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Harcourt Sands Enquiry by Design Findings 2 August 2012.

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1 Harcourt Sands Enquiry by Design Findings 2 August 2012

2 Presentation Format Introduction- Kim Slowe Economy & Tourism - Christopher Scott Ecology & Landscape- Liz Simes Sustainability- Robert Letts Design & Architecture- Sue Atkinson Other Issues/ZeroC Commitments -Kim Slowe

3 Economy & Tourism Ideas Tourism protected and the facility replaced in total Realisation that housing was the enabler Public access to the site Investigate the possibility of hotel provision on site Invest in second leisure tourism offer, i.e. Tennis Academy or Isle of Wight Museum No affordable housing on site accepted Protection of existing landscaping Third offer or small area for niche accommodation such as yurts, tree houses etc.

4 Economy & Tourism Conclusions Tourism protected and the facility replaced in total Realisation that housing was the enabler Public access to the site Investigate the possibility of hotel provision on site Invest in second leisure tourism offer, i.e. Tennis Academy or Isle of Wight Museum No affordable housing on site accepted Protection of existing landscaping Third offer or small area for niche accommodation such as yurts, tree houses etc.

5 Landscape, Trees and Ecology The Site The site forms part of the green backdrop to the beach jewel of this part of the Island Protection of existing trees (using individual trees as features) hedgerows and shrubberies Retention of the existing green buffer zone to the beach frontage Concerns raised about the removal of trees along the frontage Retain the character of the existing open spaces and meadows around the chalets in the new layout as a park space to be enjoyed by all Ensure that the key views out across the Solent can be enjoyed throughout the public realm Provision of a vibrant public realm and a vibrant community with variety Provision of a new homeowners pack explaining the local ecology of the site, the beach and Appley Park (especially seasonality) and issues surrounding domestic cats etc To celebrate the existing wildlife of the site, through: integration of the existing wildlife within the new development Education / interpretation trails Provision of areas for outdoor classrooms / field study centre and bird watching Visitor centre with a ranger function who can explain the local ecology and the heritage of the forts

6 Landscape, Trees and Ecology Provision of allotments to address existing waiting list. Experience at PAN suggests that the standard plots could be reduced and could include provision of raised beds. Potential to provide a water feature within the site Creation of a destination by linking the site with Appley and Puckpool Parks and provision of obvious pedestrian routes from Appley through the site to Puckpool Inclusion of chalet signs into the development Site to be accessible by foot To consider the removal of the existing fence line barrier between the site and Puckpool Park

7 Other site issues raised Replacement Swimming Pool accessible as a local resouce Consideration of a bandstand Concern about parking in general Concern about drainage and maintenance of Puckpool Hill Discussion on building heights. Predominantly 2 storey, but discussed taller buildings set down in the lower, more secluded parts of the site Provision of a convenience store which could be run as a co-operative Utilise the existing Lodge on the esplanade as a marker into the site Potential to provide look out building as an attraction Mix of housing types Landscape, Trees and Ecology

8 Puckpool Park: Potential to remove vehicular and pedestrian conflicts within the Park through the provision of a new car park within the site. This would also address existing visibility concerns. Provide a gateway to the park Park to be made an island feature Concern that the existing buildings in Puckpool Park are in decline Consideration of an outdoor performance space connecting with the site Landscape, Trees and Ecology

9 Sustainability – Wider Issues Island energy independence Diversity of design for all types of resident Full time residents Local labour use Need for exemplar low energy/carbon design Quality of life Reduced environmental impacts on the site Protect existing species (red squirrels)

10 Sustainability- General Issues A permeable layout not gated community High quality long lasting designs wanted Affordability of homes wanted Flexibility as people get older important Excellent public space Better travel connections (bus /cycle routes) Discussed a community space (running issues) Live website for good community connection

11 Sustainability – Design Issues Low energy / low carbon design preferred Lower running costs essential Passive design features (good insulation) Sustainable construction / local labour A range of renewable technologies (not wind) PV, Heat pumps, Solar Thermal, Biomass stoves with back boilers all suitable Rainwater recycling liked

12 Use General Acceptance around the design table that Tourism was an unlikely eventuality given failure of British Tourism since credit crunch. However Hotel proposal was warmly welcomed. Suggest adding spa facilities to make up for loss of pool. There was also mention of Warners at Bembridge and questions as to why they made such a success of it? Given a largely residential use for the site, the design table wished to see a wide range of housing, large to small and lifetime where possible. Down sizing was seen to be a big issue locally with lack of small housing a problem It was generally recognised that the site should provide high quality housing and affordable to be provided off site. All felt that the homes should be offered to Islanders first to try and avoid second homes lying empty All would like some kind of local or convenience store There was some dismay that we could not currently find an interested Care Village operator – Lifetime homes were felt to be a good compromise. Architecture & Design

13 Amount Design table agreed that higher densities would be acceptable around the back of Puckpool Park. It was felt that terraces around squares, such as those seen in Harrogate and London would be appropriate Lower densities and higher value areas were seen as the higher parts of the site – this was welcomed as it meant less impact on neighbours views Numbers were mentioned – and on past experience rpa reported 200 – 250 would be more likely than the 100 mentioned. Architecture & Design

14 Layout Generally felt that the development needed a heart The idea of a village square was welcomed – but one that should be landscaped with mature trees providing the focal interest, rather than concrete and cars. There was a definite feeling that cars parked on streets should be avoided. Cyclists and pedestrians should be paramount and safe. A link between Puckpool Hill and the beach would be welcomed – this was seen as part of a site wide foot path network, providing a circular route back through Appley Park A green space for growing food was suggested There was a general nod towards providing an alternative route for dog-walkers along the beach frontage through to Puckpool, but also to provide alternative circular routes. Architecture & Design

15 Scale and Appearance Feelings were split between modern and traditional but erred in favour of traditional Cutting edge modern was felt to be a step too far for most islanders, but modern with traditional materials may be be an acceptable compromise It was finally agreed that traditional Ryde was too urban for this site, as it is semi rural in nature and perhaps more applicable to the outskirts of Seaview. It is a large site and it was felt that more than one style can be accommodated, depending upon its location within the site and the appropriate density Architecture & Design


17 Other Issues Avoiding 2 nd Home Ownership Affordable Housing On/Offsite Sustainability Credentials Providing housing accessible for the less mobile/elderly

18 ZeroC Commitments Put in place a project website in the next month to share documents/information and to assist public interaction Address the issue of limited public transport & work towards improving links Commit to using, wherever possible, local labour and materials Commit to strict covenants to protect the quality of the development

19 ZeroC Commitments Put in place an interactive residents website and install high speed broadband/tablet computer in every home Put in place an electric car/bike club to discourage second car use Make provision for some subsidized commercial space in later phases for a community shop

20 ZeroC will continue to engage with the public and we will continue to modify/update our proposals in response to considered and viable public input

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