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Clean Coal Technology Liquid Coal as Coal Water Mixture (CWM) Presented by Sukhdev Singh, Adviser on CWM 1For NTPC.

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1 Clean Coal Technology Liquid Coal as Coal Water Mixture (CWM) Presented by Sukhdev Singh, Adviser on CWM 1For NTPC

2 Table of Contents History What is CWM? Making CWM Properties Advantages Making slurry from lignite Disadvantages Facts Vs Facts Comparative Study Live Examples CWM Ball Mill Business potential in India Way Forward 2

3 History 3 In 1970, world wide oil crisis accelerated the development of CWM as an alternative fuel and many countries researched on CWM. In 1980 CWM technology began to be applied for spectrum of Industries Today there are more than 100 plants based on CWM as fuel and running successfully across the world and producing around 75,000 MW. These are new as well as retrofitted plants. Single units range from 1 to 600 MW China Japan Russia Italy Indonesia Philippines Malaysia South Korea

4 What is CWM? A mixture of 66-69% micromesh coal plus 30-33% water and 1% additives Rheological properties like oil Stored like oil Stability of 90-120 days and more Easy to transport in tankers, pipe line & sea vessels 4

5 Making CWM Wash the Coal Crush Pulverize in Ball Mill, add Water & Surfactants Put in the agitator Filter CWM Slurry Add stabilizer & put in agitator again Put required additives & agitate again Transport to Storage Tanks 5

6 Properties of CWM Consistency - solids 66±2 % Viscosity - (100S) 1200±200 M Pa.s Average granularity – 4 38 Micron Ash content < 7 % Sulphur content <0.5 % Volatile matter - 28.0234.53 % Calorific value 4000-4800 Kcal./Kg Stationary phase 90-120 days – can be extended 6

7 Advantage of CWM Environment Friendly- Vs -Coal Environment Friendly- Vs -Coal Nox Levels are reduced by 50% Sox Levels are reduced by 80% SPM Levels are reduced by 40% CO2 Levels are reduced by 15-20% CDM benefits shall be there Compared to coal Compared to coal Combustion efficiency is >99% against combustion efficiency of 90-91% for coal Boiler efficiency is 94 % as compared to 90-91% for coal fired Boilers Damage to Water walls is less Soot formation is less ESP is much smaller Cost of generation of 1KWh is less than Coal selectively Other reasons Other reasons Land required 70-80% less Cost of plant is less as very little coal handling No major ash handling as ash is 6-7% Low O&M cost More fuel inventory possible for emergency Neat and clean plant Completely safe to handle No fear of thefts 90-120 days or more self life Loading and unloading time is less Lignite can be extensively used for Coal slurry (explained in next slide) 7

8 88 Making slurry from Lignite

9 Disadvantage of CWM Uses high CV and Low ash Coal but lignite can be used to make slurry. Since ash content in Lignite is low, the slurry can be of good quality CWM cost is higher than pulverized fuel coal Technology is restricted but available CWM facility needs additional investment but overseas companies can supply CWM like Coal Loss of 200 Kcal on account of water Content 9

10 Facts Vs Facts 10 ParameterImp. CoalFurnace OilF Grade CoalMix (Imp & F grade) CWM Sale PriceRs 8.5/ kgRs 32/KgRs 0.85/KgRs 4.65/KgRs 7.85/kg FreightRs 1.5/ kgIncludedRs 1.5/KgIncluded Ash Content10%0.5%40%31%7% Heat Value6300 Kcal10,000 Kcal3000 Kcal3320 kcal4800 Kcal Heat Loss (a/c storage etc) 400 Kcal- 500200 Kcal Coal for CWM0.7 kg---1 kg Station Heat Rate 2300 Kcal Additional cost to make CWM ----Rs 0.85 Cost of 10,000 Kcal Rs 16.90Rs 32.00Rs 9.00Rs 13.40Rs 16.35 Cost Per UnitRs 3.90Rs 7.3Rs 2.07Rs 3.82Rs 3.92 Savings w.r.t CWM Rs 0.02 Rs 3.38 --- % Savings 0.5%46.3%---

11 Comparative study 11 ParameterImp. CoalFurnace OilF Grade CoalMix (Imp & F grade) CWM Cost Per UnitRs 3.90Rs 7.3Rs 2.05Rs 3.82Rs 3.92 Cost/Kg AshRs 0.15-Rs 0.60Rs 0.46Rs 0.10 Land/MW1 Acre0.3 Acre1 Acre 0.3 Acre PollutionLessLeastMaximumLessLeast O & M CostLessLeastMaximumLessLeast Aux PowerMaximumLeastMaximum Least SafetyLeast Less Maximum CDM BenefitsMay beYesNo Yes Logistics /Convenience LessBestLess Best Heat Efficiency (approx) 37%39%35%36%38-39% What looks better?- Let us think together

12 Live examples 12 CWM plant in China CWM Storage

13 CWM Plants in operation 13 CWM Power Plant (1.5 Mt/a for 2×670t/h boilers) – New Plant Power Plant (0.6 Mt/a for 3×230 t/h boilers transformed from burning oil to burning CWM)- the first power plant in China to use single CWM as fuel Power Plant (1.5 Mt/a for 2×220 t/h +2×410 t/h boilers transformed from burning oil to burning CWM)- the demonstration project using the largest CWM preparation and burning system in China

14 CWM manufacturing Ball Mill 14

15 Business Potential in India- Captive Power Generation Captive Power plants in India- 20,000 MW Diesel /FO based Power Plants- 7000 MW CWM required for 7000 MW- 35 Million tonne/annum- (Valued at $170/tonne) Business Volume: $8500 million /Annum Profitability: 10% ( $850 million / Annum) CDM benefits shall be there to end users 15

16 Proposed Plan – Way forward 16 To introduce use of CWM in national planning in place of OIL and Coal where ever possible as is the case in China To establish R&D on CWM Center in association with reputed companies in the world To create service organizations as JV with technology/ equipment suppliers and laying of slurry pipe lines To make detailed Project Study/Report on CWM & take action accordingly

17 Thanks 17 Sukhdev Singh-Advisor on CWM Mobile: +91 9871405657 Questions ?

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