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Innovative Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India

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1 Innovative Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
Presentation by: Ashish V. Nawade, CEO, Innovative Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India Topic: Biogas to BioCNG/Biopower- Solutions for Waste-to-Green-Fuel Projects: An Experience Sharing This is the presentation that needs to be on the screen when there are no presenters on stage.

2 About Us 20+ years of experience in the areas of gas scrubbing ranging widely from cleaning of gas obtained from fossil fuel to biogas based renewable energy generation India’s first large scale Biogas to Bio-CNG project: equivalent to 700 cylinder of LPG India’s first large-scale Biogas to Power plant 65 MW power equivalent biogas–based power generation 33+ Biogas to Power projects Staff of 60+ Experience in natural gas cleaning and absorbent-based systems Engineering Services with InTools and AutoCAD

3 About the Speaker Mr. Ashish V. Nawade- CEO
MBA- London Business School 24 Years of international EPC experience in UAE, Japan, UK, Italy Large project management, design and commissioning of 720,000 BOPD oil processing, 600 MMSCFD gas processing, LNG plant, Sulfur Recovery Units and petrochemical projects. Worked on ADNOC, PDO, Shell, BP, BG, QP, Total, Chiyoda Returned to India to work in Renewable Energy sector.

BIOGAS TO POWER: Biogas genset based projects for conversion of waste to bio-power BIOGAS TO BIOCNG: Projects for conversion of waste to CNG grade fuel

5 Highlights of BioRenewable Projects

6 Beneficiaries Feedstock Agricultural Waste Animal Waste
Industrial Waste (distillery/palm oil/starch/sugar/paper/food processing) Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Beneficiaries Farmers Gas Producers Gas Distribution Companies Industries Producing Organic Effluents Nations

7 Biogas to Power Clean electricity from waste
More profitable option than firing biogas in boilers 33 large-scale projects successfully commissioned by IETL across 16 different industries

8 Biogas to Power- Typical Plant Scheme
Biogas Generation from organic solids/effluents. Biogas Cleaning System for H2S removal (BIOSKRUBBERTM) Biogas Fired Engine i.e. Biogas Genset. Steam Generator running on Engine Exhaust. Plate Heat Exchanger connected to Engine Jacket to recover jacket water heat.

9 Biogas to Power- Process Flow Diagram

10 Biogas to Power- Case Study
140 MLD capacity STP at Rithala, New Delhi being constructed by M/S. Degremont India Ltd.; an Indian business unit of a French major in the STP space First biogas genset-based power generation plant in the Sewage Treatment sector in India STP Completely self sufficient in terms of electrical power requirements Operating successfully on BioskrubberTM since Operations and Maintenance Contract being carried out by us for the entire period since the commissioning STP Capacity Biogas Generation H2S % Biological Sulfur Removed BioPower 140 MLD 20160 m3/day 1% 288 Kgs./day 2 MW

11 Biogas to BioCNG Highest return for every m3 of biogas
Replacement of fossil fuel e.g diesel/petrol/CNG/LPG Pioneering projects - Inspiration for others Environmentally cleanest fuel- better than natural gas Renewable source of energy.

12 Biogas to BioCNG- Typical Plant Scheme

13 Biogas to BioCNG- Process Flow Diagram

14 Biogas to BioCNG- End-use Applications
Vehicular Fuel- Fuel Station Local use Grid Pipeline Fuel Replacement BioCNG

15 Biogas to BioCNG- Case Study
IETL has designed, constructed and commissioned the first large scale Biogas to BioCNG upgradation project for Spectrum Renewable Energy at Warana in India on pressmud and distillery biogas. IETL has provided the entire Biogas Upgradation Plant consisting of H2S cleaning and CO2 removal system Upgraded Biogas i.e. BioCNG contains more than 95% Methane, H2S less than 5 ppm and moisture at -40o C DP This BioCNG will be used as vehicular fuel/LPG replacement The project status: Successfully commissioned

16 Biogas to BioCNG- Case Study
Sr.No. Parameter Raw Biogas BioCNG 1 Quantity (SCMD) 20,000 12000 2 Pressure (bar(g)) 0.25 7 -8 3 Methane (%) 60 95 4 Hydrogen Sulfide (ppm) 30,000 Less than 5 ppm 5 Carbon Dioxide (%) 35 6 Moisture(%) - 40o C DP

17 First large-scale BioCNG plant in India

18 First large-scale BioCNG plant in India

19 First large-scale BioCNG plant in India

20 First large-scale BioCNG plant in India

21 Benchmarks- BioCNG/BioPower
STP Capacity Biogas Generation BioPower Potential BioCNG Potential Petrol Equivalent LPG Equivalent 100 MLD 12,000 m3 1 MW 7500 m3 5000 liters 350 cylinders

22 SulfabactTM- Biological Sulfur
New formulation by IETL for development of activated biological sulfur as vital “S” nutrient additive under the brand name SulfaBactTM (Pat pending) Advantages of SulfaBactTM: Timely availability of needed sulfur nutrient to plants Activity of soil microorganisms enhanced on soil application due to optimum pH No leaching out by rains, flooding as in sulfate fertilizers Sulfur dispersion in soil very high and conversion very efficient due to colloidal size of sulfur Appropriate environment for microbes – slow release All other pH dependant nutrients of soil slowly unlocked and made available to plants.

23 Additional Services Offered
OiI & Gas Processing Projects: IETL has the capability to provide EPC services for small oil and natural gas processing projects. Our competitive advantage lies in the ability to offer our customers support across all phases of an asset, from conceptual design, technology, through construction, operations, training, and where appropriate, co-investment. Engineered Skids: H2S Removal Skids BioskrubberTM biochemical system with recovery of high commercial value biological sulfur SulfabactTM Absorbent-based systems to reduce the H2S to ppb level Membrane-based gas cleaning skids to remove CO2 and H2S from gas streams.

24 Additional Services Metering skids
IETL provides innovative and integrated fiscal/custody transfer metering skids for oil & gas metering. IETL can build quality-engineered, pre-assembled and pre-tested modular systems fully integrated into a skid-mounted package. Chemical injection skids IETL supplies pre-designed and packaged Chemical Injection Skids for a wide range of liquid chemical injections. Multi-stage Orifice Assemblies IETL has experience in design and supply of multi-stage orifice assemblies for blow down application. Pressure Reducing Stations IETL offers reliable pressure reducing stations for gas applications.

25 Key Clients Petrofac One of the largest companies in Oil & Gas
Kanoria Chemicals Anchor client since 1998; continues to give us business India Glycols One of the largest distilleries in Asia; makes MEG from alcohol RSGBL India’s largest starch manufacturer Bajaj Hindustan India’s largest sugar manufacturer Praj Industries One of the largest ethanol plant manufacturers in the world United Spirits One of the largest ethanol producers in the world Spectrum Project development company for Biogas to Bio-CNG Green Elephant German project developer for Biogas to Bio-CNG

26 Contact Us Write to us: Call us: , Visit us: 207, Siddharth Towers, Opp. Sangam Press, Kothrud, Pune

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