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Flight Time TV Real-Time Flight Information on your Guest TV Network. World Wide!

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1 Flight Time TV Real-Time Flight Information on your Guest TV Network. World Wide!

2 The Problem / The Market "2008 will be a year of more (inter)national travelers than 2007 and more flight delays and cancellations are expected." Air travelers want to know if their flight is on time, has been delayed or cancelled. Especially when there is a delay or cancelation, travelers would rather have this information sooner than later. Everything beats the frustration of waiting for hours at an airport.

3 Flight Time TV is the tool for the hospitality industry to help guests dodge air travel delays and in return, gain from it. Increased guest satisfaction and loyalty Guests prolong their stay longer in your facility (spend more) Rent our extra nights when a flight is cancelled The Solution

4 How does it work? Flight Time TV is a computer application. The application displays automatically all (continuously updated) flight information of your neighboring airport in real-time. The computer connects to your Guest Network and broad casts the flight information on a free channel. Stand-Alone versions for concierge computers or kiosks are available.

5 Tailoring each individual Hotel Because TV is not completely interactive yet, searches cannot be performed. Think about the fact that the remote doesnt have an input device which contains letters. As a result FTTV has to tailor the output to display the flight information, as a continuous stream, of the neighboring Airport of each Hotel, World Wide.

6 Reliable Information Flight Time TV: Tracks flight status in real-time within the US airspace Combines runway and gate times Has global coverage based on information from airlines and airports Provides excellent code share mapping Links US airport delay information to the affected flight Our coverage of global flights is the best in the industry. We cover more commercial passenger flights than anyone in the world. In addition to our complete coverage of North American flights, we cover flights operating in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and just about everywhere else.

7 Real-Time updates Flight Time TV receives flight data at the same time the Airports do. The broadcast is automatically updated at your hotel so that the new data is provided as quickly as possible.

8 $$ Advertisements $$ Flight Time TV gives you your own TV channel with your own dedicated audience. Your audience consists of (inter) national (business) travelers. Many companies would like to put their advertisement in front of this specific group of people. Take advantage of this opportunity and sell advertisements to Online Travel Agencies, Airlines and Car Rental companies.

9 Broadcast on TV & Computer Many Hotels prefer the human touch and would like Flight Time TV on their concierge computer. Because this is a computer with keyboard input, a search option can be incorporated. Integration in the Hotels message board by an HTML stream of flight data is also an option.

10 FTTV Cost The costs are low; every hotel can afford it. Through ROI, digital signage and increase in customer satisfaction, every Hotel can turn Flight Time TV into a profit.

11 Contact Flight Time TV 1-800-963-2374 814-342-3120

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