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Unit Operations in Chemical Industries BY Dr.LEK WANTHA

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1 Unit Operations in Chemical Industries BY Dr.LEK WANTHA

2 Differential Pressure Flowmeters

3 Differential Pressure Flowmeters
Orifice meters

4 Differential Pressure Flowmeters
Venturi flowmeters

5 Differential Pressure Flowmeters
Pitot tubes

6 Pumps Reciprocating pumps Centrifugal pumps

7 Pumps Gear pumps Screw rotor pump

8 Pumps Rotary lobe pumps

9 Fans Paddle wheel Curved fan Radial-tip fan

10 Fans Wheel designs for conveying fan

11 Pressure Blowers Pressure blowers

12 Compressors Sliding vane Straight lobe Reciprocating compressor

13 Conveyors Belt conveyor Screw conveyor Vibratory conveyor

14 Storage Tanks Underground storage tank Aboveground tank

15 Valves Gate valve Control valve Control valve

16 Mixers Solid-solid and solid-liquid mixers Kneader Extruder
Ribbon mixer

17 Mixers Liquid-liquid and liquid-gas mixers

18 Impellers Radial flow impellers Axial flow impellers
Curved Blade Disc Turbine Flat Blade Turbine Anchor Impeller Axial flow impellers Three Blade/ Marine Impeller Pitched Blade Turbine Helical Ribbon Impeller

19 Size reduction Crushers Jaw crusher Smooth-roll crusher
Gyratory crusher

20 Size reduction Grinders Impactor Ball mill Roller mill

21 Screening Gyrated screen Vibration screen Sieve

22 Filters Plate and frame filters

23 Filters Pressure leaf filters

24 Filters Vacuum filters

25 Thickeners and Clarifiers
Circular thickeners

26 Thickeners and Clarifiers
Centrifuges Disk centrifuge Cyclones Tubular centrifuge

27 Electrostatic Precipitators

28 Boilers Steam boilers

29 Condensers Water cooled condensers

30 Cooling Towers Cooling towers

31 shell and tube heat exchangers

32 Plate and frame heat exchangers

33 Batch Reactors Batch reactors

34 Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTR)

35 Plug Flow Reactors (PFR)

36 Fluidized Bed Reactors

37 Packed Bed Reactors Packed bed reactors

38 Slurry Reactors Slurry reactors

39 Absorbers Absorbers

40 Absorbers Packed bed column (left) and tray column (right)

41 Distillation Distillation columns

42 Strippers Strippers

43 Strippers Sieve tray air stripper (left) and packed tower air stripper (right)

44 Adsorbers Adsorbers

45 Crystallizers Crystallizers

46 Dryers

47 Extractors

48 Evaporators

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