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French – le 17 avril, 2013 Prenez vos cahiers;

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1 French – le 17 avril, 2013 Prenez vos cahiers;
Trouvez un nouveau section; Ecrivez le titre “FRENCH FINAL REVIEW” Continuez d’écrire “Lesson One- Questions” Attendez-moi!

2 Forming questionS in French
Comment? Quand? Pourquoi? À quelle heure? Qui?

3 TAG Questions - Est-ce que
Est-ce que, literally means "is it that," can be placed at the beginning of any affirmative sentence to turn it into a question:    Est-ce que tu aimes la pizza ?    Do you like pizza?   Est-ce que tu joues au foot ?    Do you play soccer?   

4 Intonation Questions This is SIMPLE!!! Intonation means the SOUND of YOUR VOICE!! A very simple but informal way to ask yes/no questions is to raise the pitch of your voice while pronouncing any sentence: Tu aimes la pizza ? Do you like pizza? Tu joues au foot ? Do you play soccer?

5 Inversion Questions Inversion A more formal way to ask questions is with inversion: switch (or invert) the position of the conjugated verb and subject pronoun and join them with a hyphen:    Aimes-tu la pizza?    Do you like pizza?    Veux-tu voir un film ?    Do you want to see a movie?

6 “NAG” Questions - A NAG question is an affirmative statement followed by the expression: n’est-ce pas Tu aimes la pizza, n’est-ce pas? Tu parles français, n’est-ce pas? Tu sais comment nager, n’est-ce pas? Vous pouvez étudier le français, n’est-ce pas?

7 Using question words: Comment- How/What Qui - Who/Whom Où- Where Pourquoi- Why Que (Qu’)- What Quand- When À quelle heure- At what time Use these in the following ways for information questions: Où est-ce que tu habites? Or Où habites-tu?

8 C’est à vous! It’s your turn!
See if you can write the following sentences in French: Why do you like pizza? – Pourquoi aimes-tu la pizza? When do you play soccer? - Quand joues-tu au foot? What is your father like? (hint: DO NOT use “aime”) Comment est ton père? Where do you go to school? Où vas-tu à l’école? Who is your friend? Qui est ton ami?

9 Special Questions: Some questions use an interrogative adjective, like quel (which has 4 forms). And still others just are what they are and you just have to know them… Quel âge as-tu? - How old are you? Quelle heure est-il? - What time is it? C’est quel mois? - What month is it? Quel jour est-ce? – What day is it? Quelle est la date? - What is the date?

10 Warm-up - Échauffement
Questions: What are the 4 types of questions? Write (do not answer) the following questions At what time do you watch tv? Where do you go to school? How old are you? Who is your brother? How are you (formal/informal and really informal)

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