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Talk Shows With Your Hosts: Lindsay Varner Danielle Dallaire

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1 Talk Shows With Your Hosts: Lindsay Varner Danielle Dallaire
Sarah Stein Allison Doerfler

2 History Like soap operas, talk shows began as daytime radio programming for housewives. The formula was applied to television because it was inexpensive for a young medium.

3 The 1950’s: public affairs shows
Meet The Press: first and longest running TV talk show of all time (1947) 1st moderator Martha Rountree, only female moderator in show’s history Various imitators of panel discussion formula emerged Leave It To The Girls: panel of female celebrities and one male opinion (1949)

4 The 1950’s: morning shows Today (1952) integrates news and entertainment Televisions longest running daytime series and one of the most profitable TV shows in history The “Today Girl” added in 1953 “Today Girl” becomes a full-fledged cast member in 1974

5 The 1960’s: more entertainment & women
1963: Barbara Walters becomes a regular “Today Girl” Female-hosted shows increase Focus on celebrity interviews and the host personality rather than issues Girl Talk ( ) Gypsy (1965) hosted by Gypsy Rose Lee Pamela Mason Show / The Weaker (?) Sex (1965 / 1968)

6 The 1970’s: serious issues Helen Gurley Brown attempts to address serious women’s issues with Outrageous Opinions in 1967 The Phil Donahue Show (1967) popularizes the shift towards serious issues Audience questions and phone calls on air Seeks heated debates and controversial guests Phyllis Schafly (anti-ERA) and Eleanor Smeal (head of NOW)

7 The 1980’s: sensationalist competition
Competitors copy Donahue’s style of sensationalism with political undertones. Sally Jesse Raphael moves from radio to TV (1985) The Oprah Winfrey Show (syndicated nationally in 1986) Oprah becomes richest woman in America in the 1990’s and turns from sensationalism to therapy

8 The 1980’s: more variety “Tabloid TV” debuts with Geraldo in 1987
Geraldo boasts an “edge”, complete with fistfights Leave It To the Women (1981) updates Leave It To The Girls Live With Regis and Kathie Lee (1989) returns to entertainment without sensationalism

9 The 1990’s: “exploitalk” “Exploitalk”: aimed at year olds, and focuses increasingly on human sexuality topics 1991: Maury Povich, Montel Williams, Jenny Jones 1992: Jerry Springer 1993: Leeza Gibbons, Ricki Lake

10 The 1990’s: backlash against Trash TV
Senator Joseph Lieberman and his associates convince many advertisers to withdraw sponsorship Jenny Jones murder trial Many hosts decide to clean up their acts New shows lead the way back to entertainment programming Rosie O’Donnell (1996) Barbara Walter’s The View (1997)

11 One-Host/ Moderator ~ Daytime
Affected By: Phil Donahue-audience participation and on-air phone calls Game shows Queen for a Day-charity This is Your Life-surprises and emotions Single topic Regular professional guests e.g.) Psychic Sylvia Brown on Montel Williams

12 Panel Discussion ~ Daytime
People discuss aspects of lives or current social issues More dialogue Different opinions sparks interesting conversations

13 “Couch Shows” ~ Daytime
One host behind desk who conducts interviews Alternative to “trashy talk shows” Coffee break companionship Entertainment for those who work nights e.g.) The Rosie O’Donnell Show

14 One-Host ~ Nighttime Talk shows move to night by 1954
People did not want to hear about controversial issues while winding down for bed = comedy-oriented Late-night recipe: Sidekick Bandleader Opening monologue Guests e.g.) Late Night with Conan O’Brien, sidekick Andy (who recently left), bandleader Max.

15 Panel Discussion ~ Nighttime
Similar set up as daytime e.g.) Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher Night issues comedy-oriented

16 News Talk Shows How different than regular news programs: Day
News and entertainment value Typically Panel Discussion Relaxed setting e.g.) Good Morning America, living room set Night Straight news, 2-4 topics in 1-hour program Typically One Host How different than regular news programs: Human-interest stories Celebrity interviews

17 The View Premiered August 11, 1997 on ABC
Hosted by 5 women, led by Barbara Walters Cover diverse topics Mostly female audience

18 The Hosts Barbara Walters Meredith Vieira Star Jones Joy Behar
Lisa Ling

19 The Topics Hot Topics Celebrity Guest Interviews
Beauty/Health/Fashion Tips ”Out of the Closet” Special Segments “Question of the Day”

20 “Loose and flip and they say things women aren’t supposed to say out loud, let alone on TV. They swoon over cute guys, complain about ex-husbands, react emotionally to events and people in the news and say unkind things about other women” ~ Joyce Millman

21 The Other Half Dick Clark Dorian Gregory Danny Bonaduce Mario Lopez

22 The Show Female producer In touch with feminine side
Tackles “women’s issues” Grab Bag

23 The Topics Polygamy Wives Slim your figure instantly The Aging Machine
Save your marriage

24 Guests Males: Females: Funny Strong In touch with feminine side
Varying lives Have messages for female audience Males: Funny In touch with feminine side

25 Contact Information Thank you for joining us, we’ll see you next time!

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