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1 File Edit Browse http// Internet Explorer Users (optional) Exit at any time, press Click Enter to Advance slides Left mouse Click to Advance, or use Scroll Wheel to Advance or Reverse OR Reverse Full Screen Drop down to Now, Advance to learn about i Wor X ® Click For a larger view using Windows XP OR Advance Arrow Down key

2 A cost effective i WorX System Manager from Comfort Control Solutions inc. All images are the trademarks of their respective manufacturers or owners. They are respectfully shown here-in for communication purposes only. Resorts VehicleDealerships HVAC and Lighting and Time of Day Equipment Scheduling Agriculture Equipment Scheduling HVAC and Hydronic Control Multi-Unit Residential Boiler Rooms, Hallway Pressurization Underground Parking Snow Melt Offices, Religious Buildings Smaller Schools, Banks, Community Centers HVAC & Hydronic Boilers Zoning and Access Retail & Malls HVAC and Lghting Scedules Restaurants HVAC and Exhaust & Make-up Air Control Larger Custom Homes HVAC & Boilers Radiant Zoning, Snowmelt and Misc. Control Access: ACU2-1 Click on the Card Access for next 5 pages of iWSM combination layouts Click or Scroll The next five slides will give you an overview and sampling of the various kinds of large custom residential and light commercial HVAC and Hydronic equipment that can be optimized by an i WorX system is manufactured by Taco Electronic Solutions Inc

3 If youre a Design/Build firm, Engineer, Architect, Specifier, HVAC wholesaler Design Staff, Contractor, or Equipment Agent, who Thinks Outside the Box, and you have a talent for integrating 3 rd party control systems with your own exclusive packaged equipment,.. You can offer these tangible iWorX benefits to your customers,.. Optimize operations and,.. Save Valuable Time! iWorX doesnt just enable the built-in OEM controls in your HVAC, Boilers, or Zones. Instead iWorX optimizes the way your heating and cooling equipment actually runs. It also puts you in charge from one central location on-site, or remotely by using the Internet and your standard IE browser. Theres no annual proprietary software licenses to buy, learn, or configure. iWorX uses intuitive Windows based, firmware. Ongoing, that difference keeps you in charge. Offices, Retail, Restaurants Religious Buildings, Dealerships Schools, Factories, Warehouses, Community Centers, etc.. Financial Returns As a small building owner of single or multi-locations, 30% to 60% of your utility costs are assoc- iated with heating & cooling alone. You can improve comfort, reduce excess utility waste, and offer competitive rental rates. Increase both your NOI and property Cap Rate. If you lease iWorx it be- comes part of your operating budget, not your capital budget. So, whether an owner or a tenant retrofit, enjoy positive cash flows, Payback with a respectable ROI and an exceptional IRR. Since green is the energy you dont use, your iWorX savings go straight to your bottom line! Apartment / Condo Mechanical Rooms Common Areas, Hallway HVAC, Parking Garage & Snowmelt Zones Homeowner Peace of Mind As the owner of a large, custom home, you actually have the equivalent of a small building. iWorX delivers comfort and reduces utility waste. Youll have the iWorX optimizing benefits mentioned above, Plus, you can check or adjust your homes heating and cooling while youre away. Youll also receive email alerts if anything goes out of range. Let it copy your mainten- ance contractor and/or your security firm as well. That way, affirmative action can take place before any equipment failure causes inconvenience or damage. Residential HVAC & Zones, Radiant Zones, Boilers, etc

4 Kind of like From A to i Select ONLY the blocks you need, Integrated i WSM for smaller buildings like yours. PC is Optional or here! Created by © 2010 i On-Site in equipment room With Built-in Modem enable, monitor & optimize Mounts in Appliance Cabinet Zone Stats Commercial Roof top Air Handlers, Heat Pumps, Multi-stage heat / cool Furnaces, Fan Coils & Larger Residential HVAC Call up any iWorX Block from A to H. Just input your settings here, Staged: Burners + DX + Economizer Hydronic (hot & chilled water) + Economizer Commercial / Residential; all Boiler Types & Unitary Loads Up to 8 Boilers/stages, Geos I/O Reset, P+ I, LLR, Sequence, DHW Secondary Mixing I/O Reset P+ I adj ZoningUnitary enable, monitor, & optimize Mounts in Equipment Room sensorssensors Zone Sensor Options B A C D E F RTU Forced Air VAV & up to 32 VVT enable, read & optimize Multi-Plex VAV Mounts in RTU Cabinet Zone Stats Mounts on VVT Units enable, monitor & optimize H VVT Zones G Fan Coils & Furnaces with AC, Heat Pumps, Geothermal System Manager Multi-Stage Ht/Cl + Economizer Technology DHW No need to burn up your IT resources because,.. No Software to Configure! i WorX Firmware does it all for You. Click Lets you spend your valuable time on other priorities!

5 i WorX Board, Neuron Chip, and Input / Output terminals (I/Os) INPUTS SENSORS &CONTACTSSENSORS &CONTACTS OUTPUTS to RELAYS&LOADSRELAYS&LOADS Created by © 2010 Echelon Neuron Chip for LonTalk Depth 1.75 5.5 6.5 Simply Push Button for handshake to LON Network LONworks Click

6 Keeping it Simple Right Out of the Box! iWorX is installed by your facility maintenance staff, or your HVAC Mechanical or Electrical Contractor. Along with our guidance, they dont have to be building automation specialists! After iWorX is up and running, except for quality customer service from your supplier, your current relationships or loyalties; Ongoing,.. no one is hostage to anyone. Created by © 2010 iWorX Portability: For a Triple Net Lease tenant iWorX retrofit,.. Installer shall leave all existing OEM controls and sensors in place. Transfer OEM controllers 24V output load wires to iWorX output terminals. Sub- stitute OEM sensors to iWorX sensors. Save all OEM control components on-site in their original location. Before you vacate at end of your lease term, remove iWorX. Reconnect all HVAC equipment to owners original status. Unless landlord buys the system from you, you can re-install iWorx in your next leased location. OEM DHW Metering & Load Shed G BTU Elec. Gas And, if ever needed, you will receive no charge on-line tech support from CCSi and iWorX Click

7 Its a No Brainer! A Small Building HVAC Central Manager for Contractors, Owners and Operators, who can intuitively input settings,.. but dislike burning up valuable time configuring software! but dislike burning up valuable time configuring software! HVAC Air-Side only, or Hydronics only, or Both Created by © 2010 Click

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