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Canadian & World Issues. 1. Solving Food Shortages 2. A Watery World.

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1 Canadian & World Issues

2 1. Solving Food Shortages 2. A Watery World

3 Hydrologic Cycle

4 atmosphere 0.0001% surface storage (rivers, lakes) 0.02% groundwater/ soil water 0.5% glaciers 1.9% oceans 97.6% How much of this is useful for humans? How do humans use water? Which countries have water available?


6 #1 Greenland 10,767,900 cubic meters/ capita/ annum #2 French Guiana 812,121 cubic meters #3 Iceland 609,319 cubic meters #4 Guyana 316,689 cubic meters #5 Suriname 292,566 cubic meters #6 D.R. of the Congo 275,679 cubic meters #7 Papua New Guinea 166,563 cubic meters #8 Gabon 133,333 cubic meters #9 Solomon Islands 100,000 cubic meters #10 Canada 94,353 cubic meters

7 Canada Solomons & Papua New Guinea D.R. Congo & Gabon Greenland Iceland Guyana, Fr. Guiana, & Surinam

8 Many rivers and some of the largest lakes in the world lie along, or flow across, the border between the United States and Canada In fact, the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River system contains one-fifth of the world's surface fresh water First international treaty between Canada and the US signed in 1909 was Boundary Waters Treaty International Joint Commission (IJC) was created to help prevent and resolve disputes relating to the use and quality of boundary waters

9 IJC has six members – three from the US and three from Canada – who follow the Treaty as the prevent or resolve disputes on water use on either side of the border The current Chair of the Canadian Section of the IJC is The Right Honourable Herb Gray of Windsor, Ontario The current Chair of the US Section of the IJC is Mr. Dennis Schornack of Michigan

10 And guess where theyre looking to quench their thirst?! Read the title article from Macleans and answer the questions that follow it.

11 A summit has been called regarding the supply of freshwater in the Middle East You will each represent a country and will try and make decisions with delegates from other countries about freshwater supplies. Resources: Briefing Notes Map Hotspots + Additional Research (gathered from other sources)

12 Regional Hotspots The Jordan River The Yarmouk River The West Bank Mountain Aquifers The Euphrates River The Players US Syria Jordan Palestine –Israel –Iraq –Turkey


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