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2 Our Challenge The health care facility management field has an aging workforce 2012 Salary Survey showed 40% of health care facility managers were older than 55 Little awareness among younger generations of the health care facility management profession Who will fill the pipeline for health care facility professionals of the future?

3 ASHE Internship Program ASHE and Schneider Electric have teamed up to create an internship program Develop University relationships and identify intern candidates Support ASHE member and chapter participation in hosting interns Create a program to promote the profession and sustain the future workforce

4 Why Host an ASHE Intern? 40% of new college hires come from internship programs Internship retention rates were at an all-time high in 2012 with 58.6%. Quality hires: Host companies saw a 62.4% retention rate after 5 years versus 48.1% of hires that had no previous experience. Interns provide additional support for your staff

5 Why Host an ASHE Intern?

6 Host Organization Types Health care organization that employs an ASHE member Engineering, design, construction, or consulting organization that employs an ASHE member Organization that outsources facility management services to health care organization that employs an ASHE member

7 Responsibility of Host Organization Conducts last round interviews for intern candidates Selects candidate and extends offer Evaluates internship program Provides funding for internship compensation Will have option to seek funding from ASHE contingent upon criteria

8 ASHE Support to Host Organizations & Chapters Chapter internship program template Student recruitment and resume management services. Scholarships for ASHE interns to attend the ASHE Annual Conference Free e-learning courses for interns, including: Managing Life Safety course Fundamentals of Facility Management course (in development) My Energy University courses Financial guidance to host organizations or ASHE chapters Application Process

9 Creating Pathways 2012 ASHE Intern: Brittany GrinerBrittany Griner Purdue University Alumna Interned at Advocate Healthcare in Chicago Currently the Assistant Manager of Plant Operations and Maintenance at Ingalls Memorial Hospital

10 Creating Pathways

11 Learn Tab

12 Host organizations, Chapters, Students

13 Resources for Chapters/Host Organizations Host Organization Page Fact Sheets for Host Organizations Chapter template for internship plan is available on

14 ASHE Internship Program Fact Sheet Types of Students undergraduate, graduate Interest Engineering Energy management Facility management Construction management Safety management Operations Timing Summer Interns 10 – 12 weeks Spring, Fall 14 weeks Application Process Funding Opportunities

15 Optional Funding Alternatives Business Partners Discover Talent Contribute financially Contribute experientially

16 Chapter Template provides guidance Chapters Role in Process Chapter Mentor How to work with colleges & universities Provide Grants to help fund internships Timelines to get the best students July budget August Host Organization September applications February acceptance Summer Internship Placing Interns at Host Organizations Host Organization Mentor Intern Wages and Compensation Internship Experience Well-rounded Projects Areas of Experience Business Partners Meaningful amount of time

17 Resources for Students Student Sell Sheets Student Page

18 Purdue University Owensboro Community Technical College Brigham Young University Arizona State University Texas A&M University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and Little Rock Georgi a Tech Colorado State Universities

19 1 - Access Community Health Network 2 – Advocate Healthcare 1 or more Catholic Health Initiatives 8 – Arkansas Chapter 1 to 3 Energy Project 1 – Sullivan County Community Hospital 1 – University of Texas Medical Branch 1 – Indiana Chapter Anticipated Internships

20 Apply to be a Host Visit for more information, and to access the host application and the chapter plan template.

21 What is Energy University? Free, vendor neutral online learning means you have ready access to comprehensive learning about energy efficiency and data center solutions Self-paced, less than one hour modules Courses can be taken anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection 200+ Energy Efficiency and Data Center courses availableEnergy Efficiency Data Center 24 hour access means you can learn when you want, at your convenience

22 Why Energy University? Professional growth opportunities Define succession path and identify future leaders Differentiate yourself amongst peers Expand industry knowledge High Performance Operations are NOT an option – learn how to get there Qualified CEUs for ASHE certifications (CHFM, CHC) CEUs also applicable toward many other industry certifications (CEM, LEED, RPA, etc…) Mix of technical and financial acumen FREE

23 Easy navigation makes course selection easy

24 Easy to follow visuals and audio

25 Two ways to find us… ASHE homepage eLearning section

26 Two ways to find us… Energy University Homepage ( Click Join

27 Create an account the first time… Create your own unique username and password Be sure you use the following keycode : u621v

28 Then login each time thereafter…. If you cannot login 1) Try the forgot password link 2) Contact us to find out the status of your account: energyuniversity@schneider- energyuniversity@schneider-

29 Access Your Learning Paths Click the professional development path button

30 ASHE Learning Paths

31 Energy Manager Comprehensive Learning Path Path Description Begins with focused look at energy procurement Provides financial and measurement tools to maximize and sustain your results Course Highlights Energy Procurement I-III Measurement and Verification Strategic Energy Planning Demand Response and the Smart Grid Lighting I-IV Hours Required5.75 Elective4.25 Total10.00 Hours Required5.75 Elective4.25 Total10.00

32 Facility Manager Comprehensive Learning Path Path Description foundational knowledge required for a healthcare facility managers to take control of energy equip you to understand the available opportunities have an educated dialogue with experts prioritize projects Course Highlights Energy Audits Energy Rate Structures I-II Financial Analysis of Projects Maintenance Best Practices US Energy Codes and Standards Hours Required10.25 Elective2.75 Total13.00 Hours Required10.25 Elective2.75 Total13.00

33 Technician Comprehensive Learning Path Path Description in-depth overview of the basic building systems of the power plant and their controls good foundation on the intended function and operations of boilers and steam systems, compressed air, fans, pumps, and building controls how stuff works presentation on each system Course highlights HVAC Thermodynamic States Building Controls I-VIII Steam Systems I-IV Fan Systems I-IV Pumping Systems I-III Hours Required0.00 Elective18.75 Total18.75 Hours Required0.00 Elective18.75 Total18.75

34 ASHE Credits ASHE has approved each course for continuing education credits. ASHE issues in quarter-hour increments, and each course qualifies for.25,.50 or 1 contact hours. The total of 10 contact hours equals 1 continuing education credit. Energy Manager Energy Management: 10 contact hours Healthcare Facility Manager Comprehensive Energy Management: 13 contact hours Technician Comprehensive Energy Management: 18.75 contact hours

35 Report given to ASHE monthly Questions on Credit? Contact: Kevin Brown 312-422-3807

36 Sample Certificate of Completion

37 THANK YOU! Stacy L. Kimbell, MBA Healthcare Segment Marketing Manager Schneider Electric 214-906-0339 Sean Goings, CEM, CHSP, SASHE Manager, US Healthcare Solutions Schneider Electric 281-989-7309

38 Frequently asked Questions What if I have taken classes but didnt register with the ASHE link or use the keycode? A comprehensive PDF report of your courses can be located under the My Courses button. Click on the dashboard icon under tools and then the learning link. You can then e-mail this PDF to Kevin Brown @ ASHE

39 How do I update my registration so that I can future classes automatically posted to ASHE? If you did not register with the keycode U621V please do the following: 1) Mail your comprehensive pdf report from your first account (courses already taken) to Kevin Brown at ASHE. 2) go to and create a new account by clicking 3) Fill out the registration form with keycode U621V. 4) Contact us at with the New username Old username List of courses completed with your old username (transcript pdf) 5) Future reports will contain your accurate data.

40 Education Credits To receive credits from ASHE: Print and submit your certificate of completion Credits issued to courses are listed in the description of each course To receive credits for existing courses Submit your detailed transcript PDF or certificates of completion to ASHE Report sent monthly to ASHE Requires the ability to match your Course data to completions Important to use the keycode upon Registering! U621V


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