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DigitalPlant Case Studies – Part 2. Power – Owner Operators.

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1 DigitalPlant Case Studies – Part 2

2 Power – Owner Operators

3 KOPEC – Korean Fossil and Nuclear Shin Kori 1&2 Nuclear Power Plant is located in the southeastern coast of the Korean Peninsula. The power plant is a two-loop light-water moderated and cooled pressurized water reactor system rated at 2,825MWt, and an electrical output of 1,000MWt. The construction permission of the project was approved on April 1 2002. The completion of Shin Kori Unit 2 will be October 31, 2011. The Approximate size of each reactor is: 3,300 Equipment Items 250,000 feet of piping 5,400 piping supports in each unit. The Engineering and Construction management budget for KOPEC (A/E) was approximately $200 million dollars. And 3D modeling technique is used A/E design for the first time for Kopec on a Nuclear Power Plant New techniques will be applied for construction, operation and maintenance to reduce construction and check out time.

4 Foster Wheeler – United Kingom Two new CFB power plants, the largest Circulating Fluidized Beds (CFBs) in the world were installed at the existing JEA Northside Station Units 1 & 2 to repower existing steam turbines with more efficient and cleaner technology. Each CFB was designed to burn solid fuels including a range of petroleum coke as primary fuel and a diverse range of coals; each CFB is capable of combusting 100% petroleum coke or 100% coal or any proportionate combination of both. Each unit consists of two CFB Boilers exhausting through independent dry scrubbers and fabric filters to a common stack. Foster Wheelers scope of supply included the critical piping to interconnect the new boilers to the existing steam turbines, a limestone preparation system, ash handling system and supply of the fuel crushers. Each boiler is designed to produce 1,994,000 lbs/hr of steam at 2,635 psia. The CFB Boiler technology in combination with the flue gas scrubbers will allow JEA to meet their commitment to reduce Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide, (collectively referred to as NOx) emissions from the plant by 10%. Foster Wheelers scope of work included; assessment of existing plant equipment and systems, environmental permitting, preliminary design and engineering, extensive plant performance calculations, and execution of the project under a lump sum turnkey contract. The contract overall schedule from Notice to Proceed to Substantial Completion was 33 months and 36 months respectively on the first and second unit.

5 Intergen - United Kingdom Rocksavage & Coryton Power Plants – United Kingdom The project goal was to enable plant data to be sourced in the simplest and most expedient way by both office based staff and plant based staff in Operations and Maintenance. We needed to interact with the information held in ProjectWise to source drawings and information, and also to create an accurate tag database for access to information based on the plant tags of items such as equipment, Valves, Instruments etc. In short, some staff know the plant information by document name and some need to find information based on the item's tag name and number.

6 2 SAL Yoke Systems (SYS) for Bohai Bay, China For CFD11, the FPSO and SPM are owned by China Offshore Oil Bohai Corporation (COOBC) and operated by Kerr-McGee China Petroleum Limited, whereas BZ25 The FPSO and SPM are owned by China Offshore Oil Bohai Corporation (COOBC) and operated by CNOOC/Chevron Texaco. The SYS is of the Single Point Mooring (SPM) type. The purpose of the SYS is to provide the fixed weather vaning mooring for the FPSO, and to provide the interface between the subsea pipelines and cables allowing the transfer of well fluids from, and injection water and HV power to the wellhead platforms. The FPSOs are new-build of approximately 200,000 DWT vessel. The mooring system and vessel of both systems are designed to withstand the 100-year typhoon of 5.0 meter significant wave height. The water depth is approximately 24m for CFD11 and 18m for BZ25. The field life of both projects is 25 years.

7 WorleyParsons Services Pty Ltd Victoria Platform Development Victoria Platform DevelopmentClient: Apache EnergyOverview:Apache has a number of marginal oil fields with recoverable reserves of between 2~4mbbs. In order to exploit these reserves a cost effective Wellhead Facility was developed by WorleyParsons to ensure the projects remained viable. The entire project was designed and fabricated within Western Australia and has set a benchmark for the exploitation of marginal Oil and Gas fields. Both the substructure and deck were fabricated in Kwinana and transported to Dampier by road, then loaded onto a cargo barge for shipment to the offshore site for installation. The project was completed within a near impossible design and construct schedule of ten weeks. In order to meet the schedule, WorleyParsons entered into an alliance arrangement with local fabricator Ausclad to provide the detailed engineering, piping design and fabrication support for the construction of the minimum facilities platform. The Victoria Development is a further extension of the Simpson and Gibson pipeline, extending south from Apaches hub on Varanus Island, off the north-west coast of Western Australia. The design and fabrication schedule was linked in to the exploration- drilling program, which meant minimum time for design. The design team worked solidly for 10 weeks from mid June to the end of August to achieve AFC issue of all documentation. The fast track nature of the project meant that drawings were progressively issued to the fabricator, who successfully completed fabrication within time and delivered the jacket and topsides to Dampier wharf for loadout. Engineering

8 Engineering Companies

9 Concurrent Engineering with State Based Components Access Control at the Component Level – Status based management

10 Bechtel – Waste Treatment Facility Department of Energy – Waste Treatment Plant Bechtel - $14.5 Billion Bentley DigitalPlant - MCS Oracle Database 25gb in size 844 Equipment components 340,000 piping components 52,000 pipe supports 15,000 Conduit components 5,000 Electrical Tray components Bentley DigitalPlant - ProjectWise Database 131gb in size Over 100 existing workflows Over 200,000 files stored (including non-engineering deliverables)

11 Benefits Summary – Coopers & Lybrand 10-30% Concept development time 15-28% Engineering hours 30% Engineering productivity 10-30% Quality cost/change management time 15-20% Commissioning engineering hours 60% Hand-over/start-up costs 10-20% IT costs 10-20% Operational costs

12 Proven Benefits of DigitalPlant Proven Reduction in handover costs - $1m-$4m /project Reduction in spare parts costs – 20% Saving in total engineering hours – 15% Elimination in commissioning delays due to lack of information Estimated Reduction in TCO - 1-5% Reduced number of unscheduled shutdowns Savings of 20% maintenance labour costs Savings of 20% project material costs

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