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School TV Studio Idea and Information Exchange Bob Hallett Riderwood Elementary.

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1 School TV Studio Idea and Information Exchange Bob Hallett Riderwood Elementary

2 Workshop Objectives: The sharing of school TV studio…. Goals Specific Objectives Basic Equipment Needs Funding Options Job Descriptions Job Assigning Training Scheduling Break-Out Session Tour of Windsor Mill Middle TV Studio

3 Small studio example: Riderwood Elementary

4 Riderwood Studio Goal To establish a student-operated television studio to support curricular needs in all grade levels through a variety of studio activities.

5 Riderwood TV Studio Objectives: Raise MSA scores in areas of need Expand student ability to use current technologies to meet curricular goals and objectives. Collecting, organizing, preserving and reviewing information and data Demonstrating mastery of curriculum indicators Allowing students to organize, write and produce daily morning announcements.

6 Sharing or reviewing one-time only events. Application of writing, outlining, sequencing and reading skills in the development and use of shooting scripts. Recording, sharing, reviewing, and analyzing field trips. Sharing close-up views of activities, procedures, and objects. Recording, compressing and reviewing long- term processes and procedures. Record lessons, meetings, etc. for absentees. Allow full use of video components of computers, and use computers to aid in video presentations.


8 Digital Video Cameras STUDIO FIELD

9 Microphones HandheldLapel Microphone Desk Stands

10 On-Camera Light and Battery Fluid Head Tripods

11 Video Distribution Amplifier

12 Digital Video Mixer (Digital Video Effects Processor)

13 Mini DV / SVHS Combo DVD Player

14 Character Generator

15 CD / MP3 Player and/or Audio Cassette Player

16 8 Input Audio/Mic Mixer

17 8 Input Mixer Audio Mixer Headphones

18 Audio Monitor Monitor Amplifier



21 Control Console

22 Anchor Desk & Chairs

23 Backdrop ( Curtain, Green Screen, Blue Screen, etc.)

24 Other equipment and supplies Blank Mini DVDs Blank DVDs Blank CDRs Installation Cables and Speaker Wires

25 Editing Suite Video Editing Program Mini DV / SVHS Recorder/Player PC Desktop Computer PC Speakers PC Monitor

26 Media Retrieval System

27 Riderwoods TV Studio Cost (in 2005) Basic Studio - $12,500 Editing Suite - $3,500 Total - $16,000

28 Funding Options: School Technology Allocation School Library Allocation School Audiovisual Allocation Grants PTA Funds Fundraising Events Local Business Sponsors Parent Sponsors

29 Organizing the Crew

30 The TV Studio Crew Application: Specify time commitment List all jobs and job descriptions List all personal job qualifications Tear-off includes: Checklist of skills for applicant to indicate strengths. Student agreement signature Parent agreement signature

31 Multi-Crew Scheduling With an excessive number of qualified applicants, consider forming 2 DIFFERENT CREWS alternating months Multi-Crew Scheduling


33 Camera Operators – in-studio & on- location videotaping Video Tech - controls camera switching and some special effects Audio Tech – sets up, monitors, and controls audio feeds Script Writer – collects, organizes and writes script content Script Editor – works alongside script writer to double check accuracy, etc.

34 Music Director – selecting, cueing, and playing music and sound effects Character Generator Operator – setting up, cueing and playing titles and graphics Director – makes sure each crew member is doing his or her job in an efficient manner before, during and after taping. Floor Manager – in charge of traffic flow in and out of studio. Also in charge of setting up studio before and after broadcast.

35 Anchors - On-air broadcasters of news and announcements. Reporters – collect, write, and sometime report information from the field for live or videotaped broadcast. Video Bulletin Board Tech – collect, organize and write scrolling announcements for continuous display. Video Bulleting Board Editor – works alongside Video Bulletin Board Tech to double check content accuracy, spelling, and grammar


37 Very First Crew Each crew member trained by advisor for first job Practice broadcasts videotaped, then critiqued by entire crew. Stress reliance on interaction of all jobs to make a successful broadcast.

38 Subsequent Crews Old crew trains new crew in the following steps: One-on-one training using specific job Check Sheet New crew member shadows old crew member Old crew member shadows new crew member New crew member works independently.

39 Job Assignments (within the same crew): Use job application strength check sheet to initially place each member in a suitable job. Assign new job every month Try to achieve balance among broadening experiences, presenting challenges, and achieving a successful overall broadcast. Give students some choice in their next job – before the new month begins, students select 3 jobs they havent done yet. Advisor tries to assign one of these.



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