies Questions and Answers

3 Cross Media Marketing Basics What is Cross Media Marketing? The use of data for more personal and relevant messaging to the individual across multi-media touches leveraging important unique data about the person across all media and online interactions utilizing multi-media touch points to drive an increase in high quality responses

4 One Dimensional Is Limiting One dimensional marketing misses a large percentage of prospects that otherwise might respond to the campaign We need to connect with each person utilizing their preferred channel & media type

5 Do They Know Where To Find You?

6 Cross Media Marketing Is Essential For Improved Results! 78% of all people read their mail over a trash can. -USPS/DMA Survey


8 Traditional Response Channels

9 How To Improve Response Rates?

10 Leverage Your Data!!! David Scott Operations Manager 123 Highway Suite 456 Irvine, CA 12345 What you know about your target: David Scott Businessman 38, married, father Has leased a SUV 3 years ago Loves outdoor activities

11 Visit to schedule a test drive Basic Personalization Leverage your data Use Personalized URLs Customized Images Basic Personalization Generic URL Generic Image

12 PURLs & Landing Pages Engage respondent with relevant content in direct mail, including a PURL Capture online response Continue personal conversation online Generate highly qualified leads

13 Personalized Cross Media Campaign Response Reports Real-life campaign results tell the story… And we have the reports!

14 Response Rates In Selected Vertical Markets

15 Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing includes participation on social networking websites such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ Video and photo sharing websites including YouTube, Flickr & Pinterest Blogging, Podcasts, Forums, Product reviews (Amazon)

16 QR Codes Have you heard of QR codes yet? They look like this: (Go ahead, try them out!)

17 QR Code Facts They come to us from Japan where they are very common They are used to take a piece of information from a transitory media and put it in to your smart phone You may have see QR Codes in a magazine advertisement, direct mailing, on a billboard, a TV commercial or even on someones t-shirt

18 We Make Print Interactive Once it is in your smart phone, it may give you details about that business Connect Socially Email or Call instantly It may give you a coupon which you can use in a local outlet

19 Other QR FAQ

20 QR Code FAQ Continued…

21 Campaigns Built to Drive Results Now lets look at a campaign that leverages all of the Cross Media Marketing elements Multiple customer touches over a period of time Driving multiple objectives Tied to specific activities and events The following campaign achieved a 25% visit rate Customers and prospects were thanking the marketer for connecting with them throughout the event

22 USPS® Intelligent Mail barcode Triggered Personalized Email Hey John, I see youre … Love, Your Friendly Sales Exec Targeted list of attending prospective Clients Personalized Landing Page Party RSVP Opt-in SMS Learn more about special offer Add to calendar Send to a friend Tweet this / Share this Near real-time phone follow-up from Sales Exec Time delayed triggered email from Sales Exec Email to Sales John RSVPd to party Janet scheduled a demo Personalized Direct Mail Variables: Name, Company, Country, Offer, Account Executives and Call to Action Pretty cool, right?

23 Direct Mail 11 x 5.5 self mailer Response mechanisms: Personalized URL Personalized QR Code Sent 9 days prior to show Incorporated Intelligent Mail barcode Leverage your data

24 Multi-Touches Drive Multi-Messages

25 Another Successful Campaign

26 Campaign Objectives Objective 1 Raise awareness of and grow membership in the Tax Section, a group of CPAs who specialize in taxation issues. Objective 2 Utilize a multi-touch campaign as a way to significantly improve response over that of traditional approaches.

27 Campaign Flowchart Direct Mail w/ PURL Personal Landing Page Email w/ PURL Invite to campaign Refer A Colleague Invite to campaign

28 The Campaign Target Audience of 41,000 AICPA members VDP/ Direct Mail Email Refer a Colleague Social Media Sharing (LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook)

29 Campaign Results 24.2% visit rate 44% of visitors downloaded free content 12% Email open rate 484 targets converted over to Tax Section 260% campaign ROI

30 Cross Media Summary As various social and interactive communication channels enter and leave the marketplace, CMOs can gain the strongest impact by blending all of these communication channels into one comprehensive interactive marketing strategy.

31 Thank You… Any Questions? Dennis Lacognata Sr. Vice President / Partner Phil Catalano Director of Integrated Marketing

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