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Andy Bradford Brimpts Farm, Dartmeet Face Book Account? Please text Like BrimptsFarm to 32665 Director of Dartmoor.

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1 Andy Bradford Brimpts Farm, Dartmeet Face Book Account? Please text Like BrimptsFarm to 32665 Director of Dartmoor Farmers Limited Director of Dartmoor Woodfuel Co-operative

2 BRIMPTS FARM A Duchy of Cornwall tenant farm. Thriving diversification project in the heart of the Dartmoor National Park. Products and Services include: Traditional Tea Room, Group Accommodation (B&B and Self Catering), Meeting Rooms and Teambuilding Facilities, Camping, Farm Walks & Education, Herd of South Devon Cattle. SUCCESSES 1.2005 Best Food Producer – Devon Life 2.2005 Farm Diversification Award – Royal Bath and West 3.2007 Future of British Farming – Natural England 4.2010 Finalists in the Devon Environmental Initiative Awards 5.25000 per annum agri-tourism footfall CONSTRAINTS 1.Tenant Farming / short term write off of improvements 2.Bank loans difficult to secure as a tenant farmer FRUSTRATIONS 1.Profit viability in the agricultural sector. 2. Marginal farming on Dartmoor

3 Dartmoor Woodfuel Co-operative Local Co-operative operating from Brimpts Farm. It markets bio-mass and aims to reduce the carbon emissions. It promotes the installation of woodchip boilers. Harvests local woodland resources to supply and store round wood and woodchip. SUCCESSES 1.Brimpts have reduced their C02 emmission levels by over 70 tonnes pa. 2. 6-8k per annum saving between oil and bio-mass 3.Resource Realisation - 60% of SW woodland undermanaged but has excellent sustainable potential 4.Pan-European Collaboration - Exchange of knowledge - Exeter Uni Forest Project 5.Training Investment: local contractors now have access to work within Forestry Commission woodlands 6.Energy Share film for British Gas CONSTRAINTS 1.Boiler installation v expensive – 100k all inclusive but paid off in 4 years. 2.Huge capital investment up front. FRUSTRATION 1.Government decision- D C C Confidence. 2.Planning restrictions

4 Dartmoor Farmers A co-operative of 50 Dartmoor Farmers founded in 2008. We raise native breeds of livestock using traditional slow farming methods – we farm 20,946 acres of Dartmoor and employ circa 120 full time equivalents. Our brand represents quality, value for money, excellent standards of animal welfare, guaranteed provenance. We sell Real Beef and Lamb business to business (butchers, pubs, hotels, farm stores) & business to consumer (beef and lamb to individuals direct. SUCCESSES 1.Taste of the West 2011 – Carol Trewin SW Producer of the Year Award and Champion Product Award Winners. 2.Participation in Environmental Stewardship Scheme. 3.Partnership with Lloyd Maunders 4. Partnership with Gages Farm Abbatoir – no more than 25 miles from all our participating farmers 5.Moore Skills Apprentice scheme CONSTRAINTS 1.Competitive market place/ scale of production 2.Changing buying habits / Supermarkets / Loss of high street 3.Vulnerability to cheap imports. 4.Business rates/ Vat the threshold FRUSTRATIONS 1.Resistance to change

5 Critical Resilience Factors Sustainable development Sourcing food / preferred suppliers locally Provide jobs & a future for the local community Energy efficiency & waste minimisation Education Collaboration Dartmoor Farmers Brimpts Beefboxes Betty Employment Uni/School Links Woodfuel Co-operative

6 The Future of Dartmoor All three projects prioritise environmental preservation & recognise that collective collaboration is key to securing the future prosperity and sustainability of Dartmoor. Dartmoor Partnership Tourism, Farming All three projects believe in the Active Dartmoor 1.Pro-actively encourages community participation at all levels (businesses / individuals / visitors and governmental and non- governmental bodies). 2. Seeks to preserve and improve revenue generating potential of our natural environment whilst simultaneously protecting our cultural identity and heritage. 3.Hopes to stimulate and support the regional growth of our local economy for the benefit of current and future generations.

7 Andy Bradford Brimpts Farm, Dartmeet. Face Book Account? Please text Like BrimptsFarm to 32665 Thank you

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