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The Schedule of Exercise LS Quality/Process Improvement Dr. Farrokh Alemi.

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1 The Schedule of Exercise LS Quality/Process Improvement Dr. Farrokh Alemi

2 The Problem Statement When scheduling appointments each day, exercise is the one appointment that is cancelled more often than other appointments when there are time constraints. The Goal To maintain a schedule of exercise for at least 2 times per week.

3 A Busy or Lazy Lifestyle? Consumed by a new job Working a second job on an as needed basis Baby sitting School work Exercise Being tired to do anything else

4 Exercise Before Intervention Sporadic exercise appointments scheduled with trainer 1 hour duration - training sessions Meet 2 times/week Cancellation of appointment, forfeit money Appointments cancelled at least once every 2 weeks (schedule conflict or lack of motivation)

5 Decisions, Decisions Hospital Get Ready for Day Home Work Baby SitGymLoungeSchoolOut to Eat

6 Routine Activities Table 1: List of Routines and Periods of Reoccurrences Activities that repeat on or near daily basis Activities that repeat on or near weekly basis Activities that repeat less often than weekly Time of day Description of activity Day & time of week Description of activity Period 6:30 a.m. Wake Up 8 a.m. WorkSat Wake Up 10 a.m. WorkSat/Sun Wake Up SatErrands 12 p.m. LunchSat/SunLunch Sat 12 – 6 p.m. Sleep 2 p.m. WorkSunChurch 4 p.m. WorkSat Clean House 6 p.m. Drive Home Sat/SunDinner Sat 7p.m. -7:30am Hospital 12.5 hours 8 p.m. Dinner, TV Dinner, TV M-F variable Sat/Sun 4 Hour Hospital Shifts TV, School Work, Baby Sit M-FGym 10 p.m. Dinner, TV Sat/Sun School Work 12 a.m. Sleep Sat/SunSleep …

7 Disconnect water from shower & shower at the gym Join a gym close to work & work out during lunch Join an exercise class (Karate, Yoga) Walk Henry, my brothers dog Change my attitude regarding exercising Make better use of time to increase home exercise opportunities Keep schedule on track without any deviation Make better food choices Retrieve treadmill from sister-in-law Remove workout bench from storage & buy an exercise ball

8 The Schedule Change After serious consideration of all options, walking my brothers dog twice a week was more of an environmental change to promote the exercise habit. The two days where I was responsible in walking the dog, no other accommodations could be made if I were unable to do so. Thus, this was one appointment that I could not cancel. There was no Process Owner, as there was no one who shared my daily routine Data was collected for 8 weeks There was no cost associated with the environmental change with the exception of travel

9 Exercise Frequency

10 The Results During the first 10 days, there was no exercise as I was in the midst of changing positions working 3 night shifts to working M-F days. This transition was difficult due to sleep pattern alteration and increasing number of work days. Since the chart depicts the duration of missed exercise days and the observed duration is below the UCL, the goal of exercising at least 2 days a week was attained.

11 What Is Next? By continuing to schedule exercise at least 2 times per week with an obligation, the schedule of exercise was successful. Changing ones environment versus depending on motivational factors definitely improves outcomes.

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