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Lundi le 22 octobre Lance Armstrong;

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1 Lundi le 22 octobre Lance Armstrong;

2 LE CERCLE FRANÇAIS! French club meets tomorrow 2:30-3:45 in room Dues are $25.00 cash for t-shirt and food all year! Come and sign up, eat food and play games!

3 Oct. 22nd-Oct. 26th 3rd week McCage
French 1 Monday No late work in now: only late notes W/UP: vocab. Review Drill with your flashcards H/W: Study unit 1 vocab. French 1 Tuesday Study, take Spelling quiz Notes: pg. 61,62,65 3. Grade APT 7-11 and go over speaking packets H/W: Borrowed words “B” Fix wording on postcards French 1 Wednesday Borrowed words “B” defin. Due 100% 1. Grade APT 7-11 & go over speaking packets 2. Work on final drafts of postcards H/W: Postcards-finish French 1 Thursday Bor.Wrds “B” 80% Postcards-double daily due for 100% 1. Classwork: Workbook page H/W: None, unless bor.wrds. ,Workbook & postcards are not done yet. French 1 Friday Bor.Wrds “B”50% Postcards due for 50% Workbook for 100% Finish Ratatouille or finish Speaking packet review. Next Monday: Speaking pkt oral grade. Next: Food, drinks,time, date, weather, body parts! French 2R Mon. 1.Body & clothes review (see daily slide for PP) 2.Review of professions 3.Finish presentations of projects. H/W: study infinitives French 2R Tues. QUIZ: Er, Ir, Re infinitives 5 F’s project specs out Review body/clothes more. Finish any presentations, Le Papillon Class: notes : 44 H/W: finish notes French 2R Wed. Make up quizzes Get pg. 44 notes 1.W/UP Pg. 35 top in pairs 2.Review of professions, clothes & body H/W: Notes 46 French 2R Thurs. 1.W/UP: pg. 37 individually 2.Handout: new verb page Turn in notes pg. 46 on Friday. H/W: finish French 2R Fri. 1.Get verb pages in. 2.Last day for all notes pg. 44, 46. 3.Fall fashion show using clothes etc. vocab. Quiz Monday over notes! French 2PreAP Mon. Review of professions Body & clothes review Finish presentations H/W: study infinitives French 2PreAP Tues. Quiz: ER, Re, IR verbs Review of body/clothes H/W: Borrowed words “H” defin. & notes 44 French 2PreAP Wed. Fall fashion show Get pg. 44 & Bor. Wrds. H French 2 PreAP Thurs W/UP: pg. 35 & 37 individually. Turn in notes pg. 46 on Friday. Handout: new verb pages H/W: Notes 48 & 50 & finish up verb page. French 2 PreAP Fri. Turn in & go over all notes 44, 46, 48, 50. & turn in verb page. Finish “L’argent de poche”. Quiz Monday over notes! French 3 Mon. 1.PP on physical description 2.Lisez: le look 3.Finish presentations H/W: Re-Read les 3 bagues French 3 Tues. 1.W/UP: 3 Baques Ques. 2.Correct verb pkts. Project description: Ma journee typique. H/W : begin project due Mon. French 3 Wed. 1.Reflexive usage PP (pres/past) 2.Finish correction of verb pkt. H/W: new verb packet French 3 Thurs. 1.Finish: New verb packet 2.APT & W/B pages H/W: Finish French 3 Fri. 1.QUIZ: new irreg. verbsi n present tense Project out: L’art

4 French 2R: 1.Body & clothes review (see #4 slide for PP)
2. IF time: Review of professions : les_mtiers.ppt 3. IF time: Finish presentations of projects. H/W: study infinitives for Quiz!

5 26. Passer- To pass by, spend time
27. Apporter- To bring 28. Louer- To rent 29. Arriver- To arrive 30. Acheter- To purchase, buy 31. Porter- To carry or wear 32. Gagner- To win or earn 33. Préférer- To prefer 34. Adorer- To love, adore 35. Détester- To hate 36. Trouver- To find 37. Chercher- To look for 38. Préparer- To prepare 39. Rester- To stay/remain 40. Retourner- To return 41. Entrer- To enter 42. Monter- To climb/go up 43. Demander- To ask 44. Donner- To give 45. Fermer- To close 46. Laver- To wash 47. Oublier- To forget 48. Penser- To think 49. Pleurer- To cry 50. Montrer- To show F2-STUDY:ER VERBS! 1. Chanter- To sing 2. Danser-To dance 3. Dîner-To eat dinner, eat out 4. Écouter- To listen to 5. Étudier- To study 6. Jouer-To Play 7. Manger-To eat 8. Nager-To swim 9. Parler- To speak 10. Regarder- To look at or watch 11. Téléphoner (à)- To call, phone 12. Travailler- To work 13. Voyager- To travel 14. Aimer- To like/love 15. Habiter (à)- To live in/at 16. Inviter- To invite 17. Organiser- To organize 18. Visiter- To visit 19. Rentrer- To return 20. Aider- To help 21. Rencontrer- To meet by chance 22. Dépenser- To spend 23. Retrouver- To meet 24. Prêter- To loan 25. Marcher- To walk

6 FRENCH 2-STUDY “IR” verbs:
Choisir-to choose Finir-to finish Grossir-to gain weight Maigrir-to lose weight Réussir-to succeed (à un examen=to pass a test) Bâtir-to build Obéir-to obey

7 French 2: STUDY “RE” verbs:
Attendre-to wait for Entendre-to hear Perdre-to lose Rendre visite à-To pay a visit to Répondre-to answer, respond Vendre-to sell Rendre-to give back, return things Descendre-to go down, climb off, descend

8 French 2 PreAP 1. Reprise: Le corps et les vêtements (voyez le PP qui suit) 2. Les professions/métiers: les_mtiers.ppt 3. Finissons les présentations Les devoirs: Etudiez les infinitifs! L’interro demain! N’oubliez pas! Les “mots empruntés H”-mercredi!

9 French 2: Reprise: Les parties du corps & les vêtements
Videos: Child's version: J'ai dos! Head & Shoulders, Knees & toes…. Face & Body: ALOUETTE: Clothes

10 Le francais 3 1.La description physique, les verbes:
F 3_la_description_physique_avec_vocab.ppt C:\Users\dmccage\Desktop\F 3 physical description unit 1.ppt DEPP verbes reflechis DEPP B.pptx french_3_unit_1_powerpoint_a.ppt 1416 nw&feature=plcp&context=C3f6660eUDOEgsToPDs kLMJyhteyB83jayV_dM5Na4 2.Lisez: “le look” ensemble-page 3. Si nous avons le temps:Finissons les présentations Les devoirs: Lisez encore- Les 3 bagues

11 French 1 No late work in now: only late notes! W/UP: see next slide
Vocab. Review-Unit 1 & 2 (see links) Study flashcards-unit 1! Borrowed words due Wed.! H/W: ETUDIEZ unit 1 vocabulary for quiz FLASHCARDS TO STUDY!!! C:\Users\dmccage\De sktop\f_1_voc_u2_l_ 3a.ppt C:\Users\dmccage\De sktop\f_1_au_cafe_v oc_u2_l3b.ppt

12 Ecrivez et traduisez! 11. How are you? (polite)
French 1 warmup:use paper, write what you see & then translate. (Fam-familiar, use Tu form. Polite-use Vous). Heading, title, and number or 10 points off each! Ecrivez et traduisez! How are you? (polite) He is 20 years old It’s going badly. How old is your mom? 13. Mister, (sir) How old are you? (fam) 14. I’m so-so, thanks. A dog Goodbye (polite) A sister I am from Spring also. What is your name? (fam.) Do you know…? Miss A girl Here is… Hey, look…a friend! 92

13 French 1: Postcard (double daily grade)
Using the French That you know From units 1 & 2, create 10 sentences/questions And write a postcard. Ex. Dear (Cher, Chère) Hello, my name is Bob. I am from Spring, Texas. It’s hot Here. What’s the weather there? I’m American. I’m 16 years Old. How old are you? How are You? I’m doing well. I would like Pizza from Paris. Do You know my friend Joe? Amitiés, (Bisous), Sue

14 Answers-CORRIGEZ! Il a vingt ans. Quel âge a ta mère? Quel âge as-tu?
11. Comment allez-vous? 12. Ça va mal. Monsieur Ça va comme ci comme, ça merci Au revoir Je suis de Spring aussi! Comment t’appelles-tu? Mademoiselle Cinquante-huit Tiens..un(e) ami(e) (un copain/une copine)! Il a vingt ans. Quel âge a ta mère? Quel âge as-tu? Un chien Une soeur Cent Tu connais? Une fille Voici Quatre-vingt- douze

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