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2013 TransTech Energy Business Development Conference Celebrating Accomplishments!

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2 2013 TransTech Energy Business Development Conference Celebrating Accomplishments!

3 3H Company Liang Hu, President 3H Company has developed a transformational technology that for the first time enables truly efficient and cost-effective capture of CO2 from flue gas of coal fired power plants, natural gas fired power plants, steel and cement producers. Since last year: Completed our prototype study Ready for pilot/demonstration stage Survived the slowdown in carbon capture & storage research

4 Agri-Tech West Virginia, LLC Joseph James, President ATP-WVs innovative torrefaction process cost-effectively converts plant and wood biomass into a high-energy, clean and renewable coal-like substance, which can displace a portion of the coal purchased each year, as well as an enhanced feedstock from which a variety of valuable bio-products can be made for various sectors. Since last year: Awarded a $500,000 federal grant for pilot project Have raised 50% of the cost of our $3.65 million pilot plant Have interested regional investors for operations in West Virginia

5 Cavitronix Thomas David, CEO & President CavitroniX Corporation, develops, manufactures, and sells water-in fuel emulsification systems that dramatically improve the performance of existing oil-fired furnaces, boilers, diesel powered generators and diesel marine engines. Since last year: Independent 3 rd party verification of 7-9% fuel savings or a 35% reduction of NOx Development of automated control systems – better flexibility to interface with controls from various manufacturers = more attractive to distributors and customers Web application to demonstrate real-time efficiency advantages of fuel emulsion systems vs. oil boilers = effective marketing tool

6 Eco2Capture David Bayless, President ECO2Capture products enable the scalability of algal growth systems in the algal production technologies market which is estimated to reach $1.6B by 2015. Since last year: Invited to present at the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer (NCET2) University Startups Conference in Washington, DC Currently finalizing pilot testing Seeking pre-seed funding

7 Epiphany Solar Water Systems Ron Pettengill, Executive Vice President Epiphany designs and produces closed loop production frack water remediation systems which are economical, mobile, and purify the water, using a combination of biomass and concentrated solar energy to power up to 70% of the process. Since last year: Presented at the Pittsburgh Tech Council 16 th Annual Tech 50 meeting, given Innovator of the Year award Platts 2012 Global Energy Award – Sustainable Innovation

8 Green Energy Enterprises, LLC Steve Jones, President The Pyrolyzer slow pyrolysis system is an enabling technology for global communities to produce energy from waste materials. Since last year: Selected to build an 150mw plant in Indiana Currently working on a project in Japan for 20-30 3MW plants Have ongoing projects in England and Ireland, and an Indian Reservation in the US Have a 25 year Power Purchase Agreement

9 OPTIMUS Technologies Colin Huwyler, CEO Optimus builds fuel systems and engine controls to optimize use of non- traditional fuels. Since last year: Hired three new employees Completed pilot project with the City of Pittsburgh Finalized product development Secured an additional $300,000 in investment and $120,000 in revenue Now focused on ramping up customer sales and securing a Series A funding round of $1,000,000

10 Platypus Energy Paul Scerri, CEO Platypus LLC builds low-cost robotic boats for monitoring various aspects of bodies of water. The key to the platform is its extremely low cost, making it a potential game changer in markets when current processes are limited by cost. Since last year: New customers in several countries Opening a subsidiary in China Currently looking for partners

11 SenSevere, LLC Jason Gu, President SenSevere is organized to provide real-time monitoring solutions for extreme environments (e.g. elevated pressures and temperatures, corrosion) by overcoming the additional technological challenges using a novel class of chemical sensors. Since last year: Currently pilot testing at multiple chemical plants Increased sensor range to include bromide Partnering with TMG Electronics to produce hardware Added EPA to client list for waste water management Working with the Electric Power Research Institute to explore use in nuclear power plants

12 Sole Power, LLC Matthew Stanton, CEO Sole Power LLC has developed a mechanism that allows users to charge electronic devices by walking. The device is a reliable and affordable shoe insert that generates power. Since last year: Have secured $150,000 in funding for revamping prototype Featured in national media such as CNET, Mashable, Buzzfeed, BBC and Outside Magazine Team has grown by 50%, and have added contractors Currently raising seed funding of $300,000

13 Vadxx Energy Jim Garrett, CEO Vadxx Energy produces crude oil at $35--$45/bbl using a proprietary thermal depolymerization process. Vadxx has been producing crude oil for 2.5 years in Akron, OH demo plant. Rockwell (Fortune 400) is Vadxx EPC contractor for commercialization. Since last year: Secured funding for first commercial units from a private equity firm Added Rockwell Automation to our partner list Gained leads for units in PA during the 2012 conference

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