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Reality TV The Simple Life Is it really that simple?

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1 Reality TV The Simple Life Is it really that simple?

2 Definition of Reality Television a genre of television programming in which "real life" people are followed in a situation, game, etc.; also called reality TV, reality programming - – The characters are not acting, they are themselves

3 About Reality TV 45% of Americans watch reality tv – 70% (18-24 year olds) *tune in for conflict – 57% (25-34 year olds) *tune in for the strategies 37% of Americans would rather watch real people rather than scripted people Different genders, races and ages watch reality television, not one major group Every major network has 1 or more reality shows Emmy awards is adding reality TV awards

4 Reality Television: Fake or Real? Never fully real; parts are Most of it is scripted- examples in clips of scripted lines Goes back to movies like the Truman show, ED tv The producers show parts of a whole clip that make people seem different

5 Simple Life Clips Starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Their money, cell phones and credit cards are taken away and they are taken to Altus, Arkansas to live on a small farm Famous because – Paris- family owns the Hilton Hotel chain – Nichole- Her dad is Lionel Richie

6 Clip 1- Intro: Rich Girls Life About 1% of the world is that rich, they make it seem like it is normal- dont lead normal lives Logos: Christine Dior, Porsch, Von Dutch, Bentley Cars

7 Words- Clip 1: attached signs Paris – Model (just look good and walk down a runway) – Jet Setter (she has all the most expensive things- not famous for being herself but being rich) – Target (target of the tabloids- A Night in Paris, Paris and Paris) – Heir (Family owns the Hilton hotel chain) – $360 Million (So rich- she didnt do anything) Nicole – Singer (not really…..) – Party Girl (always in magazines partying) Ending Words – 30 Days (not really long at all) – No Money – No Luxury – No Clue (clueless, never worked a day in their lives)

8 Clip 2- Walmart Taking one of the most well known small town stores and making it seem too cheap for these rich girls and making fun of it. The stereotypical place for small towners to hang out. Advertisement for Walmart in the show Shows how real this show is NOT…. Everyone has heard of WALMART!

9 Clip 3- Girls 1 st JOB The small town life is NOT SIMPLE…. Shows how spoiled they are working in their designer baseball caps (Von Dutch) and their designer overalls. The only thing they know how to do is LOOK THE PART.

10 Clip 3 Narrative They tell their side of the story on the farm. Never Worked Exhausted after 3-4 hours Attitude with their boss- disrespectful Rumors, interviews, stories

11 Discourses Farm- work hard, exhaustion Rich Girls- high fashion, looks, self obsessed- Glamour discourse (takes them an hour to get ready to go work on the farm) Their truth- their world Reality? Clash between real lives They have to look the part for the job

12 Emergence? Audience? It emerged with the whole idea that these girls had never worked a day in their life…. Ironically they are going to make this t.v. show for their real job and actually do real work Audience: mostly teens who are interested in tabloids- esp. about Paris Hilton, or who are into designers because this whole show is based around advertisements for designers.

13 Audience? Label followers- trendy people who like fashion Small Town People- wanting to see rich girls make fools of themselves

14 Internal Advertisements Dior Von Dutch Porsche Walmart

15 Circulate? Through magazines (US weekly, People, Teen People, etc)- all teen magazines- show is geared towards the teen or young adult - Internet Site Word of Mouth Commercials on FOX

16 Signifies? What is America coming to? – People are sitting at home watching rich girls act dumb and stupid on a farm in heels. – Reality Television is really running out of ideas for shows (200 + reality shows) Are you Hot? My Super Sweet Sixteen Big Brother 1-6 Race to the Alter Ultimate Fighter Renovate my Family

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