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Strictly reserved and confidential Company Profile.

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1 Strictly reserved and confidential Company Profile

2 Strictly reserved and confidential Company overview Section I

3 Strictly reserved and confidential Section ICompany overview 3 Premises T&S Trading GmbH is an Austrian based Trading Company founded in 2012, currently active in the oil distillates and biofuel trading and shipping market. The company is committed to growth in trading, processing, transportation and marketing of petroleum products and biofuels. T&S operates through the logistic Terminals located in the north part of the Adriatic sea (such as Venice Terminal). The geographical position in Austria is likely to encourage links to the transport of products to and from the Balkan peninsula, Trieste and Slovenia and their storages facilities. The Company carefully analyzes the trends that drive the global markets for energy commodities, quickly identify trading opportunities and positioning itself as efficient and reliable counterparty. In carrying out its activities, the company has built important relationships with refiners and counterparties to maintain a constand constructive dialogue in order to develop best practices that allow T&S to present itself as a reliable and competitive trade partner. T&S is an open and dynamic company. Its key values are partnership, innovation and efficiency. Values that represent the ability to grow in an open system, in which all partners communicate and share ideas and success. Contacts Headquarter: Grabenweg, 58 6020 Innsbeuck – Austria T: +44 512 319070 F: +44 512 319071 E-mail: Web site:

4 Strictly reserved and confidential Section IICorporate business Products Portfolio 1/2 4 Description Type of diesel fuel which has a percentage of sulfur of less than diesel 50ppm. Therefore it is ensured a reduction of polluting emissions (CO, unburned hydrocarbons, particulates). Type of winter diesel fuel that guarantees high performance even at very low temperatures. Type of diesel fuel characterized by a facilitated excise duty. From the chemical-physical perspective, it is equal to the automotive diesel fuel, but it is denatured and colored to make it distinguishable from the latter for tax reasons. Products ULSD 10ppm Artic Agricultural Fields of applications Automotive diesel fuel Artic automotive diesel fuel Agricultural diesel fuel (used both for agricultural vehicles and in general as fuel for agriculture use) Product characterized by an anti-knock properties designed to internal combustion engines with spark ignition. The octane rating is the value representative of the quality of the anti-knock gasoline (much higher is this value, much higher is the resistance to detonation). Prem UNL 10ppm Automotive Petrol Here below is reported the list of the products and services offered by the Company. It has different characteristics from the automotive one: it has a higher density and a higher sulfur content. It must also comply with minimum calorific values. Gasoil 0,1% Heating diesel fuel (for industrial use and domestic heating boilers) Biofuel liquid, obtained from vegetable oils, animal fats or cooking oils (used). Biodiesel can be mixed with diesel fuel, reducing the sulfur content. For this kind of commodity the Company got sustainability certification according to renovable energy directive (EU2009) Biofuel Automotive diesel fuel

5 Strictly reserved and confidential Section IICorporate business Products Portfolio 2/2 5 Description High sulfur oil fuel. Low sulfur fuel oil. Services FUEL high sulfur & Bunker Fuel low sulfur Fields of applications Industrial use and heating The company provides rental of vessels for the transport of crude oil, petroleum products, biofuels worldwide. Chartering, logistic services and any other logistics that might be necessary. Services Industry Description Products Fields of applications Fuel for large ships

6 Strictly reserved and confidential Section IIICurrent situation 6 Business model products The business model of the Company related to the products is described as follow : I.Purchase of petroleum products and biofuels II.Transport and delivery to deposit for storages III.Release storaged product on customer request Storage/ or back- to-back sale Transport Final customer Petroleum products flow T&S product is stored in tanks until the delivery time to the customers. In other cases T&S will trade cargos back to back on water or delivered to customer terminal sites The Company's sales channels are: A.Majors Oil Companies (in tank transfer) B.Distributors (pump stations) C.Wholesalers/Retailers The product is transported with trucks, vessels or train to the storage location. Raw material The Company purchases trucks or ships of oil products from rafineries.

7 Strictly reserved and confidential Section IIICurrent situation 7 Business model services The business model of the Company related to the services is described as follow: I.Research and evaluation of available vessels, trucks and trains II.Predisposition of charter party contract III.Operational activities following the transport from the starting point till the final destination Research Operations Services flow Contract Received the request for a bid from the customer, it starts the research of the conveyance suitable. During the transport the Company follows all the operations providing support, documentations, handling relationship with agents, port authorities, indipendent inspectors. With the acceptance of the bid by the customer, contract is signed:

8 Strictly reserved and confidential Section IIICurrent situation 8 Energy Trading Risk Management Thanks to the solid know-how developed in house, the company operates the fundamental aspect of risk exposure: developing and adapting models to manage assets and build commodity trading strategies providing transparent view of portfolio, consisting of physical and financial positions across the commodities optimizing business processes around the physical movement and delivery of commodities and the risks associated with those activities, with the ability to view all exposures and risk analytics, capturing transactions, executing logistics, performing settlement and meeting compliance requirements.

9 Strictly reserved and confidential Section IV Organizational structure 9 Organization Chart The Company is structured and managed by key person, experienced in commodities trading and international business : T&S Trading GmbH BOARD OF DIRECTORS G&A FINANCE RISK MANAGEMENT TRADING SHIPPING T&S Tarding Srl (Italy) CEO G&A FINANCE TRADING

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