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Laurence Arbuckle Senior Manager 9 th February 2012 BRYSON ENERGY.

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1 Laurence Arbuckle Senior Manager 9 th February 2012 BRYSON ENERGY


3 Bryson Energy Northern Irelands regional energy agency Aim: to secure the support and active engagement of NIs energy users, particularly householders, in implementing strategies, programmes and measures to combat climate change Bryson Energy replaced the three former energy agencies set up in the 1990s including the Foyle Regional Energy Agency, established by Derry City Council Offices in Clarendon Street, Derry (four staff), Belfast & Enniskillen Council representation on Bryson Energy board

4 Activities 1.Impartial Energy Advice (funded by Dept. of Energy & Climate Change through Energy Saving Trust) 2.Scheme Management (e.g. Warm Homes, NISEP, EU projects) 3.Grant Administration (e.g. Cosy Homes, Insulation Cashback) 4.Bryson Education (e.g. Rethink Waste, Bryson Energy Efficiency Programme) 5.Home Visits (e.g. Heatsmart & Firmus Care) 6.Benefit Entitlement & Maximisation Checks (For Your Benefit & Maximising Access) 7.Providing & Installing Measures (Bryson Energy Services through subcontractors)

5 Energy Advice In 2010-11, free and impartial advice to 39,000+ householders on energy saving, renewable energy, green transport, reducing waste and water Referred 19,543 callers to grant schemes Freephone 0800 512 012

6 Scheme Management Bryson Energy is one of two Scheme Managers for the DSDs Warm Homes Scheme – the Assemblys main tool for tackling fuel poverty in NI. Outputs for 2011/12 include: Total homes helped to date (insulation and/or heating) = 3,837

7 Grant Administration Insulation Cashback Scheme & the Cosy Homes Scheme Outputs for 2010/2011: Insulation Cashback: 1,564 CWI/LI installations Cosy Homes: 500 heating installations Cosy Homes Insulation: 380 CWI/LI installations

8 EU Projects Funded by EU Intelligent Energy Programme – 3 years Minus 3% - working with 6 European partners to promote energy savings with local authorities Partner with Derry City Council Promotion 3E New EU standards for electrical goods from 2011 Worked with 8 European partners to promote awareness of new EU labelling for white goods among staff of small retailers Washing machines & Dishwashers - EU rolling out A+++, A++ and A+ in 2011-12

9 Bryson Education Bryson Education provides visits to primary and secondary schools. 1.Energy efficiency – NIHE Schools Programme – 260 schools – Key Stage 2 2.Waste reduction, reuse and recycling – Rethink Waste – 42 schools (50% from highest 30% of socially deprived wards) – leading to Eco-schools award.

10 Home Visits Bryson Energy provides advice and information on the energy efficient use of heating systems to householders. 1.NIHE Tenants - Heatsmart Programme 2.FirmusCare – homeowners & NIHE gas users Outputs for 2011/12: 8,300 homes visited

11 Benefit Assessments Bryson Energy provides benefit assessments to householders. 1.Warm Homes 2.For Your Benefit (Power NI Scheme) 3.Firmuscare + Outputs for 2010/11 include: 5,671 benefit checks completed £32.71 average increase per week per household

12 Bryson Energy Services Bryson Energy works with accredited sub-contractors to carry out installations. In 2010/11, Bryson put £4M directly back into the local economy through payments to sub contractors and approx £1.8M indirectly through grants. Services include: Loft and cavity insulation Heating and solar panel installation

13 Microgeneration Provide support and guidance to householders interested in installing domestic microgeneration The Technical Manager works to build up and support the installer base and to encourage registration for Microgeneration Certified Supplier register (MCS)

14 Curryfree Community Wind Fund Curryfree Wind Farm, Co Derry ESB Energy International Bryson Energy manages grants to local community groups - £15k per annum

15 Microgen- financial support No grants at present No feed-in tariffs in NI NIROCs (Northern Ireland Renewable Obligation Certificates) 4 NIROCs for electricity generating technologies - 17.2p/kWh - (need generation meter) On site use – offsets cost of grid electricity at 17.83p/kWh Export Tariff – NIE pays 6.39p/kWh for renewable export (need import/export meter) Potential NI RHI (Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Incentive) Proposed support for heat generating technologies - yet to be confirmed

16 Support for Heat Generating Technologies Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) UKUK Government financial incentive for renewable heat UK £860m from 2011-12 to 2014-15 directly funded by Government UKStarting in June 2011 – ON HOLD NI£25m offered by UK Treasury for NI RHI from 2011-12 to 2014-15 NI DETI Minister has indicated that NI RHI will be implemented, if economically viable – scoping study underway NISystems installed from Sept 2010 will be eligible NI An NI RHI will stimulate the local market for solar thermal panels, biomass boilers and heat pumps

17 Issues & Concerns No local funding for independent advice EST funding to end in March 2012 Higher fuel, lower income, more fuel poverty Warm Homes grant cut £20m - £13m No Green Deal here Green Rates rebate closure by NI govt Fear of Renewable Heat Incentive stalling in NI Protectionism – govt departments pulling contracts in-house

18 Fuel Poverty Concerns Average NI household pays £2,114 a year for heating and electricity - more than double the highest energy bill in Britain (General Consumer Council) 44% in fuel poverty as opposed to 16% in England Highest in NIHE sector, private rented Also older dwellings and among elderly Much of it due to price of fuel especially oil Oil not regulated as gas/ electricity If paid for up front - prices vary - 1,000 litres - £590 in Derry on Friday 1,000 litres in containers costs £650 – extra £60.

19 Plans Launch of new energy efficiency helpline for Northern Ireland One stop shop for householders To research energy brokering pilot in Derry City Council area Home visits EU and cross border projects Support to Council Schools

20 Thank you for your continuing support Laurence Arbuckle 02871 273074

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