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Bureau Veritas Oil & Gas Expertise December 2011 Artur Sroka Industry Department Director.

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1 Bureau Veritas Oil & Gas Expertise December 2011 Artur Sroka Industry Department Director

2 2 Bureau Veritas at a Glance Created in 1828, Bureau Veritas is a global leader in conformity assessment and certification services in the areas of quality, health and safety, environment and social responsibility (QHSE) 2009 revenue: 2.65bn 2009 adjusted operating profit: 433m More than 900 offices in 140 countries Over 47,000 skilled employees A global network comprising more than 900 locations within 140 countries Seven global businesses providing a complete set of services Inspection, testing, audit, certification, risk management, outsourcing, consulting and training services Servicing 370,000 customers across a wide range of end markets

3 3 Oil & Gas: a long experience built on robust references ADNOC Drilling services LAGGAN & TORMORE GPP & SPS Verification services Pipeline packages certification TOTAL EM&I Inspection & Integrity Management GOLIAT Third Party Verification Authority (TPVA) BP Classification Sniffing Supplier Assessment GRUPA LOTOS Program 10+; Second Party Site Inspection (3 installations) POLSKIE LNG Verification of safety analysis of LNG terminal in Swinoujscie NORTH / BALTIC SEA BRAZIL PETROBRAS Integrity Management Global Shop Inspections & Expediting Classification Certification of ships, offshore floating units and marine equipment QMS Certification Regulatory Compliance Safety Assessment & Consulting Environmental Performance MIDDLE EAST INDIA WEST AFRICA PAZFLOR FEED stage certification activities Type approval ANGOLA Bitumen Tank Farm Design Review QA/QC Inspections GIRASSOL Fugitive Emissions of VOC monitoring KASHAGAN QA/QC services SAKHALIN II Pipeline QA/QC Services, Welding NDT SHTOKMAN FEED stage certification & verification activities. Artic Environment RUSSIA & Central ASIA CHINA SHANGHAI LNG receiving terminal and Subsea pipeline Design Approval Site supervision Global shop inspection Consulting AUSTRALIA BLACKTIP Project (offshore ) Certifying Authority Services Independent Verification NORTH WEST SHELF HUB IRC Global Risk Management Queensland Gas C. pipe NDT KDG6 Onshore Terminal project Third Party inspection services ONGC Platforms Re-Certification of under water structures, topside of Process Complex, Certification of equipments, pipelines and structures, HAZID, HAZOP, QRA, SIL studies, Third party Inspection services

4 4 Bureau Veritas Technical Centres Network is the backbone of the engineering expertise of the Group, bringing to our Clients doorstep the best of Bureau Veritas knowledge in terms of design compliance appraisal and verification, asset integrity management, risk and safety studies. Nevertheless local offices are your first contact point to begin cooperation. Supported by a worldwide technical expertise Each Technical Center is equipped with powerful software and works along the latest International Codes and Standards (BS, API, ASME, ANSI, etc.). Warsaw / Poland your local partner

5 5 Encompassing a dedicated range of services Classification is the appraisal of the level of compliance of a vessel to the rules set up by the class society. Classification rules are developed to contribute to the structural strength and integrity of essential parts of the hull, the safety and the reliability of the propulsion and steering systems and the effectiveness of essential auxiliary systems of the ship. Bureau Veritas classes all types of ships and offshore floating units: oil tankers, bulk carriers, passenger ships, containerships, gas carriers, offshore supply vessels, tugs and many others. Classification Design Review is an independent assessment of the project engineering phase that can be supplemented with independent analyses, performed by our specialist engineers. The safe design of all types of equipment, offshore facilities (structures and topsides), onshore plants (from refineries to LNG terminals) and pipelines, in standard or extreme conditions (from desert to arctic environments), can be assessed through certification or verification schemes to suit our clients' requirements. Verification is a scheme through which Bureau Veritas, as an Independent Verification Body (IVB), provides Independent Competent Persons (ICP) to verify throughout the life of an installation that the performance standards, defined by the client for each Safety Critical Element (SCE), are achieved. Defined originally within UK North Sea regulations, the implementation of such schemes has become common industry practice in key areas of the Oil and Gas world, such as the Middle East, Russia and Asia. Bureau Veritas ICP workforce is deployed and operates on large verification projects in all these areas. Verification Design Review Case studies are detailed in Appendix Case Study Hasdrubal project BG Tunisia Risk Evaluation & Management is defined as the assurance that threats to integrity are identified and properly addressed during the asset whole lifecycle. Risk Evaluation relies on the performance of HAZID / HAZOP workshops, qualitative and quantitative risk assessment, Fire & Explosion Risk Assessment, Smoke & Toxic dispersion studies, Escape, Evacuation Rescue Analysis, Safety Integrity Level analyses for Instrumented Protective Functions are performed; certification of HIPS systems can be delivered. Bureau Veritas network of Technical Centers deliver such studies using modeling and risk assessment tools like: PHAST Risk, LEAK, PHA Pro, EFFECTS, CFX, FLACS, Optimise (home tool for RAM studies), etc,. Risk Evaluation & Management Case Study Shtokman SDAG Russia Case Study Hasdrubal project BG Tunisia FEED Front-End Engineering & Design Detailed Design Investment Decision

6 6 Encompassing a dedicated range of services Certification of Installations means the assurance that it has been designed, constructed, commissioned and is operating in compliance with a defined technical reference as far as safety is concerned. Certification is by far the most recognised and commonly delivered service provided by Bureau Veritas worldwide as an Independent Third Party. Compliance: some countries or zones have specific compliance criteria that are a challenge for all corporations. Bureau Veritas helps clients to ensure the compliance of products and assemblies with local and/or international regulations through: Support as a second party Certification as an independent third party Product compliance studies Compliance market "intelligence" Certification Compliance Construction / Procurement / Commissioning Supplier Assessment is a decision tool for purchasers coping with suppliers qualification in consideration of their capabilities to manufacture specified industrial components or provide services. Bureau Veritas typical deliverable is a gap assessment or analysis report including recommendations to move forward and follow-up suggestions. Supplier Assessment Shop Inspection involves inspecting items at their place of manufacture before delivery. Our qualified local teams are familiar with inspecting all kinds of supplies: materials and components, pressure equipment, mechanical equipment and machinery, electrical equipment regarding applicable regulations or other specific requirements. Shop / Site Inspection Case Study Total CTG Case Study Grupa Lotos

7 7 All along your project life cycle Risk-Based Inspection is a process that identifies, assesses and maps potential equipment failures (e.g.: corrosion and stress cracking). During the RBI process, Bureau Veritas engineers design inspection strategies (what, when, where, how to inspect) that match forecasted or observed degradation mechanisms. Risk-Based Approach applies to: Pressure vessels Pipelines Tanks Structures Fugitive emissions are generated by leaks from process equipment such as valves, flanges, piping. This can result in safety, health, environmental and reputation concerns. Cost implications can be significant. Thanks to its methodology, Bureau Veritas can set a robust fugitive Leak Detection And Repair program which will provide tangible benefits. Bureau Veritas Fugitive emission monitoring complies with the EPA and European standards. Non destructive testing covers the whole range of analysis techniques used in industry to evaluate the properties of a material, equipment or system without causing damage Bureau Veritas is a highly recognised worldwide provider of Non Destructive Testing services in both Capex and Opex context for structural steel, process piping, pipelines, vessels, etc. using routine and advanced techniques and technologies. RBIFugitive emissionsNDT Operation Chemical Risk Management and Safety Data Sheets This is a core competence of Bureau Veritas HSE Team, constantly monitoring rules and regulations, and working with clients, ensuring compliance and minimizing risk for employees, environment and society. We offer specialist services and tools to follow safety data sheets, and chemicals throughout the value creation chain. Our competence and software solution ('CHESS') is used by major players in the Oil and Gas industry. Chemical Risk Project Lifecycle Risks must be identified in order to protect plant workers, the people in the surrounding area, the environment and the plant itself. This requires a Quantified Risk Assessment to demonstrate that risk levels are within the defined criteria and are tolerable. See p.6 Risk Evaluation & Management QRA REACH European Regulation sets the measures applicable to the manufacture, importation, sale and use of over 100 000 chemicals. This Bureau Veritas offers a full range of services in order to assist manufacturers, importers and downstream users with the implementation of this complex regulation: Training Diagnosis of REACH impact Assistance for downstream users Technical assistance for late pre- registration Technical assistance for registration Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) management Technical and legal Consortium management Case Study BP Gelsenkirchen REACH assistance

8 8 Appendix – Case Studies (1) Bureau Veritas is providing design review services to BG Tunisia for its Hasdrubal Project in the Mediterranean Gulf of Gabes. The project includes a Normally Unmanned Installation (NUI) connected by 110km of pipeline to a new receiving installation on the coast of Tunisia south of Sfax. BG Tunisia is following the design review verification process, which is now recognised by many international operators as the best practice within the oil industry. Bureau Veritas experience in its worldwide network of Technical Centres confirms the global trend towards adoption of its goal- setting philosophy. BG Tunisias approach is not driven by regulations. Instead they require third party checks for their own assurance. The design verification process ensures confidence that all safety critical elements are correctly designed. Design Review Bureau Veritas Poland provided in 2008/2009 to Polskie LNG Sp. z o.o. a strategic mission for Independent Verification Body Services during the FEED phase of Project of LNG Terminal in Swinoujscie. Due to the innovative nature and extreme conditions of the project, Polskie LNG has decided to involve Bureau Veritas as Independent Verification Body for optimisation analyses and safety analyses in the context of the applicable international and local regulations and standards. The scope of IVB covers: - technical review (documentation review/comments) of the optimisation analyses, - review of the documentation prepared as part of safety analyses (including QRA, HAZID, HAZOP and fire prevention systems) - review of other safety aspects related to the LNG Terminal projects. Independent Verification Total – A technical supplier assessment program has been launched in august 2009 following Kharyage experience and ended in December 2010. During this period, 60 suppliers throughout 12 countries (which included China, India, South East Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe) were audited. Covered Equipment: Boilers, pressure vessels, exchangers, valves, commodities, electrical components… Services provided to Clients: Tailored questionnaires, Program coordination and scheduling (for both Total and BV assessors), Performance auditing Reporting and decision preparation Benefits for Client: Turn-key program organization Expertise in QMS and auditing process Commitment of the BV local network Timely resource management Supplier Assessment BP Gelsenkirchen - BP Gelsenkirchen* requirement was to achieve compliance with EU Directive IPPC 96/61/EG (Control of VOC Fugitive Emissions) converted into German law by air pollution control regulation TA-Luft. For its refineries and petrochemical plants, BP required exchange or modification of the existing equipment. Bureau Veritas in Germany provides the control of VOC Fugitive Emissions for the refineries and petrochemical units of the Gelsenkirchen site with a structured measurement campaign for approximately 600.000 points. Extended services has been offered: RFID Tagging, GPS coordinates, SAP interface. A 56 persons Team has been built to meet very short deadlines. Fugitive Emissions

9 9 Appendix – Case Studies (2) Bureau Veritas provided Site Inspection services to Grupa Lotos SA for its Programme 10+ in Gdansk Refinery. The project includes site inspection in. Grupa Lotos SA decided to use external inspection body to perform inspections on site which is now recognised by many international operators as the best practice within the oil industry. Bureau Verita performed its services on three (3) instalation: 1. Amin-Sulphure complex installation 2. Installation of processing heavy vacuum residue - ROSE 3. Mild hydrocracking installation - MHC The scope of the job covered inspection in all major engineering branches like civil, water&sewage, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, painting and insulation. Site Inspection Bureau Veritas Poland is providing from 2011 to Gaz- System SA a strategic mission for Shop Inspection services on pipes in pipe mills and on site. The pipes are dedicated for new gas pipelines developed by Gaz- System SA. Due to the innovative nature and volume of the project Gaz- System has decided to involve Bureau Veritas as inspection body for inspection services in pipes mills and on site. Its first time in Poland that investor decided to involve inspection body for such kind of inspection. The scope of IVB covers: -Inspection in pipe mills -Inspection on site -Issue 3.2 certificate according to EN 10204 - take over the pipes by gas pipeline contractor Shop Inspection


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