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Operating for over 30 years

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1 Operating for over 30 years
General Overview St. Eustatius Facility Operating for over 30 years Largest non government employer for 30 years, second only to Rotterdam for most tonnage moved through a port in the Kingdom. 2012 Facility Highlights Facility Overview 72 tanks with 14m/BBLS Product Storage 5 Berths Including 1 SPM 5 Bunker Barges & 5 Tug Boats 1 workboat/Response Vessel 25,000 bpd Refinery 1,322 Vessels Handled 1,196,351 Tons of Bunkers Delivered 275,365 NS Personnel Hours worked

2 St. Eustatius Terminal Table of Contents
St. Eustatius Terminal Information Environmental Permitting Utilities Questions

3 St. Eustatius Terminal Information
NuStar Terminal 72 commercial and utility tanks 14 million barrels A- 8 floating roof tanks 5 million barrels fuel oil or crude. B- 26 cone roof tanks 6 million barrels (heavy fuel oil or crude) C- New 70 series tanks adds 5 (diesel/jet) tanks 1 million barrels D- Mezzanine 10 tanks internal floating roofs for light distillates million barrels E- Lower terminal 8 tanks distillates and fuel oil .7 million barrels. B A E C D

4 St. Eustatius Terminal Information
Conventional finger pier jetty with 2 berth ship dock. 55 feet draft. Berth One South Side DWT Berth Two North side DWT Transfer rates ,000 BBLS per hour

5 St. Eustatius Terminal Information
Barge Jetty 17 Ft. Draft

6 St. Eustatius Terminal Information
Barge Floating Hose Station 17 Ft. Draft 7,200 DWT

7 St. Eustatius Terminal Information
Monopile Station 4 Subsea lines (12” and one 8”) East mooring up to 10,500 DWT West mooring up to 50,000 DWT

8 St. Eustatius Terminal Information
SPM Single Point Mooring 80,000 – 525,000 DWT 48” Subsea Pipeline (6,200 feet) Two 24” subsea hoses from PLEM Load rates up to 95K BPH

9 St. Eustatius Terminal Information
Monopile Buoys – West Berth

10 St. Eustatius Terminal Information
Installation of New Loading Arms

11 St. Eustatius Terminal Information
Spill Response Capabilities – Emergency Response Vessel Statia Responder in Dry-dock yard. After Before

12 St. Eustatius Terminal Information
Statia Responder -Response and work vessel

13 Environmental Permitting
Permitting History: Original Hindrance Permits received in 1995 prior to implementation of large crude oil expansion project. First and only facility in the previously know Netherlands Antilles to receive operating permit for terminal and Marine operations. Post Dual Marine and Landside permits finalized in 2012 and 2013 respectively BES Implementation – Landside Permit Maritime Management Act – Marine Permit Ongoing semi-annual compliance inspections Ongoing monthly compliance conferences To date NuStar still the only facility to have received both marine and land side permits.

14 Environmental Permitting
2012 Environmental Reportable Release Description 10/21/12 # Leak on barge floating station 8” subsea hose resulted from unknown third-party damage. Estimated 12 BBLS of fuel oil released to Sea.

15 Environmental Permitting
Corrective Actions: No. Action Item Cause Owner Due Date Status Completed 1 Unrestricted access to Terminal dock areas increases risk of damages to hoses and equipment, work with authorities on establishing restrictions and informing vessel operators General commerce, tourist diving, pleasure and fishing craft pass through areas that require restricted access William De Gannes in progress waiting on regulatory authorities 2 Install on the Candle Stick moorings Yellow Flashing Lts >1nml to illuminate the hoses.(LTS on ORDER) Provide better visual indication of obstruction Implemented  Completed 3 Install a Nav Aid Yellow flashing Lts >1nml on the N-3 Mooring.(LTS on ORDER) Provide better visual indication of obstruction and indicate Terminal Operations area North boundary 4 Monitor and Report vessels in the areas of the monopole and BLS to Harbor Office. Harbor Office to follow up on occurrences and advise NuStar. William De Gannes to work with RWS and Harbor Office Completed and ongoing 5 Develop check list for inspection of all components including For FHS #1 same as Monopile. Check list inspection will include visual survey by divers of the FHS #1 hose strings

16 Environmental Permitting
Proactive Efforts After Before

17 Utilities Boiler’s for Steam Heating
Hot Oil Circulation for 50’s series Fuel Oil Power Generation Fire Pond R.O. Water Production Plant Air Stripping System Incinerator

18 Utilities - Boilers Boilers #1,2,3. 350HP #6 oil Fuel.
Boiler #4 refinery. 150HP Diesel fuel. Temporary o-o-s for PetroBras Booster pump install. Boiler #5 refinery packaged boiler. 200HP Diesel fuel.

19 Utilities - Hot Oil Circulation
Hot oil circulation for 50’s (4 tanks) in fuel oil storage.

20 Utilities - Power Generation
Genset #1 900KW Genset #2 900KW Genset #3 900KW Genset #4 900KW Genset #5 (o-o-s) 1750KW Genset # KW Genset # KW Total Megawatt

21 Utilities – Fire Pond Fire Pond 4 Million gallon capacity, fed with fresh water from tank roof tops, in times of drought or heavy usage, water can be pumped from sea.

22 Utilities – Impound Basin
Remote Impound Basin, collects run off water from upper terminal impound areas and 50 series tank roofs, can be pumped to fire pond or to surface or left to evaporate. 30 million gallon capacity.

23 Utilities - R.O. Water Production Plant
Seawater reverse osmosis K GPD original capacity.

24 Utilities - Air Stripping System

25 Utilities - Incinerator
Incinerator, utilized for incineration of oily waste. Ash and slag from incinerated materials is stored in containers on-site for future off-site disposal.

26 Questions? Overview of Terminal from Signal Hill

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